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I have been doing this long distance (military) for years, and it... Does anyone know a good property manager in Springfield MA? I am looking for a property manager who provides good service to... Anyone investing in this area interested to meet over a cup web loan of coffee and talk shop? I own 2 adjacent parcels of land on one deed in Granby, each parcel with a single family home on it. I want to do a shared well (private water supply), and everywhere I look on the Mass DEP... Hi, can anyone recommend a good architect in Worcester MA, for converting 3 units to 4, and for getting permit to knock down a few walls.

Also, looing for someone reasonable to draw a floor plan. Hi there fellow Worcester folks,This subforum is quiet! Anyone have any new deals or have had deals in the past that they want...

My partner and I are shopping around for commercial loans for a 5-family we have under contract. I am purchasing an older home (1938) that is stone foundation that I suspect will need some work. I was wondering if someone could give me an estimate for how much it costs to build a duplex in Worcester, MA. I am researching contractors for a rehab loan in the Worcester MA area.

My name is Kerie and I live i need loan in Worcester County, Massachusetts. I am a seasoned real estate agent with 12 years of experience.

I originally got into real estate 12 years ago while looking at investment...

Hoping for a few recommendations for companies to reach out to (or ones to avoid! Hi all,My partners and I just got a house under contract yesterday in Worcester, MA, and am looking for general contractors. This is a moderately extensive flip, new kitchen, 2 new bathrooms, carpet replaced with... Hi All,I started a thread not too long ago discussing Worcester in general for 2018. My wife and I have been researching and visiting small multi-family properties in the Worcester, MA area. I am trying to understand the tax laws and determine my tax liability for a rental property that I have sold in 2018. The uniqueness of this transaction is in the fact that the property suffered a... Renovating a house for rent, would you keep or replace the steam radiators?

My payday loans lexington ky name is Matt and I work as project manager in the Worcester area. I was wondering if there are any local investors that are looking for a PM for their investment projects, while also showing me the ropes on... Hi there, Looking for any recommendations for an attorney to represent us for a tenant eviction in Worcester, MA. I bought my first property, a duplex in the Boston area, last December and am looking to... Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in the city? Ready to get serious about investing in Minneapolis? Connect with investor-friendly agents who can help you land your next deal. As local experts, they know the Minneapolis market inside and out and can evaluate...

Hello fellow BPsWhat are your thoughts on investing in rental units in the MN? Is it wise to go into this market with the current situation... Hi everyone,I need to replace a gas washer and dryer at a 4plex in Dakota County. The units were recently remodeled, and the laundry room is the only thing left to tackle. I recently moved to the Duluth, MN area from the Twin Cities. I give them my insight, but would like to know how other people are answering any of these... Paul area to begin networking and to learn more about real estate. Hello, I have only theoretical experience in real estate, but a lot in software development.

I want to automate a process of finding good deals. As a first step, I want to make sure I got my math right. I am currently looking at a duplex in the Jordan neighborhood but I have some reservations...

Pros- Property is in good condition and needs little work- Great cash flow - based on my calculations I... Is anyone using the "Pre Foreclosure" filter on the Realist section of Northstar MLS, with success? I want to sell my SFH (purchased in May,2020) for an owner occupy multi family in NE Minny. How do I calculate if i should sell ASAP vs holding for 2 yr tax exception? My plans have been approved and now I need to pay for the fee and I...

I am in the Twin Cities area, but am wondering what brokerage you would recommend for a rookie. I recently bought a large duplex as an owner occupied, mainly for the better financing terms, but my goal is to move out as soon as I can to start generating cashflow on both units. Anyone have a recommendation for a cabinet supplier in the twin cities or the greater metro area? I had a great guy in Burnsville until a couple years ago. What are other pluses and minuses to a first investment being... Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in the city? If you or someone you know might be interested in this job please PM for the full job description.

If you or someone you know might be interested in this job please PM for the full job description. I am ready to move into the Detroit market and I am looking for someone local in Detroit with who I can build a solid relationship with to assist me with visiting the... I just bought my first deal in Highland Park right off Woodward Ave.

There is only one issue that I have been stumped on which is the Boiler system. Hello BP Family,Looking for general contractor recommendations within the metro Detroit market.

Value BP recommendations over google search results for multiple reasons. Good Day All,loans with bad credit rating loans with bad credit rating My Partner and I are looking to begin investing in the Metro Detroit Are for buy and holds on single and multi-family properties. Looking into investing in small multi-family homes in the suburbs of Detroit. Does there seem to be a large proportion of mult-family housing in any... My wife is interested in starting a cleaning service that targets landlords who have loans with bad credit rating recently vacated properties that need to be cleaned before they can be turned over.

We may need to get some basic landlord property insurance. We just got word from the company now insuring us that there is going to be a small price increase in the policy. I am an OOS investing looking to purchase Multifamilty properties using the cell phones for bad loans with bad credit rating credit BRRRR strategy. With many discounted properties being bought everyday figuring out the ARV has been... Hello I am a new investor In Detroit , I started doing my research on Detroit in March. I have purchased 2 turn-key properties in Detroit for cash.

I am looking for some referrals for a licensed and insured general contractor in Metro Detroit.

A quick rundown loans with bad credit rating of what is needed is: Window replacement, concrete work in the drive way,... Just got off the phone with my attorney hoping to get some news about the backlog of evictions - we discussed a proposal a judge is putting forth to require proof of rental compliance before being eligible to file ANY...

I have this really great property in Hamtramck, a single family guest house behind a quad that just had long time tenants move out.

Can anyone recommend a licensed contractor to renovate and upgrade the space at a... I am a new real estate agent and designer in Ann Arbor.

Hi,I am looking for a local (Southeast Michigan) CPA and Lawyer with a good knowledge in advanced real estate strategies.

My sister (who lives in Ann Arbor) and I are looking to buy and hold a multi-family property in the Ann Arbor area. My brother will be transferring to the university of Michigan to obtain his masters degree and it gave me signature loans online no credit check an idea.... I have been looking into getting into real estate and its a hard jump to make... My wife and I have found a lot we would like to purchase and build on. I found it on Zillow and attempted to get some guidance from a realtor in the area. The experience was not great, i was doing all of the leg work... Hello to everyone here in Ann Arbor and the rest of Michigan. My name is Niklas payday loans phenix city al Spitnale and I am a young real estate entrepreneur here in Ann Arbor!

I now live in Tucson, AZ but am back for the holiday break, and will be in town until the... I am looking to do a full remodel in Ann Arbor before selling my house. Does anyone have a good contractor they would recommend? I would be doing the following:-Kitchen remodel-Removing lower bedroom (open...

Hi again,Has anybody ever invested in rentals in Milan, MI or nearby? But being close to Ann Arbor, I think it might be easy to rent out. He bought it out right a few years ago, fixed it up and just the other day got an appraisal back for 93k. Hi,I recently read that the University of Michigan was voted top in country. Have had luck outside the county, but have really been struggling to find title companies in around Ann Arbor that are comfortable...

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I need some help on an off-market deal I loans with bad credit rating got from a bandit sign. The home is question is about 1mi from EMU in Ypsilanti, MIThe home is a 6bd 2.

Looking to find some investor friendly title companies in Washtenaw. In particular, ones that are comfortable with back2back closes, use of hard money loans, and other non-conventional closes. Hello,I was wondering if any of local BPers can help refer a good property management company in Ann Arbor for a residential property.

Sorry for another post, but does anyone have a loans with bad credit rating recommendation for a financial advisor in the Ann Arbor area? Someone who either is a RE investor themselves or has many clients who are? Unfortunately, it was located directly across from a mobile home park. This home originally had 2 bedrooms with a single bathroom accessible only by walking through a bedroom.

I manage a duplex in St Paul from different state myself and I like it this way.

The only problem I have is every now and then I need someone, to check on the house. Someone who can stop by and let me know if gutters... I have a 2 car garage next to a parking pad with another 2 spots. Paul area to begin networking and to learn more about real estate.

Hello All,Looking for recommendations on local banks or credit unions for commercial apartment purchase financing. So I am wanting to make sure I am being proper, but the City of St. I currently live and work in Chicago but am from MN and frequently visit.

Hoping to make a good connection so I can start ramping up the units. Quick introduction, my name is Fong Lee as of now I am 24 years old. I have not done any deals yet but I do see potential in ownership... Just accepted an offer on a duplex on Minnehaha Ave E in St. I would like to connect :) I chatted with someone who talked about how they moved the title from them to their LLC, and while reading about some of the options, I was curious if anyone here has done it.

Does anyone in the area have experience looking at HUD properties in the St. Looked at a 4-plex, category 1 today, my cash advance orlando first HUD home.

Looking for advice on appropriate due-diligence needed and...

I am wonder if anyone use somebody different that is good and affordably. I have been playing with the numbers of a few rehab MFRs in the St. Would some of you mind sharing any great recommendations or even just some insight... We close on a duplex in St Paul on October 5th, and we want to be sure we hit the ground running. Twin Cities Investors, am I required to fix all items called out on the Truth In Housing report? I have a property that can be a quick cosmetic turn.