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It is also becoming obvious that many property investors across China are taking on levels of debt which they will struggle to service. The recent introduction of increased deposits and restrictions on who can buy property in particular cities and large towns may be too little too late. A slowing economy, a property market within a property market (going in different directions) and growing debt do not bode well for the short to medium-term outlook for the Chinese property sector. The surprise announcement that the Chinese authorities are scrapping the one child per family policy has buoyed property stocks in the country. The announcement was made late on guaranteed payday loans Thursday and we saw an immediate reaction in stock prices. While there is no doubt that this move will have a long-term impact upon not only the economy but also the property market, what can we expect in the short joint loans for bad credit to medium term?

Those who follow China carefully will be aware that the Chinese government relaxed the one child per family policy in 2013 resulting in a less than expected number of new birth registrations. The change in policy allowed more than 11 million couples the opportunity to have a second child although there are more factors to take into consideration. The scrapping of the policy altogether caught many by surprise and there is much intrigue and mystery as to how this will impact China in the longer term. In response the authorities recently relaxed various restrictions on the type of properties that developers can build as well as tweaking monetary policy to assist financial markets. However, the impact of this potentially monumental change in child numbers could take some time to filter through because of the haze hanging over the troubled economy and the struggling property market. The early indications seem to be that larger properties will be required in the longer term and indeed the traditional responsibilities of Chinese grandparents is likely to come into play.

Many Chinese families depend upon their grandparents for partial childcare which will ensure that more grandparents live with their children in the future.

So, while it is unclear at this moment in time how long the change in the one child policy will take to work through the system it can only be positive in the longer term. The short to medium term situation is not so clear due to a number of other factors which we have mentioned above. Like loans in odessa tx so many countries around the world there will be a significant increase in the older population of China.

Experts predict that the vital 25 to 49-year-old group of the population will peak in 2015 at around 586 million people.

It is then predicted to decline from then onwards at least until the one child policy change kicks in. The ageing population across the country will likely lead to increased healthcare costs which will put pressure upon disposable household incomes. A reduction in disposable household incomes in the short to medium term, at least until the economy recovers, could see many families reluctant to increase their size. So, the change in the one child policy will have a significant positive impact in the longer term although the short to medium term situation is likely to be dictated by the economic situation and the property market. In an ironic turn of fate the Chinese government has announced plans to relax low apr payday loans the regulations covering real estate investment by foreign parties.

When you bear in mind that Chinese investors have played a major role in real estate markets around the world, such as Australia, it is certainly a surprise to see the Chinese authorities seeking the support of foreign investors. However, when you bear in mind the ongoing economic troubles of the region perhaps this is something of a payback and the easiest way to get the Chinese property market back on track? When the Chinese real estate market began to overheat back in 2006 the government introduced an array of regulations restricting access for foreign investors.

There were specific limits put on the fast cash today number of properties which could be held by foreign individuals and businesses, i. There were also further restrictions introduced on foreign companies looking to acquire real estate which significantly limited the appeal of this investment strategy. Historically China has been a very private and a somewhat mysterious market for many investors although recently we have seen a relaxation in some areas due in the main to trade-offs with other countries.

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So, will this relaxation of Chinese property regulations lead to foreign investors re-evaluating their global real estate exposure? While many may be critical of the Chinese authorities relaxing investment regulations for overseas parties the fact is that many other countries around the world have introduced similar strategies. We ve seen the likes of Spain and Greece tempting overseas investors with cash advance lima ohio promises of residency visas simply as a means of supporting local real estate markets. It is perhaps the fact that historically China has been very protective of its own investment markets which perhaps goes against the grain a little? We all know property markets are central to economic prosperity and activity and this has not gone unnoticed, especially when you bear in mind the ongoing troubles of the Chinese economy. Indeed recent fiscal intervention by the Chinese authorities has had little impact so far although there are signs of a short-term stabilisation of the situation.

As we have mentioned in some of our recent articles, we have seen an array of Chinese real estate and construction companies fall by the wayside due to financial pressures. Indeed there is significant unsold property right across China s more prominent cities and the government is obviously hoping that foreign investors will pick up the slack. In theory these are situations which can turn very quickly because with relatively little in the way of new properties making their way to the market, due to construction industry problems, a run on Chinese property could pick up the majority of the slack. This comes after years of Chinese investment in overseas real estate markets such as Australia which has supported some markets in times of trouble. Has the real estate investment cycle now come full circle with China relaxing overseas investor regulations? Over the last decade or so we have seen a massive increase in the amount of money invested in real estate by Chinese investors. It is difficult to pinpoint a market around the world which has not been influenced to some extent by Chinese real estate investors although there is no doubt that the US is the largest magnet.

Anyone who follows the financial markets will be well aware of the turmoil on the Chinese stock market although this is anything from a healthy correction to a full-blown crash depending upon who you speak to.

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However, it does seem that turmoil within the Chinese financial sector has pushed many to look towards the safe haven of US real estate.

When you compare this to less than half that figure for the second most active buyers of US real estate, namely Canadian investors, this puts it into perspective. As the Chinese stock market will likely remain volatile for some time to come it seems inevitable that Chinese investors will continue to pour more and more money into the US real estate sector. While the likes of California and Texas remain top of the hit list for Chinese real estate investors there are signs that many are beginning to spread their wings. It would appear that Chinese real estate investors see the overall US real estate market as a safe haven loans in odessa tx loans in odessa tx and are now beginning to dig deeper, looking for the best value. The attractions of real estate have always been the long-term potential for capital growth as well as rental income along the way. Historically these returns have not compared too favourably to worldwide stock markets but as we all know, in the aftermath of the 2008 crash, we re not living in a traditional economic environment. Governments around the world continue to fight austerity, budgets are still in deficit and countries continue to rack up record debts. Against this background it will certainly be a tricky few years for major stock markets although it would be a mistake to dismiss them outright.

It payday loans kansas loans in odessa tx city ks is also worth noting that record low interest rates around the world have assisted those looking at debt funded property purchases. However, there are already signs that the UK Bank of England is looking at increasing UK base rates in the short loans in odessa tx to medium term which would have a significant impact upon mortgage markets and property investment.