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We found an awesome duplex that we think has the potential to be turned into a triplex down the road. I have some familiarity with the neighborhoods, but I know a lot has changed.

Hey BP, I am a Rochester, NY native who will be returning to the area within the year after relocating to Minneapolis, MN for work.

Since being in Minnesota, I have kicked off my REI with a house-hacked duplex... Looking to have some folks to talk with about some of loans for very bad credit no brokers the communities north and east of Mankato -- Cleveland, Le Center, Montgomery, etc. Hello All,I am a Newbie to Real Estate Investing and have just purchase my second 2 family house. The house I purchased is in Rochester NY in the 19th Ward and I have a property manager looking over the property as I... Anyone have insights into expected values for rehabbed duplexes in the 14609 zip? Hello everyone,I have never bought a house or a rental, but I have started no credit check payday loans direct lender doing research and looking into what I would want. I just started my corporate career making an average salary. I recently purchased a single family rental property here in Rochester about 15 min away from where I live. Does anyone know of a RE group in Rochester, MN that meets regularly? I know the MN state REIA is in the Twin Cities, but looking for something more local.

We have a property under contract and we are gonna wholesale it. We have reached out to a few title companies that never heard of wholesaling.

Are there any title companies in the Rochester, MN area that is investor... Brett Hi, Does anyone have a recommendation for a general contractor in Rochester, MN? Looking for someone who is good at putting down new flooring and painting. A lady we recently helped (purchased a house from her) wants to sell her house in Rochester, NY, and she came to us for help. Hi,I am based in Toronto, Canada and want to diversify into real estate market in the US with the goal of having approximately 90K NOI in the future.

Over the next year, I would like to invest in 2 properties (max 2... Hi AllAnyone know the details about the recent ruling and how it may affect properties that are not Section 8 approved? It started in another discussion, but I think it can be fun so I am opening a new thread. I am new to the area but already hold a few properties in Rochester, NY. Hi all,I have three duplexes that will require snowplowing this winter.

Anyone have suggestions for someone that will do this on a standard contract? I am narrowing down to develop a BRRR strategy with a local team to invest in for the next few years. I have narrowed down and looked at high Cash on Cash returns in two very similar cities. I live in San Diego, CA but my team and I will be buying property in Jackson, Ms or any surrounding areas. We are learning the skill and getting the financing in order. I plan to be in Jackson, TN in the first weekend of March and am looking for a investment-savy Realtor to show me properties identified the week...

I am looking at buying a loans for very bad credit no brokers property that has an existing tenant that will probably have to be evicted. Can someone explain the tenant eviction process in MS? I called a handful of extermination specialists, seems like no one is willing to come to the property for less...

I wanted to pay cash and provide low income rentals in the area. My wife and I are looking into the Jackson market, but being from another state I would like to have a team in place beforehand. If any of you fine people can make some recommendations for a few things it would... Anyone have a clue what rental comps would be like in Adrian, MO?? My brother and I are about to buy our first investment property out in Belton, MO. We moved for work purposes over the last year, but kept our old primary residence in order to start our real estate... What institutions and specific contact favorites do any of you recommend? I own a large lot in Belton (I did a rehab on poor credit lenders the house next door that came aaa payday loan with a double lot which I split). Hey BP, Just closed on a duplex and looking to do a complete interior renovation to start my first BRRRR.

Its gonna need a new kitchen, bathroom, flooring, paint etc. I am wondering if anyone has loans for very bad credit no brokers any recommendations... Im looking at working with Only Choice PM and wanted to hear from others that may have used them in the past. Please let me know what you think of them and if you would recommend them. RegardsJeffJeff Betschart Hi BP family,Just got my first investment under contract in KC and super excited! If you are or know of a great realtor direct cash or contractor, please feel free... We currently own real estate in Colorado Springs, CO. However, our market is becoming to expensive and cash flow is not that great in this market.

We are in the beginning stages of looking for property in Kansas...

I have been researching Kansas City, MO no credit check installment loan since the beginning of the year and have decided to make my first out-of-state purchase in... I have located a property for sale in the Blue Hills area of KC that I would like to BRRRR. Before shifting my focus from the more expensive markets in Oregon,... Hi everyone,I am an out of state investor in the Kansas City area (Missouri side). I am using a Series LLC structure and am having some trouble finding a KC bank that I can use to open a business checking account (and... I am looking for a law firm or lawyer that is well versed in the STR application process for Kansas City, MO. This includes the apply for a loan online instant decision annual STR rental application, annual business licenses requirement, and KCMO complainant... Hi All,Does anyone have any insurance agents that they work with in the area that you recommend? Any good insurance brokers (especially flood) recommendations in the KC area? Hi All,I am an aspiring loans for very bad credit no brokers OOS investor from San Diego, looking at the Independence Market for SFH.

I have created a deal analyzer on google sheets and was hoping someone could look it over to see if I have it correct. I am looking at buying my first rental property, out of state, through a turnkey company in Kansas City soon.

My wife and I will be traveling to Kansas City, MO - Oct 27th - 28th. Looking for buy and hold, CASH FLOW, SFH or Multi 2-4, C or B... Reaching out to the locals here in Billings, MT to see if there is any local meet up groups. If not, is anyone interested in starting an informal group? I have been going in circles for over 6 months now in the Houston, TX market. I am going in between pre-foreclosures, wholesale deals, MLS deals, auction properties, and REO properties.

Once a week (or more) I post all about finding investment property leads like this, and I share... Looking to connect with other folks from BP who are working locally. Is anyone looking for another person to talk real estate to, or need an accountability partner? Louis that is looking for another friend basically! Also in search of an agent that will list an occupied property (63125). I have an REO that needs some work before putting it on the market. My tenant emailed me because the neighbor has a generator desperately need money that is on all the time, in the backyard, and its loud.

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I knew this, loans for very bad credit no brokers I saw it when I was updating the house in October. New member recently settled in STL and looking to purchase my first investment property this spring. What do you make sure your insurance policy covers?

Louis and looking for a local bank or lender who does portfolio loans. My husband and I are preparing to find our first REI on hopefully a single family home in St Charles county, Missouri. We have educated ourselves on the process but are trying to feel out the market to see if we...

Im looking to start inventing in St Louis and am currently shopping around for insurance to find out what I can expect to pay on a single family loan options home. Do you have any recommendation for an insurance broker or... Hello all, I am looking to purchase my first (house hacking) property in the next few months and am in need of recommendations for an investor friendly agent and lender.

I have been looking for contractors that are not overly priced on craigslist and by other means to no avail. I was wondering if anyone could give me some recommendations. I have sold 2 homes this year so I need some capital gains tax strategy for 2021 on top of some advice on how to structure... Louis investors with experience with older multi-family properties in the city might have some thoughts for me. I went to the previous property auction from the city and I was astounded at the amount of people there. I know there is a large amount of due diligence needed for these properties due to possible liens. Closing payday loans monroe la on my first multifamily next week and plan to ultimately increase rents to market rates as they are well below right now. All units are occupied and all are on month to month terms. I am looking at a property that makes sense with numbers although I am running into some folks that say it is a bad area.

Does anyone else have experience investing in that area and how did it go? Need some help help with what should I use as estimate for utilities. What is usually paid by the owner and what is usually paid by the tenant?