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Please note that when I say "older" homes, I mean 2-15 years however this concepts still... I am currently trying to network with other Real Estate Wholesalers in the DFW area to get any advice and or tips on...

I just started an acquisitioner job for a investment group here in TX. I need to network with investors and agents in order to find the deals not seen by the public (obviously).

The goal for us is to flip while acquiring rentals to build a portfolio that allows us to move into... Would love to connect and discuss the various real estate micro-markets here - in terms of job... Does anyone happen to know if any meetups are still being held in the El Paso, Texas area?

We are hungry to expand our knowledge, network and to bring some sort of value to others.

I am currently saving and house-hacking for my first deal, but have been diligently working on the analytical aspect of Real Estate, specifically SFH and 2-4 Multi-Unit properties.

I was in the military, moved into a career in technology...

Hello all,The military decided it was time to move again. I am pumped seeing as I have tried to get this my entire career! We are a private lender seeking appraisers in the El Paso area.

If you have any referrals, please respond or PM me.

It is a great time to be a investor in El Paso, TX. Looking to buy my first investment property in EP TX, currently vip payday loans online in SoCal and looking for an experienced Agent that can help me find a good home, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures etc loans for low income could really help, let me know if... I do not mind some of the areas however I do know that anything close to dyer... I am about to make a deal on a duplex on the west side of El Paso near Monticello. Maybe even a recommendation on a good contractor for future projects.

I am scanning for properties in Arlington and I am total noob. I wish there was investor driven into to area written down somewhere to help navigate area specific questions. I live in Denver, but I grew up in Arlington and spent 20 years in the DFW area. I bought them early this year and luckily inherited decent long... We set aside some money to update the electrical in parts of the home. My 30 day payday loan contractor called me and said that the electrician says nothing in the house is grounded. Worth area from 1500 cash AZ next year to be closer to family as we age. This is a Fannie Mae property and my realtor said...

Thinking of buying a house at the Viridian community and was wondering if anyone is already living there and how you like it?

Hello,I am searching for a reasonable foundation repair company to work on my rehab in arlington, tx. Can anyone recommend a good company they have used. Im closing on my first SFR next week and I am looking to grab a couple more in the next 90 days.

Does anyone on this board have experience with accepting S8 on their... I live in Saratoga Springs and I recently finished reading "Bidding To Buy".

Ive seen a couple of meetups in provo but nothing current.. I am very new to real estate investing and am looking to purchase my first property in a few months. I have three children currently attending or will be attending BYU and I like the idea of investing directly into... My husband and I are trying to pull together our first buy and hold rental property in Utah County. We are having a really hard time getting a conventional mortgage though because we are self employed...

I just became aware of the new rental disclosure requirement which requires landlords to have all tenants sign a statement that only 3... My wife and I partnered with my brother and his wife on our first flip.

We are under contract to sell, got back the FHA loan appraisal requirements and we are looking for a handyman in a hurry. We recently moved out of our first apply for a personal loan online with bad credit home in Lehi and bought two new properties in American Fork. One home is our primary residence (loans for low income that we already live in) and the other is our first...

I have a friend who is gathering a small team of people interested in buy and hold investing. We live and work in Utah County and own a home and investment property in Utah County so looking for a local credit union or bank that would be good to partner with for future investment opportunities. Hello and thank for taking the time to read my post.

I rented out a house I used to live in and loved being a landlord. We sold the house though and want to get back into it. Hey all,I am looking to purchase a duplex or SFH that I can get creative with (live in the basement, etc. Hello,I am looking for a tax pro in the installment loan companies Utah County area that has experience with real estate.

I was driving around Pleasant Grove, Utah and came across multi-family new builds in Pleasant Grove near the Oakwood Homes at South Point development. Any local investors with experience available Saturday... I have a cosigner on the loan who is in the highest... Hey,First forum post so thanks ahead of time for taking time to read it. I am very new to real estate investing and am looking to purchase my first property in a few months. I have three children currently attending or will be attending BYU and I like the idea of investing directly into... We have an older rental home that we would like to update some before selling.

Would someone be able to recommend a contractor to us? Maybe even someone that could give us some guidance as to what work would be worth... I am looking to start with a bi-weekly investor meet up and see how the turn out is over the first 2 months and restructure accordingly. I am a newer investor in the area and would really value setting up a... I am a new investor in the Virginia Beach area looking to expand my network. I am particularly interested in flipping and rehabbing houses. I want to learn to golf and share some real estate knowledge.

Would anyone be interested in meeting up for golf a real estate... My wife and I are looking to buy our first house and our first investment property this year (so 2 properties). Hello VB REinvestors, Was wondering if anyone has gone through the STR License application process. I am a beginner investor from Northern Virginia region looking at finding distressed properties in Hampton Roads to either BRRRR or maybe flip. Fayetteville, NC is a growing military town with son much potential. I want to build a larger network with investors who want to invest in NC.

Hey guys, so I am currently taking my real estate agent licencing course and I am wondering what brokerage I should look for. I am going to be working part-time due to being active duty military. The intent would be to use it as a rental when I left 2 years later. I have a single fam loans for low income 3 bedroom 2 bath house that I need to renovate as a rental.

Can anyone tell me the current investing environment? I purchased my first property this year and I am researching how I should file taxes next year. My property is operated under my LLC and I use business banking accounts. Looking for a reliable property management company in Virginia Beach VA. Me and my wife are planning to move out from hawaii and we are looking into the virginia beach market. I would love to ask what the market is like, examples of what I am asking, is it a great market for... I just got back to the area after being gone for a little while and ready to jump back into the business and get my first deal under contract. I was wondering does anyone know of any investor friendly title companies in the area?

Good morning everyone,Name is Theodore I am currently working as an IT but my goal is to branch off and do Real estate full time. Im currently focusing on wholesaling but would love to learn from different investors... We are aiming to find a duplex and live in one side while renting out the other. Hello, Anyone have a recommendation for an appraiser in Hampton loans for low income Roads? Not looking for an apprasial, just have an abnormal property and need to pick their brain.

I just bought direct lender payday advance my 10th unit as somewhat of a house-hack. I have a house I have rented out for couple of years, just looking for some reccomendations for a property manager to get a new tenant set up in the house this November.

Hello BPers, I need some help with researching a market. I have had success in the area for a number of years. Because it is such a hot market, home prices have skyrocketed, competition is fierce, and the local political... Finally got the motivation to post a new member intro haha. Looking for any help investing in single family and Multifamily in Portsmouth area. I have some low income rentals and am looking to buy more and the prices look ok there. ThanksKen I purchased loans for low income a SFH in Portsmouth that was once a single level duplex and the previous owner converted it into a SFH.

Payday loans on sunday

The rental income makes sense to convert it back into a duplex, but I am having a hard time reaching...

With cash advance near me multiple partners, I have 3 projects in the works. One is complete and on the market for sale with offers coming in, one is complete and awaiting inspection for rent, and the third is still undergoing rehab. Investor looking for property manager or realtor to work on for single family house, as first project. For a first time buy, is Norfolk a good idea to start my Real Estate career? Does anyone have a recommendation for a good CPA (who specializes in real estate) in Norfolk area? I recently got a duplex under contract right near ODU. I was hoping to connect with some other investors that have rentals in that area or are familiar with student rentals. Can anyone make recommendations for a collections agency that operates in Virginia? I have the eviction documents but they owe a lot more than security deposit Hello Fellow Investors!

My wife and I recently purchased a 6 unit property in Norfolk, VA! I want to start 2 weekly REI meetups in the Spokane area for investors and people related to the REI industry (realtors, bankers, contractors, property managers, etc). Anyone have a good recommendation for a contractor or handyman in Spokane, WA? We are about to close on our first triplex and need some minor work done in one of the units. Friends in Spokane, I thought it would be fun to use a real-time listing to discuss and analyze. Here you will find a link to a listing my team and I just brought to market. Does anyone here have any experience converting commercial zoned office buildings to short term rentals in Spokane? Okay folks,I am new at this so excuse any inexperience that I may be exposing here but why do I feel like there is very little out there in the real of buy and hold property in our market? My name is Sean and I wanted to introduce myself to you.

I currently live in Boise, Idaho but have been looking to invest in Spokane and the surrounding area. Hello,My wife and I are new investors in the Spokane, Washington area!

We are excited to start building our network and meeting other individuals in the area. Hello All,Does anyone know of any real estate meet ups in the small towns of central Washington? Greetings everyone, I have looked through the forum history and did not see any recent posts on property management referrals. Hi everyone, my wife and I are new to the wonderful world of realestate investing. Currently in the process of securing a property with a pool in the backyard that will need massive maintenance. Right now, I am targetting Spokane and the Tri-cities due to their mix of cashflow and appreciation, although I am open to other...

Preferably one that comes highly recommended from personal experience. Investor-friendly that will provide a detailed itemized list... Spokane Investors, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!