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However, government insiders claim that the sole purpose of the new media regulations is to stifle freedom of loans for emergencies the press and reduce the constant flow of negative headlines which are being attributed to the region and especially Dubai. Rulers in the UAE have historically been a law unto themselves and while more recently they seem to have been more understanding of Western ways and Western cultures this perceived attack on the freedom of the press could have serious implications for economies in the region, property markets and the reputation of the UAE as a whole. Various loans for emergencies attempts have been made to clarify specific points in relation to the proposed regulations but so far there has loans for emergencies been little real clarity which effectively leaves open the prospect of large fines for those who do not promote the region. If you put yourself in the shoes of an international property investor with exposure to the UAE and perhaps Dubai more specifically, why would you continue investing in the region if news reporting was effectively censored and you were perhaps not receiving details of the overall picture? While many people may point out the development of an online news reporting environment which now covers the world, if the likes of CNN and Reuters for example are not able to use their local contacts to get the real story in the region, will their news clear cash loans coverage be complete and accurate?

The fact is that for property investors, and investors in any market, information is the key to the rise and fall in the value of their investments and if they are not privy to information which is readily available on the ground, but unable to be published, there will be difficulties.

Would you invest in a company which is only allowed to release positive news even though the underlying situation may be very different to that which is been promoted in public. Many people believe that the various banking and property scandals which have materialised in places such as Dubai are the main reasons behind the proposed changes quick loans no credit check same day in media regulations. In many ways the likes of Dubai only came to the attention of overseas investors because of the significant press coverage which the area has received over the last few years, both positive and negative. The price of a property is based upon the perceived value at the moment and the value going forward, taking into account the economy, finance and the general worldwide situation.

If any one of these elements is missing from the equation then the outcome cannot be guaranteed and in many ways investors will be guessing the value of a property at any given time unless they are local to the region and privy to what loans for emergencies is happening on the ground.

In the recent past the UAE authorities and in particular those in Dubai have seemingly managed to escape from the shackles of the past and the oppressive regime which many people believed had gone forever.

This invasion into the freedom of the press, while possibly justified when taking into account some of the more blatant incorrect reporting of issues in the region, is a serious step backwards for the UAE which had promoted itself as the next big growth market over the last few years. There is a feeling that in some ways criticism of these proposed laws may be a little heavy-handed at the moment because of the particular economic situation we are in but we will not know exactly what these entail until they are confirmed by the UAE authorities and put into action. Unfortunately, if those affected by the changes have any issues at this point it will be too late because the authorities will have the right to suppress negative comment about the region and the ability to hand out serious fines to those involved.

Even though freedom of the press is a vital part of any developing economy and nation, can we really criticise the likes of the UAE when you see regular claims of bias reporting from the likes of CNN in the US and the BBC in the UK for example? It seems that 5000 dollar loan over supply issues and population shrinkage have resulted in a general pessimism. With thousands of jobless expatriates returning home now the school year has finished many think that will have an adverse effect on the UAE property market. The poll results provide a rather more pessimistic view of the UAE real estate market than a recent Shuaa Capital survey into investor confidence. However, the Arabian Business poll found that only 6. There has been a steady shift in property prices to a level that is likely to entice investors back into the market, according to Sherwoods Independent Property Consultants. But it describes this as a springboard towards recovery rather than a sign that a sudden recovery is imminent. It expects to see concrete signs of growth in both property prices and real estate investments towards the end of the year and then 2010 will be a year of stabilization. The figures have prompted some confidence in the industry with some experts breathing a sigh of relief and saying that it shows that the big summer property crash that many expected has not materialised. But it is still a major slowdown in the real estate market decline. After a significant decline in the first three months of the year the market witnessed a deceleration in the rate of decline in residential prices in the second quarter.

Thankfully the magnitude of the decline that occurred in the first quarter of 2009 was not, and is now very unlikely to be repeated, said Ian Albert, regional director at Colliers International. He said that in the coming months the market will be searching for further evidence of market stabilisation as it draws nearer to the bottom of market prices. However, the results of the third quarter are traditionally distorted by the summer holidays and the holy month of Ramadan, and we would expect the fourth quarter of 2009 to be a better indicator of future trends, he added.

Marcello Sambartolo, head of marketing at propertyfinder. The big summer crash tenants and buyers were hoping for the loan company did not materialise. As everyone walks on eggshells, the market appears to be coming to a standstill rather than performing any huge fluctuation, he said. The property market in Dubai remains weak and is unlikely to recovery strongly before the second half of 2010, according to a new report. Its 2009 review of the United Arab Emirates real estate and construction sectors also shows that completed properties or homes that are considered to be in quick loans for people with bad credit a prime location currently make up the bulk of transactional activity. Overall fallout from the global credit crisis has rocked confidence in the emirate and killed off investor demand. Prices have plummeted, particularly those for off-plan property in Dubai although Abu Dhabi property is fundamentally strong analysts say in the report. With relatively low buyers confidence in Dubai, together with our view that demand will continue to focus on the rental market as supply is absorbed, we do not anticipate any strong recovery in Dubai selling prices before the second half of 2010 at the earliest, it says.

End-user demand in Abu Dhabi, however, is expected to rise as mortgage financing is more readily available and there is still a shortage in supply compared to demand, the investment bank said. EFG says rents in Dubai had fallen significantly more than in Abu Dhabi and a number of property owners in Dubai may be holding back from selling or renting, as they wait for better prices. Over the next six to 12 months, we believe we could see a further, possibly smaller, tranche of distressed transaction activity. This may negatively impact pricing and rental trends further, and so prolong loans for emergencies any anticipated recovery for the market, the report continues. It also points out that the Abu Dhabi property market could come under pressure from falling rents in Dubai, causing a supply-demand driven correction, as residents and businesses opt for cheaper accommodation in Dubai. The report predicts that some long term projects belonging to Aldar and Sorouh, the number one and two developers in Abu Dhabi, could be scaled back in line with changing market dynamics. Aldar, developer of the F1 circuit on the Yas Marina island in Abu Dhabi, could find debt repayment difficult in the short to medium term, the bank warned. Sorouh is likely to need further funding for projects due for delivery beyond 2011, the bank added in the report. The Primelocation International Search Index recorded more than 1. Agents have reported an increase in bankers looking to invest their bonuses in international property in the more traditional locations towards the end of the year and in January. However, people are looking for smaller properties, the research also shows.

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But the trend of City workers seeking lower tax environments abroad continues.

They may be neighbours but the property markets in Dubai and loans for emergencies Abu Dhabi appear to be going in opposite directions, according to a new report. The Dubai based recruitment and HR consultancy describes the real estate sector as a place where it is survival of the fittest and a major contrast to 2008 which it compared to the California gold rush of the 1800s. Yet, some of the most interesting observations of this year s report are the increasing differences between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and what some see as an increasing divide between the two cities, the report adds. Rental prices are not only on the increase from last September, but in some cases are considerably higher, the report says. There is considerable undersupply in Abu Dhabi, it adds with 362,000 units needed in 2010, but only 340,000 will be available. Dubai, on the other hand, will see an oversupply of approximately 30,000 units in 2010.

Demand for real estate in Dubai has moved from an over supplied onshore market to exclusive holiday homes particularly offshore projects on the manmade The World, it is claimed. In December a three bedroom villa on a 6,000 sq ft plot was selling for about Dh4. Today, it is more than Dh6 million and 11 out of 20 villas are already sold, said Josef Kleindienst, the group s chief executive officer. It is perhaps a sign that buyers are coming back into the Dubai luxury market and prices are rising as a result. When we started selling payday loans lexington ky it was at a small profit margin. It was not important to optimise profits from day one.

But there has been so much demand, we decided to increase prices and therefore profitability has shot up, explained Kleindienst. He expects other developers on Nakheel s master development to soon realise the demand in the market for quality holiday homes and subsequently begin their construction activities. And they want those on The World, because it will not be diluted in its offering. People are very busy taking customers to the islands, revealed Kleindienst. Recently we turned down an offer from an Egyptian investor for three villas.

We want end-users who will create their own communities, he unsecured loan for bad credit said. Construction of the villas is expected to begin in March. Some 20 villas re scheduled to be complete in 2011. Kleindienst, however, conceded that the negative publicity that has plagued the project since its inception, heightened by the global financial crisis, and that has resulted in sales staff spending a lot more time in clarifying and allaying doubts.