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I did what I felt was thorough due diligence on it, and observed that despite selling for 100k in 2000, 115k in 2005 and... The cap rate is far better than what I can find in Washington State, and the units are fully rented.

I am buying a duplex in Columbus simple interest loan OH which needs some work.

The property inspection found some potential termite damage in the basement. I am curious what a termite inspection and treatment costs in Columbus... I am a 20-year-old full-time employee working as a salesman at AutoNation. I have a credit card that I use for small things such as, gas, groceries, etc.

I want a 4-unit building, rehab as many units as I can, live in one for a least a year and then move out and rent the... Not into Warren or Niles at this point, but may be opportunity there.

Looking to connect with other personal loans florida investors in the Youngstown, OH area... I currently in Norcal where housing prices are very high. I want to start investing and purchase my first property out of state (I am thinking Ohio). I have done my research on safe, cash flow friendly neighborhoods I... Hello all, Im an out of state newbie and recently found a property worth purchasing in Cleveland Ohio.

Hello my name is Shane Cloutier,My wife Tameka and I are real estate investors from New Hampshire. We are working on creating a long distance real estate investing group in Toledo, Ohio.

Looking for a recommendation for a CPA to handle tax preparation. I purchased a condo during 2020 which I am using as an AirBnB. I am starting my search for another investment property for buy and hold, likely a duplex or triplex. I have property in Cleveland and am looking there, but also curious if other investors recommend nearby-ish cities?...

I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what the market is like.

Hello BPers,Newbie here -) Lot of info and research to be done here..

I have been studying lot of articles and forums to choose my first rental investment.. Not to mention watching all the success stories and podcast...

Can any Oregon folks recommend a strong property manager who would manage triplex properties in both the Portland and Salem, OR markets? Have two properties we are considering moving under management and would prefer a... With such a great job demand and loan cash soaring property prices in Hillsboro OR, I am surprised I have spent months and months together to look for a bank or lender who can re-fi our 5 plex and how to get a loan with no credit duplex.

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I tried reaching out to them, but they seem unresponsive. Hey Everyone,Are there any good Real Estate Investor associations on the Oregon Coast? Alex Hake According to SB608 A landlord can terminate a tenancy to make renovations where the unit will be unfit for occupancy during the rehab. Has anyone used this to bring rents to market rate, and get around the rent control...

Currently looking at Coos Bay, but also open to other suggestions.

My main question is what gotchas are there to consider for an... I am a newbie in Madras, OR, and just purchased my first duplex. Even though we have previously rented out two of our primary residents, with a whole host of ups and downs, going through this process has been totally... Hello,I am an RE investor new to the Newport, Oregon area. I would love to meet other RE investors in the area. Hello Oregon BP,I am an agent in the Salem surrounding cities and tend to get a lot of house hacking clients.

The issue is that not many agents do these in the and they all think the process is easier than it actually... I have clients who are in contract on a short sale that they were planning on loan cash using the BRRR method on.

After going through inspections and looking at comps, they are thinking it might end up being better for them just... We are going to be buying a new home in the next few months. First of all I want to thank everyone who contributes to this forum. I have not found another site that celebrates, supports and encourages the members to this degree. We wanted to purchase an investment property in Lincoln City, Oregon. How can I find out the vacancy rate of the room occupancy? Hi all,I am from Portland, Oregon, but I am looking to invest in the Bend, Oregon market. Would love to connect and meet other investors in the area. Hi,I am new to posting on BP, but have been a fan for years. I am now ready to get started learning about investing in real estate, using my self directed IRA account.

Hello,I have a rental property (SFR) in a good area in Portland Metro area in Oregon.

Currently looking at Medford, Grants Pass, Reedsport and Klamath Falls. Medford seems to be pretty weak on cashflow, where Klamath and Reedsport have some good... I working on purchasing a place Rhode Island at the quick cash loans for bad credit shore and would like to connect with anyone who has experience with Airbnb in Rhode Island. I am hoping to find a month renter over the off season and start my STR... Hey All,I see a lot of talk here about the loan cash providence, pawtucket and woonsocket areas, but does anyone have any insight on Cranston?

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I am specifically looking to invest in a duplex and thinking of targeting edgewood,... Any recommendations for real estate agents with good neighborhood knowledge? I figured I would share this story, as it coincides with BP podcast discussions. Listening to the podcasts, and hearing many many people discuss the lack of inventory and deals, this speaks to that. I wear a lot of hats, as many people do on this site. I own some investment next payday loan properties in South County, teach in Norther RI, and I am a real estate agent licensed in MA and RI. Does anyone have insight into which RI towns have the best cash flow for rentals? Looking to purchase some residential rental properties and trying to compare cap rates across RI. Looking at a building in Pawtucket that is currently commercial first floor with 2 one bedroom units on the second floor. Hello fellow Rhode Islanders, I am looking to begin my real estate investing career and am excited to do so. I am in search of small multifamily (2-4 units) in Rhode Island but have been really struggling to find any...

Hi Everyone, Has anyone ever invested in Providence RI or Pawtucket RI?

Hey guys,I am under contract for a Triplex in Providence (built in 1930). The basement was previously finished (without permit) and has evidence of mold so we are gutting out the dry walls.

The purpose of this post is to ask for guidance on next steps you might recommend for a new investor in the area, as well as to introduce myself to the community. I loan interest rates would greatly appreciate any advice, tips, recommendations on helping me prepare to take the Rhode Island Realtors exam. I completed the course right before they shut everything down... Hi everyone, I can tell from reading the forums that there are several talented and knowledgable resources for investors in the Providence RI and surrounding areas.

I have been out of investing for a few years to focus... I currently live in the Bay Area, but my family lives in Rhode Island and will be my "boots on the ground"....

I am looking for recommendations for a Local hard money lender in Rhode Island to connect with to fund future BRRRR projects.

If possible, I would like to find a hard money lender who will fund the deal along with the... I bought a oversized duplex in West Warwick last year. Oversized driveway for parking and a detached 2 car garage.

Has anyone used or know of any local projects installment payday loans no credit check taking advantage of tax credits or low-interest loans?

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Dear All,My son will come to study at RISD this fall. I am looking for renting a house first then buy a house for investment later. I want to find a safe place to live, preferable East side of Providence like Wayland... Hello all,I am interested in purchasing a multi-unit (likely 2-4) apartment in Providence RI.

I am wondering if anyone can direct me to the specifications for qualifying piece of real estate as owner occupied.... This purchase is a lot of firsts for me - first multi-family and first out of state purchase. I just wanted to payday loan right now spread some information to help others and help prevent the spread of this disease... Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in the city? My girlfriend and I have just moved to the Columbia, SC area (Richland County) and we are ready to hit the ground running on some residential real estate! We have flipped mobile homes in the past in other states, but... Moving to the Aiken-Augusta area soon and want to join a local REI group.

I am looking for a real estate attorney to handle the transfer of commercial property in Lexington, SC. I represent the private lender involved in the transaction. We issue most of our loans in Georgia, but we have a...

My brother is in a bit of a situation with a house he just bought in Columbia. Is anyone on here a lawyer or know one he could get in touch with. Hi all,Wanted options from others in the upstate area of South Carolina on whether or not it is already washed out for a new investor.

Or is opportunity there, just have different ways to borrow payday loans with payment plans money to dig a little deeper than in recent past? I am a newbie investor looking to get into the BRRR method. I am currently a 1st grade teacher trying to get into the buy and hold market. Very interested in meeting like minded people with the... I am considering buying a loan cash condo in Little River to use as an investment property. I currently reside in NY and would like to have a condo paid for by the time my wife and I retire in 20 years. Hey, does anyone have any suggestions on which real estate school worked best for them in SC?

Hello,I loan cash am an out of state investor looking to get into some Short Term Rentals,(STR) in South Carolina.