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Make sure you listen to the end, where Jason reveals his unique take on when and how to create a personal brand. Make sure you listen to the end where Walker tells us the biggest mistake he sees entrepreneurs making, and the most important thing you should be doing the day you close on the purchase of your new business.

Ever wondered what the first steps were to raising tens of millions of dollars?

Do you unintentionally impose limitations on what you think you can accomplish? Jay Reno, founder of Feather, has thought BIG from the start. His entrepreneurial journey began with an idea 2000 loan with bad credit a bit ahead of its time. With just a few thousand dollars and a ton of hard work and diligence, Jay quickly achieved proof of personal loan options concept for Feather, a furniture rental company providing payday loans no credit checks a flexible and sustainable alternative to ownership. In this episode, Jay tells us about his amazing experience at Y Combinator, an incubator program where other leading companies like DoorDash, AirBNB, and Dropbox also got their start. He offers insight on the pros and cons of raising money vs.

And how he was able to overcome all the complexities of doing so during the pandemic, while supply chains were shut down and in-person workers were scarce. John also discusses how to design, prototype and build FAST when getting to market quickly is the one of the most important aspects of success. If so, this is the episode for you…Sean Pour—founder of SellMax. What started out as an effort to help his family has, over the past 10 years, turned into a big business. Sean buys and sells thousands of cars per month all across the United States. In this episode, Sean talks about getting started even before he had a high school education, how he taught himself the coding and marketing skills necessary to get the business off the ground, and how he was able to bootstrap the company loan approval without any capital.

He also discusses how to build your network and find a great mentor without spending any money...

By adding value helping like-minded people build their own unique brands, he now has global reach working with clients to enhance their marketing, online presence, podcasts, and live streaming strategies.

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In this episode, Erik talks about the importance of putting your ego aside, remaining consistent, and simply showing up to gain traction. He reminds us that the relationships we nurture through networking are front and center in any business.

Make sure you listen to the end, where Erik shares a great personal story that went viral around the globe. However, now that services like Airbnb have popularized independent short-term rentals, old-fashioned renting may not be the model that offers the greatest profit potential. For a recent podcast, I sat down with real estate agent and investor Tyler Sheff, who is adamant that investors can make more money with short-term rentals than they can renting to long-term tenants. He believes other investors can implement the same strategy successfully without too much trouble. People tend loan approval to have higher expectations for short-term rentals than they do for long-term native american loans leases. To ensure guests will be satisfied with your space, you need to take a moment to consider what they want. What you can change, however, are the amenities your short-term rental offers. Tyler furnished his short-term rentals with everything one would expect to find in a hotel room, including flat-screen televisions. He also equipped both units with high-speed Internet and cable. While furnishing your rental property with modern items and services may seem expensive, it pays off in the form of positive reviews and increased interest from prospective guests.

Besides, if you intend payday loans augusta ga to use your property exclusively as a short-term rental, unbooked nights will cut need money to pay bills deeper into your profits than monthly cable and Internet subscriptions ever will. There are three things in particular your listing should include to make it stand out to prospective guests. A vague description is a red flag in the eyes of most prospective guests. After all, the description is your chance to sell people on your property. Not only will this list help set appropriate expectations for guests, it can also loan approval loan approval generate additional bookings. Think about it: would you seriously consider staying in a short-term rental without being able to see what it really looks like? If you need help shooting great photos of your rental, Airbnb offers a professional photography service.

As with any investment strategy, hosting short-term rentals carries certain risks. In some cities, new laws are making it extremely difficult for property owners to profit with sites like Airbnb. Last year, for instance, New York banned property owners from advertising short-term rentals on Airbnb. Fortunately for the majority of short-term-rental hosts, most cities are still taking a supportive stance on services like Airbnb. Regardless, before seriously pursuing a strategy for short-term rentals, you need to be aware best loans that this may change in the near future. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! What does it take to start, scale, and sell your own business? Every Tuesday, J and Carol Scott ask this question to entrepreneurs of all stripes and delve into stories that go beyond the launch. From hiring and firing to marketing and raising capital, this podcast takes an honest look at the triumphs and stumbles of entrepreneurship. Tune in—and learn how to treat your business like a business. COVID-19 has presented challenges for all of us—not the least of whom are those who own a business or are in the process of starting, growing, or scaling a business.

In order to provide as much support and insight to our listeners as possible, we recorded this episode yesterday with Andrew Sherman, a prominent Washington, D. Andrew shares his thoughts on where the economy goes next (will this economic event be V-shaped or U-shaped? There s still value here: Andrew outlines questions to think through if you plan to start a new venture this year AND shares what he believes to be the opportunities that are likely to arise over the next several months and years. We hope you enjoy this episode of the BiggerPockets Business Podcast.

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Are you trying to figure out the best way to break into entrepreneurship but want the support of a big team behind you?

Logan Hand—master franchise developer for the new restaurant concept Mahana Fresh—learned at a young age that not only was it possible to break into franchising in a big way, but it could be done without a ton of cash in his bank account. In this episode, he teaches us how he went from real estate wholesaler and house flipper to running a four-county, 30-franchise development for an up-and-coming restaurant brand.

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And he explains the ins and outs of this little-known franchising concept called master franchising or area franchise development.

Logan recounts his days of hustling to generate sales payday loans delaware commissions and wholesaling fees. He came to realize, at the young age of 27, that building a business that could generate passive income—and eventually be sold—was the better path. He talks about how he decided to go the franchise route, buying a franchise that he could own and operate himself. Then, he realized that he could do the exact same thing—but on a much bigger scale.

Logan tells us how we should be evaluating franchises, how we can get money to buy one (or 30), and who that one person is who can provide you the support you need to make the right decision when it comes to buying into a franchise. Make sure you listen to the end, when Logan provides some amazing tips for all the young entrepreneurs out there looking to get—and stay—motivated! Wish you could generate full-time income from your side hustle passion project?

Or do you have a small business that you want to expand to something BIG, while simultaneously allowing you the time and financial freedom you crave? Becoming a franchise owner can be an effective path to make that happen! Michelle Reed-Spitzer, owner of SIX MaidPro franchises, including the No. Meanwhile she has the freedom to travel, spend time on her boat, and zip around the Gulf Coast of sunny Florida in her shiny red convertible. In this episode, Michelle teaches us what a successful franchise model has done for her in terms of scaling a business to the next level. She tells us the story of her early days working hard cleaning houses, building up a client base, and hiring a few people to help. After secret shopping some new competition in town, she ultimately became a franchisee of that company, paying an initial franchise fee of just ONE DOLLAR since she brought an already-successful business to the table. She fills us in on how franchises work, recommends items to think about before making the leap, and discusses the advantages—as well as potential pitfalls to avoid.