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Cole:It comes with the mentors and coaches, is just … I love action. Coming from sports, I just love to be in motion, action. I have this thing, I almost feel like I have to earn my free time and stuff, so I just love pushing the ball forward in some way. Brandon:What it just shows to me is, it shows this … If you want to be successful, not you, anybody wants to be successful in any way. There are a series of things that they can do that are very tangible, and you can find that out by talking … You talk to these people. Find the people who are already doing what you want to do.

Everybody listening right now, a couple hundred thousand people, can literally go do exactly what you did, because you just shared everything that you did to get there. One more question I cash advance places near me had kind of before we start moving towards the famous four, cash advance loan online and I know David, you had one more you wanted to ask too in there. We started flipping a couple of months ago, mainly because we kind of felt like we hit a plateau and wanted to challenge ourselves again. We thought payday loans denton tx that would help not only create more revenue with flipping, but also help our main business. Because we service investors who are flipping, so to get to know that world a little better, we feel like we could package up deals way better on the front end. Then a lot of it was just the challenge of learning something new, building new relationships in that field, and having a whole other … We want to grow, so that felt like a natural thing to grow into. I love that you said you were looking for a little bit more of a challenge there. Because business is getting really good at something. But you added another basically lane to your bridge. You built a bridge, it was working, you had people now working the bridge for you so you can relax a little bit more. For the exact same reason, and I love the challenge of going into something a little bit new.

We do carpet, paint, appliances, put it on the market, in and out kind of stuff. Before lend money we do, I want to highlight your bridge analogy, just for the people that are hearing this that are trying to figure out what we mean.

You have to look at every deal you close and sell like a car or a truck that was carrying goods, that got from one location to another. The more trucks you can get from one place to the other, the more money you can make. Every mistake you can imagine stops these, and you barely get anything across just to be somewhat profitable. Then the more times you do it, the better you get at maybe driving, or anticipating what route to take them on. At a certain point, you pave that road, payday loans no credit check direct lenders and deals can flow very much more simply. The wholesale component, the flipping component, the retail sale component. Maybe selling some of the services you put together to other people. I started that internally, because we had eight sales guys, we needed a lot of leads. I find myself staring at you, forgetting what I was trying to say.

You reveal how simple it is, when you get out of the obstacles that talk yourself out of it. To close, can you share a little bit about how you developed this mindset, what you do differently than other people, so that others that want to follow this path can have an easier journey?

When I first started the cold calling side of my lend money business, all I did was cold calling. I learned about cold calling, implemented what I knew about that, stuck with that for a long time, took extreme action on that. To be honest with you, I think sports helped a lot with that. But that, combined with just going personal loans in arizona deep and showing up every single day with persistent and consistent action, and the pursuit of my potential. Really what it comes down to, I want to find out what I can do, what that bar is.

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Yeah, you might encounter … Like oh, the market crashed, or whatever. Everybody, if they just put into action the stuff, the mindset and the tactics. You can have whatever you want, the kind of life that you want to lead, if you just are willing to put in the work needed to do it.

His company slogan, their mission or their goal, is that you I think it was double, triple your revenue with it, and then half the amount of time you work or something like that. But I want every person to get to that level, where they can take a week off, take a month off, go travel to Hawaii lend money for three months because they want to go hang out, go to Europe without a cell phone for a month. When they come back, they can do what they love to do and invest and be wholly in it. Favorite or … I like to say favorite, I need to rephrase this question. That was the book I read when I was first getting into wholesaling.

That little bit, dialed … I probably cut 5 hours a week, 10 hours a week out of my own work just by bringing that consultant. But during the winter, you can find me on a mountain, absolutely. I want to know, this is the three and a half question. If you and David Greene here were competing against one another in a game of one on one basketball, who wins? David:I would say you would probably beat me one on one. What separates successful real estate investors from all those who give up, fail, or never get started? I think it really comes down to staying in the game long enough for something to shake out. We have lend money Call Magic Leads, that I partner with a couple of online loan companies loans columbia mo for bad credit good buddies on. That was out of … I took it out of my internal business, and we made it something awesome that other people can use.

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As I been doing much research past couple of months with this quarantine time I have had plans and thoughts with moving and doing a BRRR down in Florida.

Does anyone have a 1031 exchange company recommendation in New Jersey? I am trying to attempt at my first 1031 exchange process and looking for a recommended company by my fellow peers. Looking to start networking with RE Gurus, agents,... I wanted to see if any of you have any experience with a good title company in Tampa, FL, as well as in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

I have been speaking with an individual that works for NetWorth Realty in Tampa FL wanted to seek your thoughts.

They find properties that require some level of rehab and... Just recently moved to the Tampa area and starting my real estate journey with my girlfriend. Hi Ladies and Gentlemen:I am looking for referrals for general contractors in my area.