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Brandon:Why do you think so many people struggle with that? You happen to have that gift of coming across this book and it shifted everything, so you learned something, you installed a new belief that changed how you approach everything. For me, I had the gift of my firecracker mom teaching me this notion legitimate payday loans online no credit check and installing this belief in my brain, that everything is figureoutable. Marie:But I think that once you get to be an adult and you expose yourself to new ideas, you have a responsibility to install a new belief system in here, because this thing is the most powerful piece of equipment that you have in your life, and it can change everything. All of these things are malleable and can be developed. Marie:So, this is something else we know from brain science. Repetition is one of the basis of how we literally resculpt our brains and retrain ourselves to think and see and believe in new ways. Everyone has proof for this, so I think step one is accepting the fact that all beliefs are a choice and choices can be changed. And then two, just understanding a little bit about the power of neuroscience. Marie:The more you repeat legitimate payday loans online no credit check something both verbally, mentally, and you do it with emotion, the more you drive those grooves into your brain and actually create a new way of seeing in the world. Now, speaking of beliefs, you have a whole chapter… By the way I read Everything Is Figureoutable, it was phenomenal. So the chapter on beliefs though, was just phenomenal because, and you mentioned it already a couple of times here. I think you have a quote in there, you just said, when you change your beliefs, you change everything. Brandon:I want to dig into that a little bit deeper.

It is an idea that you have either repeated or accepted in your mind, in your perspective, in your experience of life, just like you believe that the sun is going to come up every day and it has for your whole life. You can believe something for the first X amount of years of your life and then you get new information and all of a sudden you have a new perspective. I believe that if I go to reach to open the door, I know how to turn a handle, pull it and walk through it. I had no problem with telephones until I started telling myself I hate phone calls. I absolutely know that I have and struggle with depression or anxiety. This thing can be a real tough thing to navigate, and I can still reach my goals and my dreams. Brandon and I have been bad credit small loans talking a lot about the power of identity.

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Your identity is just a set of beliefs that you have. First of all, because most of us have so much experience with technology these days that we understand intrinsically, if your operating system is buggy or outdated, you need to update it, you can update it. So you as a human being, and I completely want to underscore underline, cheer, highlight, blow up, the notion of identity and how vital it is to the outcomes and your experience of life. So for me, I do believe that everything is figureoutable. Find something that you do care deeply about and go back to rule number one. But that friend of yours, it is so important for him to not have sugar. Brandon:If people held to the belief that they are a business owner the way that vegans hold to a vegan belief, I think they would go so much further in general, but people they lack the confidence, they lack the belief that they need. So my question for you is, how does somebody then build those beliefs in their life? What are some ways that people can change out that operating system in their life? As it relates, I call everything is figureoutable like the master key belief because if you install small bad credit loans that one, then everything else falls below it. One of the assignments that I actually gave a bunch of readers when we first launched the book was every single day to actually write in your journal, everything is figureoutable, everything is figureoutable at least 10 times. I know that sounds silly, but when you say it, when you write payday loans in 15 minutes it, you are drilling it into your being. So everything is figureoutable, write that simple 10 times. Another practice is you behave your way into whatever it is that you want to figure out. So you were talking about having an identity as a business owner.

How would I treat my spouse, my significant other, my kids, my family? Another fun trick, if you were the best in the world at what you do and there was a film crew following you around from The New York Times or any media outlet of your choice, what would they see? What would make you proud to show the world how you are behaving into your highest potential? So those are just a few ideas to give people something to play with. I love that because being a real estate investor, one of our business anyway as both David and I are real estate investors and a lot of people listening to this are, and real estate is very popular on TV. I think these are just fun little games that you could play with yourself to tell yourself the truth to you. Brandon:I want to still have belief for a second here.

Number one, this is a hard one, are you married or significant other? This is the kind of stuff that I like to get out of the way at the beginning of the relationship. And I am one of those humans who just likes to talk about everything upfront. I love talking about money and I love money in and of itself not as a thing, because I care about materialism. Marie:So for me, I feel like when it comes to having a great relationship, you have got to be willing to invest in your communication skills. But in terms of excuses, I think first of all, all of us make excuses from time to time. I do it, you do it, everybody listening, we all make excuses from time to time. And I have never met any human that from a victim-type mentality is at their best. David:Oh, you are speaking truth here, dropping bombs. Brandon:There many, many of them, even like minor stuff, like whatever, that they made fun legitimate payday loans online no credit check of all the time in high school or middle school. Brandon:Well, can I can actually ask you to go back to you, Marie, with your story of you are working on wall street, when I read that in the book, your story, I felt for you like I was there as well, we did a bank, it was the same thin. Can you explain what was that like and how did you get out of that world, that pain and how did it develop you, who you are today? Marie:I started off as a psych major in college, I was actually, when I was a young kid, I thought I was either going to be like an animator for Disney or some type of fine artists, the creativity was a huge legitimate payday loans online no credit check part of me. But when I got to college, I made the shift and loan companies in houston tx I studied business finance.

Marie:They used to have these fold down seats that you could maybe sit on legitimate payday loans online no credit check for a second, but as an assistant or someone new, you would never. So I was on the floor of the New York stock Exchange and I was so grateful, a lot of job. Marie:And one thing that I started to notice though, is no matter how financially wealthy the people were around me, it was almost as if they were spiritually bankrupt. And many of them pined for these like two weeks out of the year that they could take vacation.

I was trying to be taken seriously and it was just getting hit on constantly. At one point, I literally cut off all my hair, had a buzz cut because I legitimate payday loans online no credit check was trying so desperately to not like have an appearance be the thing that was taking the forefront.

I was raised Catholic and I went to a Catholic University.

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So I ran to the church and I sat on the steps, and I was crying my face off, like ugly cry, like snap bubbles kind of cry.

You know that cry that we all do from time to time? I learned one of 5000 loan bad credit the best lessons ever when I had started my coaching business, basically after failing at a bunch of other jobs after Wall Street. Marie:When I was bartending and waiting tables in order to keep a roof over my head while I figured out how the hell to build a coaching business as a 23-year-old, which sounded ridiculous. Marie:I was bartending and waiting tables sometimes eight, 10 hours a day, and I fell into that trap of being miserable at it because I wanted to be coaching clients instead of pouring drinks. And I caught myself, it was a check yourself before you wreck yourself moment. Would you mind sharing with us a little bit about what your relationship with fear is? Many of us have heard a lot of the acronyms, like false evidence appearing real, F everything and run. And one of my favorites is face everything and rise.

But when it comes to the different components of our life that are not necessarily life or death but can feel that way internally, it really does keep many of us playing much smaller than we should.

Infants, all they know how to do really when they need to get your attention is cry. And so fear is in a similar way a one note kind of friend.

We think it means danger, stop, move back, keep yourself safe.

So I like to think of fear as a GPS for where your soul most wants to go. Again, this is in a context of not physical safety. Marie:If you start to look at your fear like a GPS for where your soul most wants to go, all of a sudden, that fear can be instructive, not restrictive. But there are ways to let your fear be instructive and also use your logical brain. Or you buy a duplex, buy two units, two flat or duplex, easy to get installment legitimate payday loans online no credit check loans whatever, you rent out one of the units, you live in the other one, worst case scenario is not too bad. I was afraid, it was so expensive, 10 times more than my last house was. As Brandon was talking, what I realized there, Marie is, he felt the fear. David:That was a very easy conversation for me to have with you because I was completely unemotional.

What are all the potential positives that could come from you following this fear? How are you going to become a better father, mother, leader, entrepreneur?