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Just start there, answer that question and start just brainstorming, what sounds amazing?

And what ingredients do I have in my fridge right now? And I think we talked about that when I was on the show last time, but this idea of the vision or the vivid vision.

And so I painted a very clear picture of what I wanted. Just take three months off completely off and just go to legit online loans like Switzerland for three months.

And just work backwards and paint this amazing picture. But I think a lot of it just begins with that vision.

I listened to you do a podcast with somebody recently where you talked about this, so I apologize. We talked about this when I was, I think with you guys unemployment loan a long time ago on your show, but I had a wooden sunglasses business one time. That was four years ago now, I think, five years ago, if I would have stuck with that, I would have been successful right now at wooden sunglasses, I know.

So I think we all know that persistence is the key here, so how do you do that? Those are the two definitions giving for persistence, to persist or the act of persisting. Number one, write down what your goal is, number two, write down why it is. So write down what the goal is, why you want it, what your goal for the week is for that task, and then what your daily goal is.

Because I want to deepen my relationship with my spouse and to enjoy the fruits of our labor. So first of all, everything in life, almost everything can be broken down into a series of five-minute tasks.

Everything in life can be divided down into five minute or less tasks for the most part. So the first one is, establish a morning routine where you do those five things.

I think having a performance coach, somebody that you meet with regularly.

Not talking real estate guru, coach, whatever, but just having a person you pay regularly to hold you accountable to your goals and to yourself helps pull you out of your life.

We all talk about business, like work on your business not in your business work on your life, not in your life once in a while, and a performance coach helps you do that.

Number three is, build through community, stay persistent and community.

This is why BiggerPockets is so huge is because people get involved in BP and they start trying to build a real estate portfolio together. I think it largely comes down to referral and who you know that knows you really well that would recommend it. I get a little kickback or a little recommendation.

So talk to people who have had experience with somebody, it can be a great way to find that person. Now, what kind of work you have to do ahead of time? I have a list of, I actually made a list because I was going to talk to a group of people about performance coaching and I made a list, but the main thing they do is he reframes my thoughts and calls me out of my crap is a good way to put it. Our conversations are me talking for 55 minutes and him asking questions for five of those, for five minutes in there. And again, a lot of people are thinking, do I really need a coach? Remember Michael Jordan has a coach or had a coach.

I was trying to coach these people up all the time.

And he and his wife mediate all these very difficult conversations. By the time we actually had the conversation, it was ugly. Brandon:Real quick on that point, I would say, the performance coach thing I would say is more important than the accountability group, but if you can have both, get both. I guess the best analogy here, I used to play professional poker. And in the poker world, we had payday loans in aurora co this term called leak.

And when you stop making those mistakes, that the success compounds.

David:I think another thing would be the leak we have between our ears, everyone in 2010 that was nervous to get started. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars did people lose not buying real estate before? It sounds like the key to a really successful performance coach is helping you garner insight into your whole entire life and really letting that permeate into your business, into your personal life and really help shift how you move forward and just approach instant cash loans no credit check again, not just your online payday loans illinois business, your personal life and everything rolled into one. And legit online loans then the longer you do this, the less… We analyze properties, but we do it much more quickly and we are more comfortable with the variables that are involved. So people need to start there, legit online loans in your personal life, where do you have leaks? In your business, do you believe in your own heart, I am so freaking good at what I do that I deserve to be a millionaire or I deserve that promotion? And most of us, if we take a hard look at ourselves know we could do a lot more, we could be a lot better. I think one of my favorite things that Brandon said all year was when we were interviewing Dan Sullivan and he had Ben Hardy write the clear cash loans book, Who Not How.

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I would say that that attitude will create an empowered mindset that will feel really good going into next year. J:And let me also say that episode with Ben Hardy was last week or two weeks ago, a couple of weeks ago was absolutely awesome. Going into 2021, people want to hear your best piece of advice, your best piece of motivation, whatever you got to really supercharge our community and each of the people in our community heading into 2021. David went into the clouds, and I mean that in a good way, the high level, big picture.

Implement a management, I guess, operating system within your business this year, if you have not already. BiggerPockets is doing full implementation of EOS right now and it is game-changing how much less work I do and how much more at peace I am about things, because I know everything is being handled by a system. Carol:Gentlemen, thank you so much for all of your insight. As always, it is such a massive pleasure to chat with you legit online loans both, and so looking forward to an amazing 2021 together for all of us in our community. David:Let me just tell you guys, thank you for doing this podcast. If, if you love people, share this with them because real estate is business and business principles will absolutely improve your life. For the first episode of 2021 we have David Greene from the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast! It took David years of trial and error to find out what really works in real estate, why most agents fizzle out in the first 5 years, and how to bounce his team members off of each other to generate more sales and higher commissions. David has strategies and advice not only for real estate agents, but also for business owners that want to build a business that has the ability to scale. Real estate agent or not, this is some great information that big and small businesses can take to heart and put into practice right away! David:The team structure helps you learn faster, gets you going quicker and can get you profitable much quicker. How awesome is it, that we can finally flip that old adage on his head. And although it was an amazing year for a lot of people, I know that 2021 has even more incredible things in store. If you listen to us last week, we had David Greene on the show. He is the co-host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast. And last week he was on with Brandon Turner to talk all about a recap of 2020 and what we should be doing in 2021. So he has a legit online loans book out called Sold Every Real Estate Agents Guide to Building a Profitable Business.

Now we often talk about adjacent businesses on this podcast.

When I say adjacent businesses, I mean those businesses that compliment our core business. So for example, a lot of the people in our community are real estate investors. As real estate investors there are a lot of businesses out there that have tremendous synergy with our real estate investing, for example, contracting businesses or inspector businesses, appraisal businesses. Basically David runs a real estate sales team, a real estate agent sales team. We talk about real estate negotiation and how David and his team approach learning and improving negotiations with buyers and sellers. We talk about whether real estate investors should get bad credit history their license in the first place and what personality traits really help ensure that somebody becomes a legit online loans tremendous agent. We talk about whether starting a real estate brokerage team is the right business for you. And if you do decide to become an agent, should you be focusing on serving investor buyers and sellers or retail buyers and sellers. And the answer there may surprise you a little bit. David even tells us about how he and his team find clients and how they find deals. Carol:David got to tell you, it is so absolutely awesome to have you back. I know we had you on recently and that was only the tip of the iceberg of what you have in store for 2021. So we could not be more delighted to have you with us again today. I feel like you guys have the hidden gem of BiggerPockets.

This is like probably some of the most serious value that the entire company or website offers because business create so much opportunity to do all the other things that people come to BiggerPockets for. So almost a year and a half ago, please go back and check out that episode was absolutely fantastic. It is called Sold Every Real Estate Agents Guide to Building a Profitable Business. Sounds like it might be part one of a three-part series of books. So I want to write a book that would at least get off the ground. At least get enough knowledge and confidence that you could tell your family with confidence.

And really shorten that learning curve because I got my butt kicked trying to figure out this business without the mentorship myself. Well, that turned into a ridiculously long book and BiggerPockets split it into three books. And we basically set up to where the first book is going to be written for brand new agents, to building a profitable business, just how to make some money in this business.