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Support your wealth building strategies and take total control of your money at youneedabudget. Try You Need A Budget personal loan providers free for 34-days (no credit card required). You may have heard a speech from Ed Mylett (AKA the greatest speaker of today) sometime before this episode, but maybe not like this. He has started businesses worth millions and continues to teach entrepreneurs through his personal brand. Ed emphasizes the importance of faith, generosity, and most importantly, setting your life at a high standard. In a world full of mega-leveraged investment opportunities, this might be the advice new investors need to feel confident going forward. This episode also dives into the importance of having a purpose, whether related to faith or not, and how you need to chase the life you want, set your standards high, and do the most impactful things to accomplish them.

And the more successful you become, the more likely you can become that Dude.

Are you as pumped up as I am after just finishing that interview. I mean, the fact we get to bring this person to our audience has me pretty giddy with excitement. Just phenomenal storyteller, phenomenally successful guy. And Ed just this amazing guy who does real estate investing. David Greene:What I noticed about Ed is I would say for the people who listened to our podcast, they probably have a little bit of an issue with you and I the same way that we would with Ed.

So to the average listener, you and I seem very far ahead. Guys I promise you, Ed is further ahead of Brandon and I at times up a hundred than you guys would be of us. So I first watched a video that Ed Mylett did at a GoBundance event. So me and David are part of this GoBundance tribe, and he was as a guest speaker there last year.

And I was not able to attend because I had a little baby at home, but he gave this speech and I watched it later, at least parts of it later on a video that they recorded, which by the way, we are going to play a piece of that after the interview with Ed, because we only had an hour to sit down with Ed, but I want cash loans in az you to hear the story.

And then later on another deep conversation about having your pants off or something. I would say what I was getting at earlier is the Ed is so much further ahead than Brandon and I. David, instant personal loans anything you want to add before we let people hear this amazing interview with Ed Mylett? Save this podcast, skip this one, listen to something else if you are busy, listen to this one when you have an hour of uninterrupted, unadulterated, pure focus time because you are in line for an amazing ride. I did have some success early in my life building a financial services business. And then I met Tony Robbins when I was young and so I started to learn. And Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins kind of mentored me when I was a young man. And so I learned a lot about peak performance and the mind and the brain. Then it instant personal loans led to… I started living in nice neighborhoods.

Ed Mylett:My neighbors were athletes and entertainers and well-known people then they wanted to be coached. So they would might know me from one of those areas. And you were a speaker at the… David and I are part of this organization called GoBundance and you were a speaker there. But everyone just kept talking about how I missed out on being there. Ed Mylett:I built a team of people that sold life insurance and investments. And we sold that company or that company was sold I should say, more correctly, to a company called Aegon and Transamerica many, many years ago, a really big firm. I had to learn to communicate transfer energy, influence people, persuade people. And those skills have served me in negotiating real estate deals. I have no background in finance, no background in sales. Ed Mylett:Meaning i need cash fast it was never discussed, there was no dream, we never on a vacation. And so it keeps you some degree instant personal loans of humility I think. I can tell you something funny, my first really big jet, I bought a big jet. Just come over to the living room, watch some golf. We have a high school where like the popular cash advance loans kids were obviously bad kids.

Nobody likes to be… When you see somebody else doing really well with any area of their life, everybody else wants to judge them for that because it reflects badly on themselves. They must have got it through some ill-gotten means, right? Well boy, really good point, by the way, what you just said there. Just so it gives people some hopes because I really needed it to be a baseline functioning person. But I had to get into these tools and tactics and techniques to just get baseline. Two or three deals you did, two or three people you met in short burst windows of time changed your identity.

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The older I get, I know I get my standards, not my goals. Ed Mylett:You get ultimately what your standards are long-term. Tom Brady has higher standards than the average NFL quarterback. You meet a business person, their standards are different.

The key thing of being self-confidence is that you keep the promises you make to yourself, period. So take anything in your life is to the extent that you believe the promise will be kept. That is linked to your confidence in every single area of your life. You could really break that down into saying they had their thermostat raised. Is that basically accurate with what you found is that your life has progressed?

And I was talking with my sister about this last night. So the things we stack on ourselves that we worry about, that we fear. Ed Mylett:You are eventually not going to worry, not going to fear, not going to worry what anybody thinks about you because you will not be here. So why not accept that as a truth and begin to live that way right now? And the more successful you become, the more instant personal loans likely you can become that Dude. So that fear is completely nonsensical even though we all have it.

The truth is in order to get those things, you have to be a better person. And people know that and they reach out… probably the most common question I get. Ed Mylett:So one, I believe that if you are a Christian, the Lord would like his people favored.

I do understand when I think the Bible meant was what does come with a lot of money, is temptation, is access that you may not have otherwise two things that you need to be guarded against.

But if I could, I promise you there would be a movement to do that.

David Greene:There would be an entire philosophy based around why should that person have bigger arms than this person? Just because they were raised around a privileged gym, where they were able to work out. We would take it from someone to give it to another. So you get this whole philosophical belief system based around justifying, doing that, because frankly you want what that person has. Like Brandon, we say this all the time, getting a six pack is not a mystery.

If I could have one, if I adjusted my eating standards in my workout standard, it is that simple. A six-pack just a reflection of standards that you have. But if we did this in every other area of life it be horrified. David Greene:So when I hear the argument that wealthy people are bad, in my mind I just run it through. What I believe that if we said attractive people are bad or nice people are bad. And I would encourage everyone listening to do the same thing. When you hear arguments like that, stop for a minute and ask yourself, how does it benefit me or someone else to believe that?

Is there some element of my own greed or laziness or slot that it makes that appealing and would it work in other situations? You are already at the point where you are being warned in multiple faiths about the danger of wealth, you are already there. So just in all transparency, that was a significant year for me. Real estate has always been my passion, meaning I got into personal development originally because I went to a Robert Allen, how to buy real estate, no money down seminar, which led me into Carleton sheets and all these other guys. So what I decided to do was to create other businesses that could be sort of my funding source to do deals. Ed Mylett:But real estate to me has been my passion all my life. And I spent the whole weekend doing it, this weekend as a matter of fact. I love doing that and I hope I do more and more of it. I just wish I was a little bit more risk tolerant than I have been all my career. I was thinking about it when I was driving in for this podcast today. And I have a lot more friends who used to be rich than currently are, way more. And I tell young investors this all the time, listen to me again, I have far more friends who used to be rich that no longer are than are currently rich. And the reason is they started to do deals that were outside their risk tolerance, that they could stomach, that they understood just to be doing better and different deals. And I got started in investing right at the last crash. So instant personal loans I watched my career, was built on the mistakes of people that had come five years before me. But what I was thinking of is I was thinking about how we often talk about at boxer like Floyd Mayweather or a UFC fighter.

David Greene:And the same with a lot payday loans for bad credit no upfront fees of UFC fighters. I lost no respect for Michael Jordan when he came back to the wizards, like everyone said. He lost 11 of the 12 rounds, but he got to fight again. I love people that teach people to do it, discuss it, and make it more real. Someone like you guys intrigued me a hundred million years ago and got me to believe that I could be in the real estate space and put deals together.