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Hi there, I am trying to start my first real estate investment here. Would like to work with an investor friendly realtor in New Haven. Renovating a kitchen and 2 bathrooms (and some other small stuff), with massive potential to bring...

Hello, I want to learn as much as possible about real estate and thought I can get my feet wet by starting to wholesale. Hello everyone,I used to read a lot instant credit online of topics in this forum, and I like how people interact with each other! Therefore, I signed up today and thought about writing my idea. Greetings Everyone,I am fairly new to the REI world. I have been an investor for roughly three years now focusing in the student housing space in Upstate NY. I am thinking about branching out onto other universities... I have the opportunity to purchase a vacant lot in New Haven CT. The property in located in a "C" area and is zoned for a 3 family dwelling.

I have a SFH in the New Haven-area that is need of painting. Has anyone had any luck getting the Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control to bill tenants directly instead of landlords? Hey all, I am looking at a few families to buy in New Haven and Derby Connecticut. I am reading mixed reviews, but instant credit online the apts within the are selling around 35k, which seems about right. Property management is also needed after the paydayloans online purchase. Just trying to get like minded people together to network. We just bought a fixer upper that we will be house hacking.

The driveway needed doing and I wanted to put out a recommend instant credit online to the company that did it.

They were extremely reasonable, and did a fast and excellent job.... Hello all,New to the site, looking forward to learning. I am interested in flipping, possible investing and rental properties. Also, I am looking to network with people who have experience in flipping ie.

Hi, recently joined and have been doing my homework checking properties in New Haven. I live in CT about 30 mins from New Haven, I like the constant flow of students. Is there any locals on this forum who can help with... Just instant credit online inspection and find an attorney will do the rest? We are getting ready to sell our current home in Princeton Jct, NJ and... Im looking for a good real estate attorney who specializes in real estate investing and has experience doing subject too existing finance deals... Hey BP,New to Real estate but have been on the fence for over a year now. Currently work a door to door marketing job and have compiled and extensive list of distressed or seemingly abandoned properties in my last 6...

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Hello all, My wife and I are currently seeking to buy a home in the Stamford area, should we bring a general contractor when looking at potential homes? If you are looking for a great handyman to help you with your rental properties or remodels. We are completing a Rehab and Buy and Hold in Waterbury Ct.

We think Waterbury might present more of a problem rental wise then our duplexs in Danbury and Bristol Ct and are wondering where we should be looking in Ct... Hi Everyone, my company is looking for an agent near Waterbury, Connecticut. We will be needing assistance to list a property for sale. My love for real estate gave has me always looking to learn more. I took the real estate course hoping I would learn a few things, never thinking... We are looking at buying a condo in Hollywood Beach area. Hi all, I have been a real estate investor as well as handyman for 25 years plus, I am expanding my handyman business to include cleanout services after evictions, unit turnovers, debris removal during renovation,... An ideal situation would be a property that I could either house hack or at do short term rentals out... I have done some digging around the old posts and historical discussions and it seems to me... We are considering providing equity as part of a development team building mixed-use infill projects in South Miami Beach. Really looking for knowledge and informed opinions on pre-COVID and post-COVID trends in South... Hello everyone,I am looking to buy a MFH (Duplex, Triplex etc. I payday loans akron ohio really like Coral Gables neighborhood but I am open to other areas in South instant credit online Miami.

Looking forward to getting to know some of you in the... I live in DC but I want to start investing in South Florida because my dad is a GC here and is going to do my rehab. Looking to connect or get a recommendation for a realtor or broker in the West Palm Beach or Miami area who has experience working with duplex investors.

Anyone have a list of small local banks in Miami that deal in portfolio lending? I was hoping you could help me with a recommendation for a property management firm in Miami, for apartments in the Sweetwater area. I have some elderly family members who have about... I know we have a website, realforeclose, where foreclosure properties are sold on online auctions.

This month we will be having our zoom meeting on the 29th of September at 6:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada). Please do not forget to RSVP here and mark your calendars for the event. Anyone have and accountant recommendation in the Miami area?

I am starting to build a portfolio out of state is someone has experience dealing with that.

Hi all,Local agent and investor hoping to introduce myself to the forum. I was born and raised in sunny South Florida and have always had the vision of investing in real estate. Can anyone please recommend a decent handyman in Miami? One that is decent and honest is so, so hard to come by. I only need someone for regular maintenance work at a couple of... Hey all,I have been looking to purchase my first house hack for some time now and feel that I am close to getting one of my offers accepted.

It dawned on me that I do not have any recommendations for an inspector in... Currently involved in a syndication deal but ready to do my own.

So here I am with a very basic question:What are the popular submarkets you would recommend for long...

To guaranteed loan for bad credit those who have invested in Wilmington , Delaware. Shoot my your thoughts and some numbers if you have them! Looking to purchase a rental property, I know the ins and outs of investing (Book knowledge) as ive taken the past year and a half to dedicate towards gaining such knowledge. I am searching for a multi-family property in new castle county in Delaware. Right now I am thinking either Newark for college kids or Wilmington for families.... So I purchased a property that has a few historic district code violations. The building was cited for at least one of them in the past (before I took over ownership). Hello all,I have a property in Jacksonville, NC that is in need of a new PM. What are the factors that would make you take the jump? The place smells a little of smoke, the one room has some poorly cleaned up pet stains and the appliances are a mess. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a cleaning... One of my research area is Wilmington DE , because of lower entry cost and taxes. The property is an older home in an historic neighborhood and backs up to an alley.

Some of the homes in the neighborhood have put gravel in the backyard for...

My partner and I are looking for a wholesale connection in the Southern New Jersey area. Hi all,My husband and I are about to close on our first deal next week and are prepping all our documents to rent it out as we hope to manage the property ourselves. As stated I am a new-ish investor with one property in Tampa under my belt which I house hack.

I am also a newly licensed CGC in the state of instant credit online Florida. I specialize in concrete construction but also want... I currently live in Tampa and now have the ability to work one day a week in order to focus my time researching and learning about realty investing as I plan to make this my new career.

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We are expanding our investment firm from Austin TX to Tampa area.

Having a list put together would be beneficial to people who search for lists like this. I have been looking for rental properties all around Tampa. One area that I like, price-wise, is Sulphur Springs. I feel that SS is a semi-sketchy area, especially the southern part of the... Hi everyone,I live in Honolulu and am looking to purchase a buy and hold rental property using conventional financing somewhere in the Tampa Bay area. I need a trustworthy property appraiser who is not a real estate agent, who does only appraisals, local to Tampa. The property I posted for sale is an unusual property and I need to get a better idea of the realistic... I have a friend who is looking for a small house or condo within easy commute of downtown Tampa, first as residence and then as investment. It can need work, but it must be mold-free, or at least whatever minor mold it... I have a wood frame house that needs major attention. The plumbing in the bathroom fell apart and the the support immediate payday loans for the floor needs replacing. As you can see it is described as lowland and I have gotten a survey confirming the majority of the land is wetland.

I currently live in South Florida and now have the ability to work from home (anywhere). I am looking to purchase my first investment property and House Hack a multifamily (2-4... Hi all, I am currently looking at some small multifamily opportunities (10-20) units in the Tampa area with value add potential.

If any experienced investor out there could answer a specific or several questions listed... My tenant (Seminole Heights) was using Lawnstarter to get bi-weekly lawn cuts, but he thinks it is pricey and asked me to look into it for him. Does anyone have any recommendations on a local landscaping company that... Hey all,My wife and I are looking for contacts who wholesale in the Brandon area. We are already on a few local lists but we never see Brandon deals pop up amidst all of the other Greater TPA opportunities.

Is there anyone here that can tell me about the Zephyrhills market for buy and hold strategy as far as jobs, schools, things to do, renter population. Am curious if any investors have personal, positive experience with a property management company they would recommend.... Has anyone worked with Zach Lemaster and his guys in this area? Just looking for a couple of references as well as some of the FL specific gotchas - besides the...