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Anyone else worked with their banks for Covid-19 assistance? I especially owe them about half the price of my house. If you cant afford to keep up with your payments then yes they could in theory look to sell your home and repay their loan. Most mortgage providers will be more sympathtic the earlier in the process you advise them of a change in your circumstances.

They may be able to suggest a long term solution to what may only be a short term problem I think everything should be clear in your mortgage agreement. However, the whole basis of mortgage arrangements is that your home is at risk if you fail to keep up with payments. That said, mortgage companies are more likely to find a suitable alternative for you rather than going through the rigmarole of selling your property, etc.

I belive the laws in Scotland are different to those across the rest of the UK when it comes to protection from creditors? Real estate laws in Scotland are totally different to England so unless the OP is in Scotland your comment is irrelevant. Perhaps it might be time to look at some kind of debt management arrangement? The earlier you speak with your mortgage provider re: changes in your finances, the more chance of finding a suitable resolution. Over the coming weeks and months there should be some extremely attractive properties up for sale across all areas of the UK.

Many of the better prices will be found for those with cash on the hip and able to pay immediately. This prompts the question, is it time to build up a fighting fund of property investment finance? Lets not forget, interest rates at this moment in time are rock bottom and, while nothing is ever assured, they are likely to move higher for some time to come. There might be some concern installment loans in california with bad credit from property investors ahead of the expected second lockdown even though it was always on the cards. Personally, I think the time to start buying property is in the midst of the second installment loans in california with bad credit lockdown, assuming that it does emerge. This is when concern, volatility, rumours and counter rumours will be up there highest. Will the second lockdown push those who were looking to sell, over the edge? It is amazing how well the market has held up so far. Perhaps if all politicians could work together we may get a stronger economic support network in place?

The world of mortgages is becoming more and more competitive and there are literally thousands of offers out there.

However, it would appear that mortgage brokers are able to negotiate terms which are not in the public domain and offer significant potential savings. Is it worth the additional commission to find the best deals? It was a genuine recommendation shame it was revoked. I think it is worth the additional commission yes as they take the leg work out of it for you In theory, the best mortgage brokers should be able to pay for themselves. There are so many specialists out there at the moment that it is difficult for somebody not in the industry to find the best deal. I for one would use a mortgage broker in the future when looking to secure funding.

Therefore, there is an argument to suggest that we are near or at the bottom of the remortgaging cycle and it may well be worth taking advantage of current rates while they last. Time will tell whether this happens but it does show that any concerns regarding the EU may be overdone. Surely if Japan was able to arrange a deal relatively quickly the EU, which the UK has been part of since the 1970s, will surely be able to act with similar haste?

There are signs that the next UK interest rate move will be higher - is the door about to shut for UK home owners looking to remortgage? Yes, the chances of higher interest rates really make me think to try remortgage now! However, whether or payday loans san antonio tx not rates move lower in the short term is irrelevant, the only rate you can be sure of is the one today. There are signs that the next UK interest rate move will be higher - is the door about to shut for UK home owners looking to remortgage? There are signs that the next UK interest rate move will be higher - is the door about to shut for UK home owners looking to remortgage?

The Bank of England seems to be back tracking on a rise in UK rates even though Mark Carney recently suggested rates were installment loans in california with bad credit certain to rise in the short term. He is now blaming concerns about Brexit - it looks to me as though he is actually making the situation worse by scaremongering.

Recently someone mentioned how just a couple of years ago nobody would touch the euro and there were concerns the EU would fall apart - all of a sudden it is the next big powerhouse?

Not convinced about that - the UK Brexit talks are deflecting concerns about the EU and underlying economy. People seem to forget that the UK did not switch to the euro so was never really an integral part of this project. Personally I am starting to think that rates wont get much installment loans in california with bad credit lower than where they are now but it could be a while before they move substantially upwards. After recent B of E statement it is looking like base rates wont rise much in the short term and while mortgage rates may tick up slightly it is unlikely they will run-away in the short to medium term? Is Mark Carney starting to lose the trust of the City? He has ramped up expectations of interest rates rises on so many occasions only to be forced into a quick u-turn when things change. The leaks from the Brexit bad credit payday loans installment loans in california with bad credit installment loans in california with bad credit talks are doing a lot of damage in the short term and the EU should be pulled up about this. As a consequence it is hard to see the UK economy bad credit small loans blossoming in the short term which will likely mean UK base rates will remain relatively unchanged for the foreseeable future. I think the Brexit leaks cast the EU in a terrible light - very very unprofessional. Is this really the kind of club you would want to be part of? I think what he means is that regulations are there to protect the industry and consumers. If an investor has a mortgage and might be able to remortgage at a lower rate, that would reduce their financial liabilities and in turn offer more security to the lenders mortgage book. However, unfortunately this is not always the case today as regulations have changed but it would be bizarre if you could keep your current (higher rate) mortgage but not remortgage at a lower rate because of your personal situation? I think we need to put this into perspective, mortgage rates would still be at near historic lows even if UK base rates increased by 0. To secure the best remortgage deal it is important to look at more than the base rate. You need to search the whole market and to be aware of the product fees that may be charged. I agree - a conservative tracker means less messing around, more straight forward planning and avoiding fees when jumping from mortgage to mortgage.

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When you consider the minimal savings rates today, that is cash avance a scandal. Now may well turn out to be the opportune moment to remortgage your property(s) but ultimately I do not see interest rates rising quickly in the short to medium term. Indeed, if Brexit talks end in a stalemate then there is every chance that the Bank of England could be forced to reduce base rates to support the economy. The next two years, even the next 12 months, are going to be vital for the UK economy both in the short term and the longer term. With all of the doom and gloom surrounding the UK just now it does not look as itf interest rates will be moving higher any time soon. However, if you decide to remortgage on lower rates I would do it now, now is the only time you know the real rates, anything else is just guess work. So yes I think this is a good time to answer you question. While there are rumours that UK base rates could move into negative territory in the short-term, is it really worth holding off on a remortgage? Firstly, while the trend for mortgage interest rates will soften as UK base rates fall further, more in reality there is not much further to go for mortgage rates. So, if you are trying to catch the bottom of the market, and are still currently on a much higher headline rate, personally I think the you should be moving on with your remortgage. However, it would be interested to hear the opinion of others. The fact is that the only interest rate you can be sure of is the interest rate before you today. If you are looking to remortgage your property you have to ask yourself, will interest rates go any lower?

It is all good and well trying to predict the future but how has that been for economists over the last decade?

The argument that rates may go lower in short-term is a flawed one because if you do not remortgage in the short-term then you will be on older rates which are, I would guess, higher than those you would have if you were to remortgage? It has been a good few years for the Portuguese real estate market thanks in no small way to the golden visa ticket. This has attracted huge levels of investment which may otherwise have gone elsewhere.