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Keep it as simple as you can, and leverage other people and real estate agents if cash loans for people with bad credit questions come up through the process. We buy and sell properties in this area all the time. We have some money set aside for another one this month. Are you open to talking more about potentially selling your property on installment loans in alabama loans for women blah-blah-blah Street?

But how important do you think … I mean, being genuine I think is such an important thing. We just sold a house two blocks from yours, got a really good price for it. Just curious if you wanted to sell at all, if you had any interest. I think so much of it is how you position yourself and reference the seller. Yeah, use a script, like kind of what I just went through. But I would send out direct mail, and I would take the phone calls, right. When I installment loans in alabama did, I had a list … I had a piece of paper I kept with me everywhere I went when I was doing this more heavily. It was just all the questions I needed to make sure I got. If you walk in with low expectations … I use a snowboarding analogy. I love that you put it up here, I love thinking that all the time. It highlights the big loss is that you never tried. You think everyone is thinking about you all the time, but everyone is thinking about themselves.

David:Acknowledging human narcissism is the best thing you could ever do for your business, because they all care about themselves so much more than you. They were all like, more checks is not always better, slow down a little bit. We were spending 40 to 60 grand a month on marketing at one point, across cold calling and mail and everything. Our foundation, I had to go back down to the ground and patch holes, pretty much, before I built back up.

We got all the way down to me and my new business partner, because me and my other business partner had separated, so we got back down to two people, and we were still doing deals and making it happen. Then the right way, putting KPIs in place, making sure that we were actually taking home money at the end of the month, and then somewhat enjoying what we were doing. We started putting the pieces back together really really slowly and carefully. Then what our operation looks like now is, we have a sales manager. We have me, I still run dispositions, just because I love doing it, and I like having a challenge for me to wake up and do. Like what I was talking about before, we online payday loans direct lenders have everything segmented, whereas before- Cole:Yes.

Versus before, it was 12 guys in an office, payday loans appleton wi running … It was like a frat house. We literally had something called Wine Wednesday, where people would bring in bottles of wine on Wednesday mornings. It will get me forward, but not at the pace or the life that I want to have. Cole:I think what did it for me is, I was installment loans in alabama seeing so many of my personal problems become business problems. The stuff that was happening in my business was … When I sat back and reflected, it was the same problems I was having in my personal life, with not trusting people and not wanting to let go of anything, or have hard conversations. I realized that I installment loans in alabama can fix this both bad credit loans no fees no guarantor no broker ways at the same time.

It really came with just absolute trust, and willing to accept the consequences of that and learn from it. But trust enough where I think you have my best interest, I have your best interest, and then learning from mistakes through i need a loan that process.

Cole:Where little things … I was doing the same thing in my personal life, with family and friends. But what we realize is those difficult conversations have to happen. Otherwise resentment forms, and we were basically being poisoned by different people on the team having resentment for different reasons. Not only do they have to happen, you have to have a GPS check-in, right?

I would never, ever, ever try to run a business without that method.

Now where I am right now, I do have a business coach, and a personal coach. I have like three or four coaches that I pay, just monthly payday loans online because I found every time I do that and I commit more money to myself, I never regret it.

Cole:Probably 10 to 20 active, focused hours on the computer.

Because I switched to more … I read the book Deep Work. Cole:I kind of switched to that model, where I sit down in the morning and I give myself three to five big things. For two to three hours I lock in, try to put my phone away, sit there and knock everything out. Then … Because I was bad, when I first got started working, just because I felt good to work and I felt like I was in motion. But unlearning that and really sitting down, getting my work done and then trying to enjoy my life.

But yeah, so about I would say 20 to 30 hours a week of … Cole:Yeah, so September, kind of mid-COVID, everything. David:Well, what I learned is that my goal is to stay away until something breaks, and then look and see, why did that break?

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David:Not to the point that the whole thing could collapse, right?

Your acquisition manager should have stronger skills when it comes to closing. But you step in and you just do what seems to you like the last one little percent, a couple of phone calls.

Cole:Put it back together better, or try to, and then fly back down to San Diego. Cole:It comes with the mentors and coaches, is just … I love action. Coming from sports, I just love to be in motion, action. I have this thing, I almost feel like I have to earn my free time and stuff, so I just love pushing the ball forward in some way. Brandon:What it just shows to me is, it shows this … If you want to be successful, not you, anybody wants to be successful in any way. There are a series of things that they can do that are very tangible, and you can find that out by talking … You talk to these people. Find the people who are already doing what you want to do.

Everybody listening right now, a couple hundred thousand people, can literally go do exactly what you did, because you just shared everything that you did to get there. One more question I had kind of before we start moving towards the famous four, and I know David, you had one more you wanted to ask too in there. We started flipping a couple of months ago, mainly because we kind of felt like we hit a plateau and wanted to challenge ourselves again. We thought that would help not only create more revenue with flipping, but also help our main business. Because we service investors who are flipping, so to get to know that world a little better, we feel like we could installment loans in alabama package up deals way better on the front end. Then a lot of it was just the challenge of learning something new, building new relationships in that field, and having a whole other … We want to grow, so that felt like a natural thing to grow into.

I love that you said you were looking for a little bit more of a challenge there. Because business is getting really good at something. But you added another basically lane to your bridge. You built a bridge, it was working, you had people now working the bridge for you so you can relax a little bit more. For the exact same reason, and I love the challenge of going into something a little bit new. We do carpet, paint, appliances, put it on the market, in and out kind of stuff.

Before we do, I want to highlight your bridge analogy, just for the people that are hearing this that are trying to figure out what we mean. You have to look at every deal you close and sell like a car or a truck that was carrying goods, that got from one location to another.

The more trucks you can get from one place to the other, the more money you can make.

Every mistake you can imagine stops these, and you barely get anything across just to be somewhat profitable. Then the more times you do it, the better you get at maybe driving, or anticipating what route to take installment loans in alabama them on. At a certain point, you pave that road, and deals can flow very much more simply. The wholesale component, the flipping component, the retail sale component. Maybe selling some of the services you put together to other people. I started that internally, because we had eight sales guys, we needed a lot of leads.

I find myself staring at you, forgetting what I was trying to say. You reveal how simple it is, when you get out of the obstacles that talk yourself out of it. To close, can you share a little bit about how you developed this mindset, what you do differently than other people, so that others that want to follow this path can have an easier journey? When I first started the cold calling side of my business, all I did was cold calling. I learned about cold calling, implemented what I knew about that, stuck with that for a long time, took extreme action on that. To be honest with you, I think sports helped a lot with that.

But that, combined with just going deep and showing up every single day with persistent and consistent action, and the pursuit of my potential. Really what it comes down to, I want to find out what I can do, what that bar is. Yeah, you might encounter … Like oh, the market crashed, or whatever. Everybody, if they just put into action the stuff, the mindset and cash advance california the tactics. You can have whatever you want, the kind of life that you want to lead, if you just are willing to put in the work needed to do it. His company slogan, their mission or their goal, is that you I think it was double, triple your revenue with it, and then half the amount of time you work or something like that. But I want every person to get to that level, where they can take a week off, take a month off, go travel to Hawaii for three months because they want to go hang out, go to Europe without a cell phone for a month. When they come back, they can do what they love to do and invest and be wholly in it. Favorite or … I like to say favorite, I need to rephrase this question. That was the book I read when I was first getting into wholesaling. That little bit, dialed … I probably cut 5 hours a week, 10 hours a week out of my own work just by bringing that consultant.