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And that coupled with a bunch of popular business books like Freakonomics, Predictably Irrational, and so on, kind of installment loans in delaware launched this area into the real world, into the business world. And this essentially is the injecting some psychology into it, some reasonableness into this overly rational approach to how people make choices. So much of your research has been in the field of humor. Peter:So the way that happened was like many things in life through happenstance. That quick online loans no credit checks is that humor is not the typical topic of a behavioral scientists or behavioral economist. It actually is a topic that Plato and Aristotle and installment loans direct lenders only bad credit other great thinkers, however, cared about. So this is an age old question of what makes things funny? It goes back 2,500 years and people way smarter than me have tried to crack The Humor Code. Most of that work was done in a sort of philosophical sense. And about a dozen years ago, I was completely unaware of this work and had stumbled on this question during a talk. I was doing research on what makes things wrong on moral psychology and I gave example in this talk. They put you up in a hotel, tell they buy you a fancy dinner typically.

And then as part of that day for an hour, hour and a half, you present some of your early ideas and people just ravage you for how bad your ideas are essentially.

And this is what we call the scientific process, right? But if your idea can withstand these very smart people kind of chipping away on it, chipping away on it, you might have a pretty good idea worthy of publication and one that might actually help at least in some way, improve the world or the very least explain the world a little bit better.

And so I was doing work on what makes things wrong on moral psychology. And I was looking at how these religious organizations, these evangelical churches in particular were using marketing principles to save souls and I was fascinated by this topic. I visited the Joel Osteen church in Houston to see how they were great business people to be honest.

And so I was giving this talk and I just, I like to have some fun with my talks.

I like them to be more than the normal, dry esoteric snooze fests that are a typical academic talk. We want to save souls, got to get them to the retreat. You can win a prize, prizes and the grand prize was I thought a kind of fun, funny prize, and that was a yellow H2 Hummer SUV. So go to the winter retreat, win a H2 Hummer and my audience chuckled at this in the way that I wanted them to chuckle at installment loans direct lenders only bad credit it. And rather than dismiss it, I kept ruminating about it and ruminating about it. People do things differently than you would expect and your job is basically to figure out where those deviations are and why they exist. Running lab studies, writing up these results, running our model regression equations, doing all that kind of stuff. And then what ended up happening was those very same skills allowed this pivot into the world of humor. Because prior, not prior completely, but overwhelming the research that has been done on humor has been philosophizing thought experiments. We can use science to actually run experiments and figure out the answer to this question once and for all. Carol and I have a vacation coming up in a couple of weeks.

I want to read your two books and I mean this sincerely, I want to read your two books on my vacation- J:Under a Palm tree. It was a look back on a 40 year career, a career that changed the way people see and think about the way we make decisions. I started publishing these papers, but academia is slow.

And so if I had waited, I would only start writing a book maybe now, if that makes sense. I had been teaching my students that they should be creating minimum viable products, that they should be testing their ideas in the marketplace.

And I thought to myself, I should be testing my ideas in the marketplace of ideas, not just through the rigors of peer review. And so essentially the sort of overlap between wrong and okay and that sweet spot in the middle is this delightful experience.

And we laugh and we signal to the world, this threatening thing is actually not threatening. So I actually think part of the reason … it was really striking when I stumbled on this question that no one in my field was doing work on it. And I think part of the reason, and again, this is another good lesson is we should question our assumptions.

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So one of the ways we know how important comedy is is that it actually exists in other mammals, not even just nonhuman primates, although it is on display with monkeys, chimps, Bonobos, apes, and so on. But even there is and I have to tell you this, this is one of the most fascinating things and it was like perspective changing for me. There was a researcher at Washington state university who discovered that rats can laugh. And so what these folks would do, and we actually visited one of the actual original research assistants who worked in that laboratory as part of The Humor Code. He now is like a full on researcher at Northwestern. These rats, what they would do is sort of jostle them and tickle them and like flip them over and rub their bellies and so on. Anybody who has a child can understand that kind of phenomenon. Well also if you think about it, other animals, when they move through the world, there are moments that might be threatening. That rustling in the bushes, is that a goat or is that a saber tooth tiger? And so when the recognition that that is a goat, the laughter is a way to signal very quickly without installment loans direct lenders only bad credit language, the coast is clear. And you know, the unexpectedness has been a very popular explanation for a long time. You can watch a movie, a comedy movie that you love and you know the jokes and usa cash you still find them funny. And so you could even have a sure thing that is an inside joke, not unexpected, even predictable, still can get a laugh.

So that said, unexpectedness, surprisingness, I think often enhances and it often enhances the threateningness, the violation side of that formula. And it is the biggest violations that get the biggest laughs. So the only reason I want to add one thing is how do you get from tickling to satire, right? Peter:So what we believe is the following, is that as humans evolved from our non-human primate predecessors and we started to get language and we started to have these interconnected communities and culture and social norms, the things that can go wrong and the ways that those wrong things online payday lenders can be okay, became infinite. And so we now evolved to apply this broadly to a whole host of things that can go wrong and can be okay.

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But by the same token, if I tell a joke to somebody that grew up in the nineties with Chris Rock, they may still laugh. So can you give a couple of just good examples of some of these unexpected findings? So the first book, The Humor Code was this cash loan for bad credit global expedition to crack The Humor Code.

It was basically, I teamed up with this journalist Joel Warner and we went to Tanzania to try to understand laughter. We went to the Amazon with Patch Adams at a hundred hospital clowns to try to answer the question is laughter the best medicine? How leaders should be more humorous and how they should use comedy as this tool in the workplace.

I created talks that put forth the virtues of this. And as installment loans direct lenders only bad credit I stood in these ballrooms in front of 500 people and I was telling them to installment loans direct lenders only bad credit go forth and be funny, there was part of me that was not comfortable and I was not comfortable for the following reason, that guy. And so if I gave that guy a little more encouragement, I now turn him from a mile of annoyance into a monster.

They can be useful to people like you and me and they certainly can be useful for people who run businesses and who are entrepreneurial because what we know and what I installment loans direct lenders only bad credit teach every single week is that business is hard, business is hard, business is hard. We get a false sense of how easy it is because of the Amazons of the world and we read these business books and everything just seems easy personal loans for bad credit so easy and smart in hindsight, but it is an incredibly risky proposition. And actually, the biggest risks also have the biggest rewards.

And so how can we learn, what we can learn from the people who go on stage and take risks every single night and are willing to take the rewards and the downsides of that.

So we find that this idea installment loans direct lenders only bad credit of the reversal, so chapter one of my book, Shtick To Business is called reverse it.