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If the form is legally binding, better to disclose everything you have disclosed in your opening post. Let the authorities wriggle out the unwanted information from the form. I am currently in the process of buying my first house. The sellers advertised it as freehold as they have lived there since 2005 and not paid ground rent as the freeholder went bankrupt in 1995. My solicitor advised me when processing the sale that the property is not freehold, I saw the paperwork showing the company that owned the freehold went into liquidation. I asked my solicitor what the implications of this mean for me, but I am concerned he is not giving me full and impartial advice due to the fact he is working on no sale no fee basis. I have copied below what he advised me when I asked him to explain this in more detail: The Freeholder is insolvent and Absent indemnity insurance will be provided but this is far from ideal.

More concerning is the title is not absolute we cannot advise you proceed until the title has 1 hour loans no credit check been upgraded The property is not freehold it is good leasehold which is lesser title to absolute title. This must be upgraded before you purchase it will only ever be leasehold. It s not freehold regardless of the freeholder company being insolvent this actually means the freehold has reverted to the crown and owned by her majesty Can anyone advise if this will cause issues when i go to resell in future?

I have read that the seller needs to take out indemnity insurance at the point of selling, can anyone explain how this works and if it how to get a quick loan is expensive? Any advice from people who have been through this or with legal knowledge how to get a quick loan of this particular situation would be really helpful as I am bit payday loans abilene tx worried right now. I am no expert in this field but I would take independent legal advice.

As far as I am aware, the indemnity insurance covers the potential cost of ground rent if, as suggested above, the crown was to come back and try to reclaim historic ground rent.

If the seller is advertising this as freehold, which turns loan place out to be incorrect, this would certainly set alarm bells ringing if I were in your situation.

I think it is time to get a new solicitor because this could have serious consequences for the future if mistakes are made. Why not work out the potential outstanding ground rent and the cost of rectifying the property title.

Use this as your leverage to drag the property price down - personally I would offer well below current price minus potential costs. As it stands, there is no way on earth anybody would buy the property as it is a legal mess. I totally agree, find the cost of correcting the problem, use this as leverage to reduce the price but ensure that you take professional advice as soon as possible. If this is going to be complicated I would be tempted to walk away. I am in the process of buying a bungalow and I fast cash loans no credit check am ready to sign the contract, But my solicitor has let me know that the property had a transfer in 1993 and that this transfer of land on the property has restrictive covenants. To make things worse this land registry document detailing the transfer has missing preceding notes. I am concerned that someone may turn up and present me with these covenants and cause all sorts of problems in the future. In years gone by the introduction of a wood-burning stove was seen by many as how to get a quick loan something of a luxury with very little in the way of real value.

However, fast forward a few years and emission regulations are tightening, home surveys now require an eco-friendly review and there is a move towards more eco-friendly heating systems. So, while in years gone by a wood-burning stove was more of a statement piece than a value piece, are things starting to change?

As the cost of gas and electric continues to rise I think there will be more potential cost savings to come. Whether it actuallty adds any value to your home is a different matter.

I spent a few days at a holiday cabin a few weeks ago payday loans online for bad credit and there was a wood burning stove in the place. Have to admit that I tried and failed a few times to light the stove but I got there in the end. There is no doubt that the deep seated heat is very different to any other form of heating - it is also very relaxing and will send you to sleeepppppp We have underfloor central heating but there are times when we light the wood burner just for the sheer comforting feeling we get from it. I was at a holiday cottage once which had a wood burner, the atmosphere was very different to any other type of heat you could think of. For us having a wood burner does save a bit as we have access to cheap logs. So I suppose that whether or not a wood burner saves on fuel cost would depend very much on individual circumstance, location etc. One small how to get a quick loan note of caution, you do need to be careful with your budget because the headline cost of the stove could be doubled when you take into account installation and the various additional equipment required. The majority of stove companies will give you a free estimate as to the overall cost, so make use of it! What would how to get a quick loan be the best way for me to start my loans for people with poor credit new way without effecting my life (family, commitments, etc.

I reckon you will be able to use your IT skills in the property market - an analytical biase when look at deals. Dont let anyone kid you otherwise, property investment comes down to good old fashioned figures and returns.

Take out the emotion and you can see more clearly It might be interesting to list other skills which are transferable from the IT sector. There is a very useful service on the UK Land Registry website which allows you to check how much properties have been changing hands for in how to get a quick loan your area.

This not only gives you up to date information but it also gives you an idea of how prices have changed no fax payday loan over the years.

Market Trends employs the most important list of residence data to provide you with a awareness straight into market activity locally. When you want to investment property then many sites provide a price. Actual Planning Lead is is available to selected businesses in the construction projects in UK, and associated trades sector. Any one know where can we get the size (area in square foot) of a flat so that we can compare the price sold more meaningfully?

Quite useful for London property investment seekers. Property investment is not just about the numbers though.

I use it daily after we receive new leads where sellers often are not real with their estimated values. Always check for houses in the neighborhood (last sale comparable) and the last sale price if available. The market is moving very quickly in many instant loans direct areas in the South East at the moment but the real value of a property lies not only in its relative cost but in its rental or refurbished value.

You may not be able to buy for below market prices but if your overall profit margins are strong then that is the end game. Any one know where can we get the size (area in square foot) of a flat so that we can compare the price sold more meaningfully?

Zoopla often has the previous listings adverts and details. I have my cellar tanked out with a pump fitted due to ground water. When I moved in water was getting into my cellar, so I had a tanking system installed. The water was coming from the water main which is outside the property, so is that classed as flooding or online payday loans direct lender instant approval just a leak? Finally the road at the top of my row of houses flooded last year and the water eventually ran down the steps passed my doorstep (was like a waterfall) - Do I need to declare that too? If the form is legally binding, better to disclose everything you have disclosed in your opening post.