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I think 20, 30 years ago, that was very important because it was a broker centered industry. When you speak to someone, do you give them the feeling that you know how to handle and you can get them the result they want or do you leave them with a feeling that I need to take the wheel and do this by myself. Really you got to kind of rethink the way you understand brand. I tend to try to advise them to move away from that and get more into your own reputation and how you personally impact people. If your Instagram is way more important than the name of the broker using. So I can see the type of questions that they answered in the forums. J:Love, love, love everything about all these tips. The first is that your mindset makes all the difference in the world. The number one how to get a cash advance reason is they brought a W-2 mindset into a 1099 world. I got to fill out the order form to I do everything around here. So the problem when you become an agent is you have this W-2 mindset. There was a whole lot that someone did, literally a hostess that walked them and sat them in quick loans for people with bad credit front of you and said, here are hungry people, give them a menu and ask them what they want. When you want to be an entrepreneur, a full-time real estate investor, a real estate sales person, a loan officer any other form of business how to get a cash advance you are saying I will do everything. Also understand someone was bringing you tuna and you were a house cat that just had to eat it. And you have to have an edge when you step into that world to be able to do this right. As Carol mentioned, we are going to skip the four part of the four more because you were with us on episode 20, and you gave us the answers to your four questions. I hope everybody will go back and listen to that, but I definitely want to give you the opportunity to address the more part of the four more.

And for anybody that may want to start a David Greene team borrow money small loans bad credit monthly payments today elsewhere in the country, where they can reach out to you to get more information. To get ahold of me, you can either message me on BiggerPockets. You can also send me a direct message on either Facebook, messenger or Instagram.

I like to try to channel everything through BiggerPockets, as much as I can because I love that community.

Thank you for being our first guest of 2021 Happy New Year to you. Since 2007, PPR has managed Real Estate-backed investment funds that have bought and sold how to get a cash advance thousands of residential mortgages nationwide. With expertise in real estate finance, property management, and BRRR investing, they provide investors like you with passive income. Fundrise enables you to invest in high-quality, high-potential private market real estate projects. Their high-tech, low-cost online platform lets you track the progress of every single project, and keep more of the money you make. For many people, how to get a cash advance they think of selling hamburgers, sandwiches, or opening up convenient stores.

Jon started out working in consulting for Fortune 1000 companies and was slowly introduced to the concept of franchising. Now as the CEO of Franbridge Capital, he works with entrepreneurs and franchise owners as a matchmaker, seeing who would work best with which franchise, and vice versa. He also goes through the different franchise business models and some franchise examples that you may have never thought of. Does franchising produce better ROI than other businesses (even real estate)?

What are the opportunities in 2021 for franchising? I am J Scott, your cohost for the BiggerPockets Business Podcast, here once again this week with my lovely cohost and wife, Mrs. And speaking of thank you, thank you to all of you amazing listeners who are out there doing good for others right now. That is truly one of my very, very favorite things about this time of year. So many of us as entrepreneurs, as small business owners are so dedicated and committed to giving back even more than we get, and realizing this year has been really tricky on people.

He is the CEO of a company called FranBridge Consulting, and Jon is amazing. Basically his job is to help franchisers, the companies that create these big franchises, and franchisees, the people like you and me that want to buy franchises, he helps put them together. And basically he serves as a consultant to help get us into the perfect franchise.

And on this episode, we discuss everything that we need to know about picking a franchise. And then we jump into the question we all want to know the answer to, how much money can we make if we buy a franchise? And from there, we talk about the other big thing that a lot of us want to know, can you operate franchise passively? I know a lot of us are really interested in to buying into businesses that we can operate passively and we can do as a side hustle.

And so, Jon is brutally honest with us about whether franchises can be operated passively or not, how do we scale franchises?

If we want to start a franchise outside of our area, something 1,000 miles away, can we take over a franchise far from home? If you want to learn more about Jon, if you want to learn more about FranBridge Consulting and what Jon does, if you want to learn about anything we discuss in this episode, please check out our show notes at biggerpockets. Carol:Jon, welcome to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast. We are so looking forward to chatting with you today.

So many of our audience members are so very interested in franchising and learning more about that and opportunities for them. So thank you so much in advance for sharing all of your expertise and how to get a loan without a cosigner knowledge with us. Jon:Absolutely excited to be here, Carol, appreciate you guys having me. I love the show and look pay day cash loans forward to our discussion. That parlayed into some other corporate opportunities that really provided a great run, but like so many, I had that itch to get small personal loans no credit check out of that Fortune 1,000 world. And for me, I wanted to go with a smaller private company, I looked at a lot of different opportunities, ended up with ShelfGenie, which is a large national, really international franchise system based here in Atlanta, custom plot, shelving for kitchen and pantry.

So I had the opportunity to come in as president, run all the day-to-day operations. And really during that experience, fell in love with franchising. I found that it was such a better path to business ownership for so many would be entrepreneurs out there, and those that had an interest in that financial freedom and that day-to-day freedom.

So since then, I partnered with the founder of ShelfGenie. We spun off as our own entity, brought in another partner. We ourselves are franchisees now, so went from being a franchise org to a franchisee. So I represent about 300 franchise brands out of the universe of 4,000 brands.

Taking people through the education process, we have a very streamlined way of going about it, and eventually playing matchmaker, bring them opportunities that could be a good fit for them for consideration. So cheap loans bad credit would you please talk to us a little bit more, why should we consider franchising versus starting a whole new business from scratch?

The cons would be, you do have to live within the lines, and some people may be too entrepreneurial and want to do something totally outlandish with their brand, and that may not fit for franchising. However, in my opinion, the benefits far outweigh the cons.

Within that is an intimidating 200-page document, 23 different items or chapters. Two that we pay a lot of attention to, one would how to get a cash advance be your item seven, and the second one would be your item 19. All things in item 19 is how has every other franchise in system performing?

And so they have put together this proven model that has been vetted, proven out, and they are cheering how to get a cash advance for you, guiding you for you, innovating with new products and new ideas along the way.

So again, your interests are aligned, the better you perform and eventually exit your business, the more theirs will be worth. However, there are some guard rails in place and for good reason.

So as long as you have that mindset going in, then your odds of success are significantly higher versus a traditional startup. J:And that makes a lot of sense to me, I know starting a business from scratch requires a whole bunch of different areas of expertise. And I assume that when you go with a franchise, a lot of that is given to you, a lot of those systems are given to you.