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But the more education and reading I started to do with BiggerPockets and the more I started having conversations with my wife on what we want to do, what our goals want to be, and how we want to be financially free in five years real estate investing the mountain that it seems started to get smaller into a hill.

So it helped me gain confidence and the action just helped me get there. I guess, how does that compare with how you felt this year, Jackson?

I just cash advance locations kind of like nodding along the whole time that Jordan was talking just because I relate a lot to like what he said as far as the process was.

And one of the things that really helped me is I had heard on payday loans odessa tx the… Between this show and the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, the book, the one thing had been mentioned dozens and dozens of times.

But really helps you identify what that next step is, or what that first most important thing is that you need to be working on. And I worked through starting with, okay, what do I want my life to be someday? And like Jordan said, like, I want to be financially free. I want to do what I want, where I want, with who I want. And so, to be on track for that in five years, I will have to have X number of dollars in passive income to support that. And two, just like the other guests have said, you are capable of doing so much more than you really think.

So, I think originally my first year, or my end of the year goal. So by the end of 2020, my goal was to connect with a realtor or reach out with a realtor. Well, I was working down through that, and I realized that takes about five minutes to do.

I jumped on BiggerPockets, messaged a couple realtors in my area, or in my market that I thought how can i get a loan with bad credit might work good. Well, I have a relationship with our lender that we bought our first house through. So that in itself is kind of like a big like, oh, no. But sent over a couple documents, sent him a couple things. And boom, we got pre-approved and that took maybe a day or two. You just have to identify them, and then just attack them and take action on it. The thing that I thought of when you were saying this is that the other day Tarl Yarber was on a webinar with me. So, I think that was really awesome what Tarl said and what you said.

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And fortunately, I have the cushion in my… That I can spend the extra 30,000. So just think about it, and just reiterating what I said previously, I think just that power, that persistence, and that power of that consistency, and just that really stick it. Having that grit and sticking with it and sticking to it. And of course, almost to be expected the first offer I made was rejected. And investing is not going to work and this is dumb. And you just got to think every no that I get certainly hit me that much closer to my next yes. And just the fact that we all got through it, that I got through it. And I came out on the other side of this in a better position than I was at the start of 2020. I think it just shows that power, that persistence, perseverance, and sticking with it.

What were some of the big lessons you learned last year? And I just want to second what Beth and Jackson said. I learned super quick that you got to make a few calls before you get somebody who wants to go up there. But it was really like the situation was fixed within one day of me just being able to take action. Kind of figuring out my why and that gets me through the nos.

I do a lot of cold calling with it and like Jackson said it gets you closer to… It really does get you closer to that yes. Then with the why just letting that push you, and then staying consistent would be for me.

What I think of when you guys are saying that is worst case scenario. Figure out what do you need to take care of that worse scenario? He knew where to go to learn about how to take care of that issue, document, and put all of these processes, checklists, information. And those reserves are meant to give you that how can i get a loan with bad credit peace of mind to take care of a situation if it comes up. Fear was definitely one of the things that held me back from getting started. So just make sure you are prepared as money lending to where you can actually get that answer. And then sometimes, unfortunately, quick payday loans bad credit and something can be fixed very easily with money. I do need to just take that action and not overthink it. But real quick, because I really want to know this, because I get asked this a lot, and I see it come up all the time. Real quick can you tell us how you got him to be your mentor? So, I reached out to him, and he hit me back pretty quick. Okay, so what happened was I was talking about the BRRRR book.

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We could use the best of the time, and he was like… And this was so profound to me. Tony:Yeah, having someone who can show you the path is always helpful. But I want to turn our attention towards next year, towards 2021. And how can Ash and I help hold you accountable for those goals? So to start to do some short term rentals, and I want to really continue and scale my flipping, also. And even though I utilize the BRRRR method, you still need to have those reserves, and you still need to keep generating the revenue. I threw a pretty audacious number out there to the universe. And like I said two out of the area short term rentals. So those are the three big ones right there as far as the numbers go. And then obviously, I can take it a little bit more granular than that. The paperwork, the accounting, all of the documentation. So I can, at some point, delegate it off to somebody else. But those types of things is like, just as important as flipping 10 houses next year.

Creating the systems and creating the processes, and making this an actual business is a goal in and of itself, and I recognize the importance of doing those things in order to scale and grow my business. So, part of that just starts just generating how can i get a loan with bad credit a number of source passive revenue monthly. Ashley:I want to know what are going to be three action items that are going to get you closer to meeting those goals? What are three things that you know that you have to do every month, every week, or maybe you even only have to do it once to get you to those goals? Beth:Yeah, every week, I need to write down and expenses, all of the numbers, I guess, on a weekly basis.

Beth:I know my own market, my own personal backyard so well like the back of my hand. I payday loan lenders no credit check need to really just focus on learning some others. Tony:instant approval loans for bad credit So let me just recap what you have so far, Beth.

I just overall know that I need to develop, and a better system for how I do this. But I need to go to something a little bit more robust, I can do a little bit more. So those are the things that I need to do is basically… So, yeah, another action is just transitioning over to that new management system and things like that. Ashley:Yeah, Stessa is like a dashboard for investors. You can pay personal loan online application for an upgraded version, but the free one is great.

But then you just need getting a loan your rent collection software, a separate one. So even if you have a property manager, they can send you the reports, and then you just enter it into Stessa. But also, there are virtual assistants out there who specialize in inputting data into Stessa or QuickBooks or other so when you are looking to transfer to a different software, you can find a virtual assistant online that will do all of that for you. So I definitely need to conquer that myself, and then I can delegate that off. Those are good goals, and I love the big goal with the flipping and getting to 500K.

So, like I said, originally, a couple months ago when I first sat down and decided what kind of goals I wanted to focus on, what I want to hit. And I wanted to… I felt like even american payday loan just that was a little bit vague.

And so, that has it, that acronym stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based.

And then just continue to work on how can i get a loan with bad credit both the investing side of things and trying to stay on my side hustle to build up the cash reserves that I have and continue to be in capital, so I can redeploy and get that second deal, maybe even in 2021.

So, I would challenge you to maybe up that from one property to at least two for 2021 because I think you can do it. So what that looks like is heavy on the networking, finding lenders, general contractors, so contractors, property manager, and then within that how can i get a loan with bad credit subset is finding a mastermind that I relate to and can work with. And my third goal is additional revenue through real estate of 100,000. So my first flip would be something on that list as well. In the first 90 days, a big one is focus is network growth. So as I mentioned that list of lenders, general contractors, subcontractors, or property managers just to understand areas and market that might want to be in their neighborhood. And then for wholesaling, and flipping, ideally, I want to be the guy with the deals.

I mean, everybody wants to be that guy, but I want to do the work to be in that position. And then for Christmas, I asked for a curated website.