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Some of the videos he provides are all the way from 2010 and 2013 and just outdated. The way he explains things can be extremely confusing and the quality is not worth the price.

There were many points where I became so frustrated with myself with being overwhelmed and also not being able to understand that I was ripping my hair from my head! After being in the course for a while you notice a lot of the things he does is outsourced, which is super amazing since he can run it hands off but the only problem is that it lacks real sincerity of 1 on 1 coaching. Without the 1 on 1 coaching the price for the course is not worth it, you only get access to the lengthy videos and under delivered bonuses. The Price for the Course, and the upsells are by far the worst.

Many of the bonuses have certain terms that are an upsell such as REI Simple and the VA Center he provides. They ended up being super picky with mine and declining a bunch guaranteed loans no credit check direct lenders of others. Now they want me to send a picture holding the check that was technically my money from the start. If you really want to Learn Lease Options, search up REI Conscious on youtube.

The part I am unclear on is what was the Money back guarantee period???? Also if you can find anywhere that it indicated 90 days, then it is 90 days. I know nothing about Joe McCall, but if he does not honor his warrantee I know enough that I payday cash advances would recommend all investors avoid his program like the plague.

If you had a 90 Day money back guarantee, and you do not feel the program was worth the money then you should get your money back.

As for getting your parents assistance 1) they are not obligated to assist you in RE 2) If you cannot convince them to assist you in RE then maybe you need to further your skill set. Furthermore, San Diego (historically high appreciation markets) is a tough lease market because the seller is taking risk of lost opportunity that is tough to justify. I do not think it was the correct lesson for this market at this time.

With regard to my parents, I want a good relationship with them so they can build my credit history. With regard to my parents, I want a good relationship with them so they can build my credit history. I have heard wholesaling is tough but despite having less volume it has larger spreads in San Diego If you requested a refund in 90 guaranteed loans no credit check direct lenders days or less, he should refund your costs. This may help with getting your parents to have more confidence in you financially. If you are due a refund, do payday loans no teletrack direct lenders not take no for an answer.

The one thing I do not like is that you cannot serve him personally which is for me the biggest hurdle. To be blunt, if you cannot handle this then there is likely to be other issues that arise in RE investing that you will be unable to handle. You need to persuade people that selling to you is a better option than calling any of the other numerous solicitations they get in the mail every week or listing it with an RE agent. You also need to convince them to sell to you at a price that would allow an investor to want to purchase from you. Note some of the guaranteed loans no credit check direct lenders solicitations in the mail are not from the wholesaler but the person who is rehabber investor. You need to be able to sell significantly below market price to the investor while still making a profit for your efforts.

Virtually every property we purchase has a value add and virtually all the value adds have been the boring rehab. I want the next value add to be an ADU addition, but the appraisals are undervaluing the ADUs so refinance to extract capital seems unlikely. It would be smarter for me to purchase an RE already with an ADU, but I kind of want the experience of building an ADU to add to my existing experience.

Most of our properties have been purchased off the MLS. There are not going to be many killer deals on the MLS and yet I think most investors mostly purchase off the MLS. It had some issues, but at that price it will have issues.

We have not yet purchased from a wholesaler but I am not adverse to it.

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My issue is none of the wholesale offers I have seen are that great. They loans for low income usually are high on estimated ARV and low on estimated upgrade costs.

If you cannot do that, then you will encounter payday loans no brokers direct lenders other issues that you have difficulty overcoming. You did a great review, but still not an easy lesson to learn!

The way I grew up was being raised extremely frugally and investing in this course has made easy pay day loans it so my parents have less trust in me in regards to real estate. From their point of view, I made a stupid decision and they no longer want me to become an investor and rather see me go to college. I wish I had the courage to make those kinds of decisions at your age. You will always find a great community here at BP, and many, many successful investors have gone through their own expensive lessons as well. No, they learned from it, kept an open mind, and asked guaranteed loans no credit check direct lenders how they could be different next time. If you can identify your real drive, maintain consistency and discipline, and continue networking with other like-minded individuals, I think you will eventually find great success one day. Most of the info you need to get started is "free" in books. The presentations are almost all the same with just the name of the presenter changing. The strategies require a good amount or luck and effort and sometimes finding and taking advantage of a seller with equity. Keep it simple to payday loans new orleans start, then eventually take on leverage to amplify your winning strategy. With regard to my parents, I want a good relationship with them so they can build my credit history. I have heard wholesaling is tough but despite having less volume it has larger spreads in San Diego OK.

Have your parents call the company, tell them you were not authorized to make this purchase, and they want it refunded or they will dispute it with their CC company.

He is right, guarantee or not, Joe owes you the money back. While you may not have learned much about real estate you have learned a lesson about life and business.

You can learn something from every Guru Program but no program will teach you everything you need to know. Taking action and learning from those actions are key to moving ahead.

My wife is usually the one that thinks it is not a good deal. I have contacted me team to send you a complete refund ASAP - for my course and REI Simple. But whatever we still need to do to make it right, let me know. While this course was clearly not the one for you, I guaranteed loans no credit check direct lenders hope you can forgive Joe, leave this in the past, and continue to pursue real estate investing. On another note, you are a beast for getting into this even younger than me! Learn from your mistakes, stay positive, and keep on going. This post was for the concern of others such as Wesley (They have now also been taken care of and refunded) and to voice my opinion. Thank You for letting me keep the course and for the refund.

My intention was to get a refund for others and myself which was not provided by the support team at the time. I did not want to take it this far to make a post about you at all. There is no such thing as failure, only feedback so keep on keeping on. Hello all, I am looking for a local real estate title company in the state of Massachusetts that is investor friendly. Please let me know of some you all may have worked or currently work with!

He is very investor friendly and owns some units short term loans for people with bad credit himself.

Here is a graphic to show what real estate has done on Hilton Head Island this past year. I have included most of the areas where short term rentals happen. One interesting thing that seems to be happening is there are more purchases being made by owners who are pulling their units out of the short term rental market. The effect this is going to have on visitors coming to Hilton Head is something I will be watching. The entry point is higher than it has been in the past 10 years, but there is still some solid upside and the investment numbers do work.