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I am very new to real estate investing and I was just wondering if there were any local investors on here that could help share some knowledge about the market around the area. I have experience in short-term rentals (if that is of any...

Hi,Does anyone in the group have experience investing in the Knoxville area with Multifamily Units? Also, can you help me get a sense of what the typical cap rates are for the 37912 Zip Code? Hi BP community,I have a question about the area surrounding Leconte Ln, Knoxville. Can anyone from Knoxville tell me if this would be a good buy for Airbnb? Looking for a real estate investor lawyer in Knoxville, TN that is affordable and recommended.

Needed payday loans in san antonio to help set up entities and long term to look over leases, documents, etc. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through the process of obtaining a HELOC through a...

I have a few SFRs here in Portland but want to expand out of my local market.

To all the San Antonio area investors:My wife and I are looking to buy our first rental property in the San Antonio area. What do you think about these investment parameters? Hello BP Community,Just seeing if anyone is aware of a company that does Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS) or Submetering for small multifamily units in Florida. Also, is it even possible to do submeterting or RUBS... Hi all - I used to live in San Antonio and have been watching the city grow over the past 10 years. Curious which neighborhoods people are interested in for multi-family assets.

Hi everyone, so I graduated a year ago in an MBA program in a nice school and instant cash online now I have a great stable job reasonably well paid.

I am here in a 3 year work permit after my studies but my status is still student. It is a nice day to discuss real estate investing, I need some investor friends in the San Antonio Area. Ideally areas that have been covid-resilient during the...

I am from San Francisco Bayarea and cash advance colorado springs I own loans online bad credit few rentals. I am planning to retire in Austin suburbs in the next fixed loans 3 to 4 years from my day job. In the near future I look forward to working on my first investment property, and I wanna hear the opinions of those that have worked on their own investment properties. Hi All,I will relocate to San Antonio this summer and want to find a great deal on a small multiplex, house hack and employ the BRRR method to generate some momentum. Hi,I am interested in buying a STR in Port Aransas this year. Anyone on BP who is successfully running a STR in the area who could share their insight? Currently searching for my first rent-by-room house-hack. Since I am an out-of-state investor, I need some recommendations in which areas in San Antonio to invest. We are new investor ready to purchase bad credit personal loans our first duplex in the San Antonio,TX area.

We are in need of a great insurance company and also an attorney. Please message me if you can assist with our needs. My business partner and I are hoping to close on a property we plan to BRRRR this next week. Please notify of me of good title companies that have a good reputation of working with wholesalers! Also, I would love to come along with some wholesalers in the area on some deals.

Any SA investors have experience with potential deals on condos or townhomes where the subject property is one of several on a single slab foundation with clear issues.

Moved to SATX back in May and bought off of 1604 and Marbach. Thinking about adding a closet to the bonus room to turn it into a bedroom. I am building in the Houston area and am being impacted with the surge in building materials. Especially, you builders, how are you handling this material impact now? Currently doing a deal in Pasadena that needs a full rehab.

Are there benefits to having a contractor local to the area of the property? And any contractor recommendations in the area or Houston in general that would... I want to start building relationships with payday loans halifax the agents and visit some of them to pick their brains, figuratively,... Does anyone have any referrals that they can share in the Houston area? Thank you Hello I am sure like my landlords many of you might be affected by the COVID and non payment of rents from your tenants.

I am shopping for a commercial loan for a 6-plex rental property that is located in Houston. I heard that commercial loan has higher closing cost than the residential loan - is that true? Currently on lists for Senna, Irie, Net Worth, and New Western but would love to get connected with some of the other players in the space.

Anyone have a positive experience with NWA in Houston? I have been on their mailing list for a few weeks now and run well over two dozen comps on their listings and have found that the comps are SO far off as to be... Looking to start a group of motivated people in Houston, TX that meet once a week (virtually for a while, probably) to keep each other accountable and motivated. No specific requirements on doors or deals, just need to... Hi everyone, I have direct contact with a seller in a unique situation and I was hoping for some guidance. Myself and my two partners currently live in Atlanta, GA in a townhome, but will likely be moving to Houston... I am new to Houston within the past 8 months and i have done research into some news sources to start learning about the area. I have not investigated all the news sources available but i primarly read and follow the... Seems a lot of networking events have gone away or gone virtual. Hello All, looking for an Investor what is a cash advance friendly Realtor in Houston.

Someone that has great experience house hacking, thanks. Planning on heading to Houston TX to make a BRRRR attempt. Any reliable agents or wholesalers would be great help!

Every HML will work somewhat different but I will let you know the standard flow:1) Get pre-approved with an HML - This should be free. I was planning on getting my 1st rental( house hacking, hopefully a 4plex) by the end of 2021 but I just listened to the closing on a deal in 90 days on the bp podcast an hopefully will be doing it sooner. Good Morning BP members, Can you please suggest a good licensed property inspector for a single-family home in Houston TX? Connect with investor-friendly agents who can help you land your next deal. As local experts, they know the Austin market inside and out and can evaluate properties from... I would like to keep this property and use it as an STR. However, I would like to move out and purchase another primary residence. We are seriously considering Austin market and would like to invest in the very near term. I am in the process of completing my courses to become a licensed agent. I should be done in a couple of weeks and need to find a broker. Hi Everyone,I wanted to garner interest in a virtual meetup in the next week or so once Austin has thawed.

I jotted down a few thought starter topics below but happy to open it up to other areas if there is strong... It is a pretty new build in amazing shape- I have the luxury of renting out to friends and... Prices in North Austin are increasing quite a bit due to tech hub and existing... The name alone may sound complicated, but thankfully Christy Bieber, a personal finance and legal writer, broke down the... Received my RE License this past year and plan on getting into the investing side. Hi All,I wanted to know if there are any local investor meetups (virtual or in person)? Would love to learn from and meet those that are in the Austin area. Self managed or not you should probably make sure that either you or your property manager is notifying your tenants about the preventative maintenance that can end up saving you...

Does anyone have recommendations for home inspectors in Austin? I currently live in Austin but really want to turn my current property into a rental and move into my next primary residency. I bought an old house in mid July of 2020 in Austin for my primary residence and I have been staying there ever since.

I signed contract for another house(new construction) around Austin and planning to move there and... Just curious if anyone out there is working (city of) Bastrop and seeing good prospects.

Seems like it has benefited from Austin MSA growth in general, but maybe still some reasonably-priced deals. Who are the large multifamily property management companies in Austin? According to Redfin, Austin ranks in the Top 5 for net population growth and had the second-highest appreciation rate amongst the large US metros. There is a local Bigger Pockets meetup the first Saturday of every month. Please send me a PM if you would like to join the 15 or so of us monthly. We set 30 day goals, fixed loans create accountability and typically...

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I have been toying with a start-up business idea that... Are there any real estate investor groups meeting in-person? I have so many Zoom meetings weekly that I do not care to join another one presently. Currently invested in Houston and looking to connect with multifamily brokers in DFW area. Her favorite area in Dallas is Lower Greenville but most... Please reach out if you would like to network, share your expertise and learn a little from what others are doing. Please send me a DM for info as space is limited with social distancing.... I am also curious if including in your lease agreement that the tenant agrees to leave the property during... I am also curious if including in your small short term loans lease agreement that the tenant agrees to leave the property during... Hello,Would anyone from the Dallas area be willing to share contact info for a good HVAC company? I am in the process of getting bids but would love to work with... Hi I found a 8 units deal in Dallas and the listing agent said it needs complete renovations to the studs. The building is built in 1929 ish, the electrical system and interior needs all updates. I have been seeing alot of activity in the Dallas area in terms of people moving to that area, as well as the percentage of renters vs homebuyers are significantly higher in comparison to the rest of the country. Can someone recommend a general contractor in fixed loans the Allen area? On previous homes we had been adding them to our...

Are there any investors or Realtors on this forum that either own or help investors buy properties to use as short term rentals? I have family in Dallas and Frisco and would like to purchase a "2nd home" to use when... Curious to hear from some other RE investors, what type of deals have you had the best success with in the DFW area? Looking to network with investors and other wholesalers in the DFW area. I am currently negotiating an off-market FSBO transaction for an SFR property in SW Fort Worth. Just wondering if anyone here had any tips on where to find some or... Hello BP :-) Has anyone gone through a process fixed loans of converting a SFH into a Duplex or vice-versa? I am interested in how long the process took, what kind of paperwork did you have to file with the city? Greetings- I have a house I am intending to flip in Granbury, Texas and I am looking for recommendations for contractors for the remodel. There will be basic maintenance on the outside with cosmetics on the inside... Has anyone found success in the markets just south of Fort Worth like Cleburne? I would like to buy land in the DFW area, anywhere from. I am conflicted about whether to buy now or wait until I am actually planning to build as I do not wish to pay property taxes on the land but I am...

Is it just me or are people selling older homes for roughly the same price as new constructions in North Fort Worth right now?