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Who all is in the area and what types of investing are you into? I have 1 rental property in Summerville and just bought a home in Seven Oaks that I am currently renovating. I also plan on implementing the BRRRR method as my strategy... Hey guys, I am looking for suggestions on a good licensed electrician in the Columbia area.

Any local investors that we can potentially meet up with while there? Also looking for a good inspector that has experience in flooding if there are...

I recently bought a property to flip in Columbia (Earlewood). The property itself is progressing really well and should be on the market soon.

The lot the property sits on was big so we were able to subdivide it. There are a few big changes but by far the largest and most consequential is the widespread adoption of the guidelines, definitions and regulations outlined in... My wife and I are currently under contract on a SFR which would be our first rental property. Assuming this goes well, our goal will be to purchase a 2-5 more properties over the next few years.... These windows are from the 40s and are finally on their last leg and starting to... Would anyone be able to share a starting point for who I would contact to convert the zoning for a unit within a multi family property from commercial to residential? It is currently under contract, so i need to drive way to be cleared for the inspector and the appraiser. City of allentown held up with permits and inpectors being able to get out to the properties. I have a simple question: At what first loan point does it become worth it to go after an evicted tenant for back rent and repair costs?

I have had this tenant who has played the eviction moratorium and game... Looking for a recommendation on a licensed plumber to install a waste pipe for a washing machine in Allentown. Phil Wonder if anyone would have any idea of cost to change out and update Knob-and-tube wiring in Easton, PA. I am searching for electrician to perform same work, and any recommendations would be great, and appreciated. Hello all I am a first time buyer looking for a multi family in Schuylkill County.

I live in the lehigh valley and know it is very hard to find a rental property right now. Hi BiggerPockets community,I am interested in learning more about the Easton, PA area for real estate investing. I feel like the Lehigh Valley is a hot market and a great place to invest but i never see anyone on BP talking about it. Hi - I am a remote investor and closed on a few properties in Easton this past month. Could not find a decent PM company in the area so managing myself. Looking for a guaranteed loan plumber recommendation to finish a job on a SFH in Bethlehem PA.

I have a rental with one gas hot water heater for 4 apartments and looking into sub-metering vs RUBS.

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Hi Lehigh Valley Neighbors,I am based out of North Jersey and have been thinking about Easton for a while now as a buy and hold market. After bad credit loans lenders being outbid for the umpteenth time in my home market I am now considering... Im thinking Im way too nice and let tenant get aways with stuff they would normally shouldnt be able to get away with. As we all know the COVID-19 crisis has made all of us rethink about life and where we want to be and what we want to do. Since Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf reopened the Real Estate market our area has seen a greater... I am considering the Lehigh Valley market and live about 2. I am a new investor exploring the Sioux falls market and will be coming in for a tour next week. I have been looking in to the possibility of doing some out of state investing in the Rapid City area. I have some family and first loan friends in the area and it seems like a good way to break in to remote real... I want to first loan try and turnkey out of state and need to make sure things are good to go. Hi Guys,I have meet some REALLY cool people recently through BP. I think there are others in the Sioux Falls area that are investing in real estate or new to the game that I have yet to meet. Last night on the news there was a story about nightmare tenants George Zimmer and Jennifer Zimmer.

They have been screwing landlords in Sioux Falls, Florida and possibly Chicago for years. My wife and I considering a multi-family or SFR rental in Sioux Falls. An interesting article came out yesterday talking about lowest housing inventory ever in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Well technically lowest number of houses in 15 years, but when adjusted for the fact that there are... Anyone have any experience with the local law offices that handle real estate entities?

Good evening, I am an investor doing research in the Memphis Market. There seems to be opportunity to my remote, untrained eye. To see what I might be missing, I would like to see if people here have any PM recommendations... I am looking for the better areas of Memphis, TN to consider investing in SFR as well as multi-family. I am an agent in the Clarksville, TN area but prices here are starting to get into the Nashville...

Hi BP Fam,I invest in Memphis and looking to build my team.

I am searching for an investor friendly Lawyer and CPA in the area. Any one have insight on the southern first loan part of Sherwood, Eastern section of Cherokee Western section of Audubon park?

Tried to be as specific as possible because I know this area can be mixed. I hear Memphis is a good cashflow market and generally a good buy and hold market. Has anyone invested there or have any input on this? Looking to diversify and buy a few properties in different markets.

Hello Investors I own a portfolio In Memphis, fortunately have been able to remain close to being fully occupied with most tenants paying rent, tho sometimes a few days behind. Why are these two areas so attractive for investors? I was looking at the market place and I saw a couple of homes in there. Hello,I have owned a SFR in Memphis since May of 2012. I have always received the occasional cold call, but in the past few months it has gotten out of hand to the tune of about 4 or 5 a day with Tuesday and Thursday... I am looking mainly into multi-units as well as SFH. Any suggestions on a solid agent or lender out here in these parts?!

I am an Electrical and Computer engineer and just start my way at real estate investing in USA. My goal is to purchase properties below market value for a buy and hold for... Hey BP a friend pointed me in the direction of Memphis and said that it is where I should be looking at my next round of investment properties. Hi- I am interested to invest in Memphis, and would like to meet with other Memphis based investors. Is there any online meeting I can join from out of state?

I am investigating multiple markets and turnkey companies to narrow down where to make my first investment. I had a great conversation with Curt Davis and really considering working with BuyMemphisNow. For reasons that I cannot disclose in this forum I would first loan like to know the top few things that you struggle with in regards to property management companies. Hey helpful people, I know that in some states property tax is higher on a rental property than an owner occupied.

My wife and I are here in Chatt for the long haul and would love to build a relationship with a local banker. If you are a land agent in the area I would love to chat with you about this. Ive never purchased land before and I have concerns about zoning, topography, access, Bears lol, impact fees, and those kinds of things to... I have purchased a few properties florida payday loans at tax sale for flipping. Hi Yall,Looking to get connected with an experienced commercial broker in Chattanooga. Hello BP members,I am an OOS investor based in CA looking at new construction vs rehabbing existing propertiesI had a few questions:1. Looking for recommendations on home inspectors for rental properties. I was just introduced to BP through a friend and I am looking forward to engaging with the investors group here.

I just wanted to give everyone a quick intro about myself and both learn more... Looking to sub out some work on a new investment in the north shore area.

I have a GC that I am using most of the time for my rehabs, but I also want to develop a list of reliable backups when the need arises. I am trying to find more information on the specific...

We manage around 300 units in the Chattanooga area, and we are looking for a general contractor that can help us with general work around the properties we manage when we acquire a new property, or... Chattanooga continues to transform as a tech city in the Southeast. In mid-November, it was selected as a G20 smart city alliance city. To quote the press release this will help "kickstart adoption of the roadmap, the... I currently have my lawn cut twice per month (in Red Bank) , I wanted to ask whether you think there is... Does anyone have a recommendation for a great lender in the area?

I live in Florida so greatly appreciate any feedback... Looking to expand my out of state rental portfolio... There is a bunch of waste space on the side of the lot that would be perfect for a new property. Hello everyone, I have been seriously looking at properties in Chatt and target at properties with good cash flow for rental.

I have passed on a few properties in 37412 (southern part of East Ridge) and 37411 (Sunshine...

Hi Everyone-Hoping to be pointed in the right direction. What have you found is the best way to find off market deals in Knoxville?

Wholesalers, foreclosures, driving for dollars, direct mail, agents, etc? Looking to house hack a small multifamily (2-4 units) or SF with ADU soon. Who are your core 4 in the Knoxville area: (1) Realtor, (2) Lender, (3) Contractor, (4)... Hi, my wife and I are just starting out with expanding into long distance investing in the Knoxville area, so looking to build a team and get some local advice. Two questions we have to start:- Our original approach... Hey all-Hoping to hook up with a REI group in the area to help me in my journey. My family will be relocating easy installment loans to the area (May) after my oldest gets done with his school year. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good, investment-minded realtor in the Knoxville area?

Any additional details would be great - What kinds of properties were you looking for and in what... Given that I am zoned for RN-1, am I legally allowed to use this house as a duplex?... Hi all, looking to hire an inspector for an older duplex property built in the 1930s. Hi guys,I would like to purchase multi-family properties in the Knoxville area and am looking for anyone with local real estate experience to help. How can start realestate the easy way with no money?

Is wholesale lease option I believe where get finders fee for finding property or is any other options? I will be graduating college this upcoming year and moving to Knoxville in summer of 2021. I have seen report on economic outlooks in Las Vegas and Austin.