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I never wear the square and the knot and those boring ones. So I have all these different cuff links for different themes, different days, different activities.

But I absolutely love French cuff shirts and I love cuff links. And I only wear them when I wear pants and real shoes, which is probably every three years.

Mark:Working in tech, I can show up in T-shirt and jeans. Mark:You can go to my website, thecareertoolkitbook. And from there, if you hit the buy button you can see places to buy. We ran out of our entire first print within two weeks. The last couple hundred just got shipped to Amazon. And the Kindle book is available and other electronic books you can of course buy. Resources if you want to build a training program within your own organization or with friends of yours. So for anybody listening or watching this, go check out our show notes for all of those links. Mark, thank you so much for being payday loans fort collins here, for sharing your expertise, your wisdom, all the amazing things you do. Congratulations on the release of The Career Toolkit. Absolutely loved that episode and there are a couple of points I want to reiterate once again because I thought they were just gold.

Also loved how he apply online personal loan put networking in the framework of seeing your network as an extension of yourself. So not just what you are able to do to provide value, but what you and your contacts are able to do to offer expertise, offer knowledge, offer services and value to other people. And I think for me the biggest takeaway from this episode was just the networking piece and the things that we can be doing better to be better networkers and really build our network and 2000 loan bad credit no guarantor take care of our network.

And I think his tip about when it comes to networking focus on health, wealth, and family, those are the things people like to talk about, that little tip right there is going to make a big difference in my life. Everybody, thank you for tuning in again this week and we will see you next week or hear you or you will hear us or see us. Carol:Now get out there and connect a couple of your contacts today.

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So how do you make a product that accomplishes this to the fullest extent? Today we talk to Ben Foster, founder of Prodify and Chief Product Officer at WHOOP. Ben has been in this space for a long time, working with big names like eBay and Opower. Companies that tend to do well with products are the companies that have a core competency and then build out from it. Great products also take market input from the customers that matter most. J:Welcome to a real world MBA from the school of hard knocks, where entrepreneurs reveal what it really takes to make it. Scott, here again this second or third week of the new year. And our family themes this year are health, simplicity in time affluence. The 66 Super Scott has me drinking a gallon of water a day and walking a whole lot and biking a whole lot and eating healthy. And one of the good things is this show today, we have actually a really fun show. And he is the chief product officer at a company called WHOOP. He is the founder of a product management advisory practice called Prodify. And he is the ez payday loan co-author of an amazing book that was just released a few months ago, called Build What Matters. And private lenders personal loans today, we talk all about products and how companies who create products can do it better and more successfully. We talk all about what makes great products and what makes not so great products. And we spend time talking about some of the products we love and why those great products are so awesome, and what you can be doing to build awesome products, just like some of those products that we love. J:Now, for you entrepreneurs who actually create products ez payday loan or have a product company or want to create a product company, we also talk about how to improve our product businesses, including things like, what is the biggest mistake most product entrepreneurs make? Ben tells us the three core things product entrepreneurs need to focus on to be successful building their companies. Anyway, an amazing discussion today about products.

If you want to learn more about Ben, if you want to learn more about his company, WHOOP, his company, Prodify, or his book, Build What Matters, check out our show notes at BiggerPockets. Carol:Ben, welcome to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast. We have so been looking forward to chatting with you.

So can you cash advance loans online no credit check give us just a little bit of your background? So a little over 20 years ago, I got into the wonderful world of product management through the technology space. I mean, there were so many opportunities to get hired to these amazing companies. And thankfully, I was able to get sucked into that whole world, and learned a ton really early on. And I really wanted to just apply that to a variety of different startups, sometimes some larger companies as well. And really had some great successes, some really miserable failures along the way as well. Ben:And then in 2010, after having worked at a number of different technology companies, I moved from Silicon Valley over to the DC area, worked at a company called Opower.

We ez payday loan took that public for about a billion-dollar valuation in 2014.

And then after that, I created my own advisory practice trying to help other companies with some of the things that I had picked ez payday loan up over the years in product management, to try to help to make them successful as well. And I had the good fortune of working with about 40 or 50 companies through an advisory practice called Prodify that I had established. Ben:And when I felt like it was about time to be done with that and I really wanted to get back into direct hands-on operational roles myself, to lead product again at a company, I decided to hand the keys of that advisory practice over to somebody who had been working with me for a little bit of that time, who does a great job of running that advisory practice, and still lives on today.

And then we coauthored a book together to make sure that we had the right thoughts, that we could put those things down on paper that we can share with the broader community. I would like to set the ez payday loan stage for our community even more, Ben. Can you give us a little bit of insight of, what is the difference between a product company and a service company? And the second part of that question is, what does product include as far as, is it just physical products or can it also be internet type companies or digital products?

Roughly, there are two different pay advance loans kinds of companies out there. There are services companies and there are product companies. And I know you come from a corporate background, tech Silicon Valley background. I did product for a long time, you did product for a long time. But in the corporate world, in the tech world, even in the non-tech world, a lot of companies have this thing called Product with a capital P. Lowercase P product is the actual product that is for sale. So you think about things that are obvious, like Microsoft Word or you think about sometimes an iPhone. Or what about a marketplace product like eBay ez payday loan itself? And so what that leads you to realize is that, wait, the whole easy online loans notion of what a product actually is is fairly complex. Ben:And so all the things that you had referred to, I think are all part of that, like, which features to include, where the product development should be headed next, what kinds of improvements do you want to prioritize?

These are all kinds of questions that product managers are constantly trying to make decisions around. And then, in many ways, their role is to deploy the resources that the company has to maximize the success of that product within the market. And obviously, these are multi-billion dollar companies that have teams of literally hundreds of people that are focused on capital P Product management. What about us as smaller entrepreneurs who are just getting started? Is this whole discipline of product just as important to us? But honestly, sometimes product management is most important when the whole entire company itself is the product.

So all these kinds of questions emerge that are very meaningful and can sometimes be the life or death of a company very early on. And in fact, a lot of the companies that I was advising when I was doing full-time advisory work were companies that were just four people in a garage rather than these monolithic organizations. So you mentioned this term product market fit, and very bad credit payday loans I think that comes up a lot in this space, but like I said, a lot of new entrepreneurs may have never specifically heard of this term or how important it is in determining taking a concept to blast out a product and make it as successful as it can possibly be.