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I recently obtained my real estate salesperson license.

What accounting software do you use for rentals and business?

Commenting on the thread to follow it for future responses! I know Pro Member perks offer some software types for REI specific software solutions. I also know Quikbooks offers a very versatile product for accounting solutions. I was considering QuickBooks since I have used in the past. NY based investor looking to get a vacation home in Florida (tale as old as time, right? I have owned in Windsor Hills before and am considering it again , however, I was hoping to get some insight from owners in other communities in the area. Looking specifically at Windsor Palms, Storey Lake and Reunion.... Just found out about a new type of investing platform called NuuRez. Hi Everyone,My wife and I currently own some STR properties in TN and are looking to expand to the Disney area.

We have narrowed in on buying in Windsor Hills as we feel like the amenities are a nice bonus for... Can our rental hire and pay my husbands company to do repairs on the home, or is that a not allowed? I am looking to purchase a vacation home that I plan on using as a short-term rental. I have done this once before, so know that I will need an investment loan vs a second home loan.

We just bought our first rental property and are looking for someone advance loans that might be willing to share their lease agreement with us. I thought it would be best to start in the Minneapolis forum since they are state... BiggerPockets is excited to introduce its newest book, The Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor! But if you want to succeed in real estate, your tax... I own 2 rental properties, one long-term and one short-term.

With the short term one alone, I work well over 750 hours on it per year. Our tax guy that we really liked and have used for 4 years, up and sold his company and is no longer doing taxes. He did not tell anyone that he was planning on doing this. Our tax guy that we really liked and have used for 4 years, up and sold his company and is no longer doing taxes. He did not tell anyone that he was planning on doing this. We own a short-term vacation rental that we are in the process of selling. About 3 weeks in we got a full price offer and was told by the easy loans to get with bad credit buyers agent it was going to be a...

Easy credit loans

Our buyers private lender said they did not approve his loan due to a low appraisal.

I knew nothing of this, it was never mentioned to me and buyer wants to back out and get escrow money back. If a buyer uses your POF to enter a contract and you then decide you are not going through with the deal... I am looking for someone who can drywall a 500 sq ft basement and can easy loans cashmax payday loans to get with bad credit do it in a couple of weeks (looking to start around May 12th). Just acquired a rental that needs the basement finished and renter wants to move in...

I have an applicant that only meets my 3X rent income requirement when she adds in her child support payment.

Do you allow people to use child support as "income"? I was wondering what everyone gives the prospective renter with the application to fill out.

Do you give them a copy of the lease as well so they can read it over before they apply? I am a general contractor that is beginning to investigate income generating property investment. I have no issues analyzing long term rental deals because it straightforward to forecast stable rental... However, after doing some reading here I am leaning on doing the...

Are most pool cabins being built fiberglass, vinyl liner, or gunite pools?

Has anyone purchased a multi-unit building (around 4-10 units) and done short term rentals in the whole thing? Any issues with multiple groups vacationing at the same time, sharing the... I recently picked up a new property in Virginia Beach. It will be my primary residence in the winter but I want easy loans to get with bad credit to rent it out in the summers, which I spend in Michigan where I grew up.

I easy loans to get with bad credit am completely new to real-estate, but have been thinking about doing short-term rentals through Airbnb for easy loans to get with bad credit quite some time now. I was giving one of my tenants a jump start when I saw another tenant carrying his groceries with both his hands. So I threw snowballs at him while he retreated in to his... Do you become a host early on and have to blackout... Hello, I am fairly new to bigger pockets and this is my first forum question.

I was wondering if anyone has experience with traveling to the Caribbean or buying how long does it take to get a personal loan properties in the Caribbean.

This morning I was checking the plumbing at a house. The supply line to the toilet was starting to freeze so I put a space heater on it.

I lifted the lid to payday loan assistance programs the tank to check water flow and saw someone had written... Hello everyone,My wife, brother, and I want to easy loans to get with bad credit get into short term rentals in our area. We are in southwest Michigan on the coast and short term rentals are great for our area. Many years ago I had a bunch of little old ladies with their 2 wheel drive sedans at a 14 unit apartment complex. Whenever there was snow, I would clear the parking lot with a tractor. Hey everyone,My business partner and I are looking to expand our portfolio with the purchase of a vacation rental. Does anyone have any experience with owning a vacation rental AND providing a vehicle for rent along... YOUR ENEMY: To be found on AirBnB with the following how to get money with bad credit qualifications... Hey guys, I have an Airbnb, and come April 1st I will have a 2nd one.

I wanted to see if there is a specific place to buy bedding, towels, things in that nature, or if there are any sites specifically for buying... Has anyone had experience with this type of market? We had our first guest this weekend and were hit by a snowstorm on the Washington coast. Powers been out for 12 hrs with crews still working on it with no ETA. Please make sure you are on a desktop or laptop computer and in a Google Chrome browser. Once you have click the link at the bottom of the post, you will be in the Audience. If this is your first time on the site, you may need to request permissions. Once your settings are dialed in, you can enter your name and select whether you are wearing headphones or not. We highly recommend wearing headphones as this will improve audio quality, and reduce any potential feedback or echo (plus it will where to get a loan with bad credit make your host happy! You will be able to interact with the host when they let you into the recording. We will cycle through as many callers as possible during the recording! She wants us to manage the property and to provide monthly reporting. Do not let the initial setup scare you off, because that is by far the hardest part.

Once you get everything setup and get accustomed to the input methods, you should be able to do what you need to do with no issues.

Personal money loans

There is a lot of stuff online to help you get easy loans to get with bad credit it setup correctly, or you can pay an accountant to get it set up correctly (many people believe it is well worth the money). I have been a wholesaler for a few years and want to learn how to transition into owning properties for... I have been a wholesaler for a few years and want to learn how to transition into owning properties for...

Looking for information on where to being to find Hard Money Lenders here in the valley of the sun. Just starting out with long term holds on SFH rentals. Anyone have experience with PolicyGenius or other websites to get a quick quote?... My name is LUCA and I am a 16 YEAR OLD ROOKIE INVESTOR from Seattle, Washington. I am looking to purchase a single family condo in the city as a short term rental.

Hi all,I wanted to get a few suggestions if possible on value add investing.

This question my be very general, but what are the pros and cons... What do you guys recommend I should do to go about this the right way?

Going thru divorce and now I have to figure out what to do for me and my son.

I see that many real estate investors use the brrrr method but my question is on the rehab part. Is there a certain limit on repairs that deems a house as to far to fix?

Hi everyone, I am new to investing and I was just wondering how everyone determines that a neighborhood would be a good investment or not. For instance on what your looking for like vacancy rates, jobs, crime... Hello everyone, Im new to bigger pockets and was just wondering how everyone gets an idea of rehab costs of a property before you put it under contract? Hello all I am relocating from ny to Florida (beveard cash advance loans near me county) I found a home that needs some work it is an as is by owner.

Dear BP family,I was wondering, which book would you recommend I should read to improve my negotiating skills. It seems to me I could use some help with price, terms and deals negotiations.