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If not, please feel free to send me an email and we can discuss this further. I am a real estate agent from Toronto, Canada and I am wondering if any of you know how to succeed in real estate business? I am doing my best that I can and helping people to find their dream house, teaching theme the basics of real estate.

But still, there are so many people who envy the success that the others are having. It takes a long time to build up a client base, contacts in the industry and strategies that work for you and your customers. Real estate is not a get rich quick scheme, whether an investor, seller or agent, and it takes time and effort to get there. My question is, how does one classify a temporary structure as opposed to a permanent one and what are the steps one should take to legally remove parking bays temporarily to make a redevelopment possible? We do not receive an introduction fee when arranging finance because the developer will approach us with senior lending. If not, please feel free to send me an email and we can discuss this further.

I have some knowledge of the Scottish property market and have seen a significant increase in the number of fixed rate easy loans online no credit check loans self catering lodges and holiday homes. While there is obviously significant expenditure buying the easy loans online no credit check property and furniture, the running costs seem fairly minimal on a self-catering basis? I actually think the running costs can be quite high compared to BTL as there is a larger turn over and cleaning e.

We get about twice the rent even after all extra servicing costs are considered so it can be very worthwhile if you get it right... I think owners would need to self-manage their properties to minimise costs and maximise profits. This is fairly easy if you are local but if you start investing in self-catering properties away from your area I guess this has a number of challenges. Is there an argument for scaling up the number of self catering lodges you have thereby spreading the cost across more properties, increasing your income and maybe selling out in due course? From my limited knowledge of this market, investors are not necessarily interested in buying one self catering lodge, they would rather buy a number in one transaction.

I know of self catering lodges in Scotland which are booked up every weekend but struggle to fill weekdays. I would have thought the corporate market should be a target for both weekday and weekend markets? Managed correctly, and designed to appeal to the correct type of client, I think self catering lodges can be mini cash cows. There is also a premium available for many lodges which are situated in some easy loans online no credit check of the beautiful areas of Scotland. I recently bought a property at auction, and had a mortgage agreed in principle before the auction. Under the terms of the auction, I have 20 working days to complete the property purchase. In the eventuality that the mortgage lender fails to arrange the mortgage in time for the direct pay day lenders best short term loans online auction property that I purchased, would it be possible to complete the purchase by the deadline using cash first whilst waiting for the mortgage to be completely arranged? If you have sufficient cash then that should not be a problem - similar to easy loans online no credit check a bridging loan type arrangement before you receive your mortgage funds. There should be a strict timescale for the mortgage if it was agreed in principle so there should not really be any issues but as you say you never know. I think in these situations you need to confirm with your mortgage provider that they will have the funds ready within the agreed timescale. The whole point of agreeing the deal in principle is that the funds are pretty much ready when you need them. You would have thought all of the hard work had already been done in checking your financials and your identification before offering you a mortgage in principle? Mortgage companies deal with auction transactions on a regular basis so surely they must be aware of the relatively tight timescale?

Does anybody have any experience in this particular field?

How did you find the auction process and did the property live up to expectations?

A number of critics of the capitalist system have suggested that unused land should be compulsory purchased by the courts and resold to those looking to develop houses.

What would this do to sentiment in the investment markets? Why would anybody invest in land if there was a chance it could be compulsory purchase?

Although there land is purchased before it is given development permission, so most of the uplift goes to the council who then spend it on trams and such. I dont think the authorities can make best use of a free market economy and then look to cherry pick the bits they want to control. If the authorities started reclaiming unused land this would add another risk to investing in the UK which would mean investors demanding a greater return on their investment. Prices would either need to magic installment loans fall or overall investment would fall. Of course if investors where looking elsewhere for their returns, and prices were falling. If that is better or not probably depends on your political leanings. If housing supply kept up with demand there would not be enough renters to go round. All those BTL mortgages would collapse or the houses would have to be sold off to pay the outstanding value. That way the way to make profit is to build homes as fast as possible. Which is probably why they can build houses sin 24 hours I see what you are saying but many developers hold land for years - I dont think they would appreciate paying to hold undeveloped land.

Also, any additional charges would just be passed on to their customers. Simply adding the price to customers is not what happens elsewhere in a land tax system.

Alternatively you could simply allocate enough other options.. This would no doubt lead to many leaving the more affordable end of the UK housing market.

I for one would not trust the government of the day (any day) to be in charge of building houses in the UK if easy payday loans no credit check the private sector was not able to supply enough affordable new builds. The video above shows that a house can be printed with minimal labour. One (unattended) robot produces one house in 24 hours. It only needs to be relocated to each site, and refilled.

Good point but if it is so simple, why are we not using these systems in the UK today - well at least to a level where anyone is even aware of them being used?

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A large segment of house owners are in favour of conservatives because house prices go up when they are elected. Easiest way to keep valuations up is to constrain demand. So they should of got votes form non-home owners however that means less valuation for home owners. Affordable housing means that there has to be a crash in current valuations or wages have to rise massively. A look at mobile phones is instructive, there was no political motivation. Now there are so many that they are given away wto get people to get the contracts(where the value is) Its a shame that political parties are allowed to influence the housing, left or right leanings, but then again they make the rules when in power so what chance have we really got?

I presume they must have a fairly close relationship with the major banks and see repossession sales on a regular basis? Cosy up to the banks and see if you can buy direct off them rather than putting them through an auction. The Internet has opened up a whole different world for real estate investors and many properties now appear on the Internet with an array of photographs and very often in-house videos. However, would you buy a property after only viewing on the Internet or do you still believe it is vital to visit the property? Personally, I think it is very trusted payday loans online dangerous to buy a property without actually visiting not only the property itself but the area. The InterNET is a powerful too for buying a property. To me property buying requires the need to check out the site and really see it for yourself. That way, you can correctly assess whether this property is a good buy or not. Yes it is absolutely not advisable to just see the images on web of the property and pay them for the property.