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Hello All,Extremely new member with interests in starting an investment career in MA. Currently a Loan Originator but want to produce a portfolio for long term income.

MA seems to be potentially difficult due to high... I am currently stuck on the Screening process when I am reviewing applications. I am having a hard time trying to find a good tenant screening service that works best for Massachusetts and is... Hi,I have a 3 unit house where there are 3 dryers mounted to 1 big exhaust in the basement. Hi, I was originally trying to buy a two-family in a good school district to househack, but the market is too hot now that I do not feel like overpaying those move-in condition properties.

I have seen the various incentives and programs for solar but have been overwhelmed with the various companies, programs, and direct lenders for bad credit loans options. Hi, would like to get a few referrals for accountant to help with taxes with extensive knowledge on what can be deducted or depreciated when househacking. We bought our first duplex this past May and have been living in... What are the best cities to wholesale around the Northshore area? I just started and wanted to see what you can recommend. I intend to live there for 2 years and then rent it for 3. Having lived in it for 2 of the last 5 years i would be... Can you use a MassHousing loan to finance a rental property for a single family home? The Masshousing loans in Massachusetts seem to have some great benefits for first time homebuyers but has anyone used direct lenders for bad credit loans one to finance...

I recently purchased a multifamily and now one apartment is vacant for renovations.

Lead paint status is unknown, but a year built is 1900. Before calling a lead inspection i wanted to get some idea of what need to be... Is there anyone familiar with the Masshousing loans? What are the loan limits for Boston, Waltham, Salem? Noticing a consistent rise in Holyoke multi-family property values, I... Hi All,I am wondering if anyone has used Mass Save for a rental property. We bought a duplex a few months ago and we are living in one unit and renting the other. We inherited the tenant and they are currently paying... New BP member and, Like most people nowadays, I live check to check. Seeking wholesalers to network with in the Chicago area. We are fix and flip investors looking for several fix and flips. Thanks,Dave I am a real estate investor in Peoria with one duplex and one single family home so far but want to keep paid day loan growing. Looking to connect with some other real estate investors in the area!

If tenant would like a lease to own, should we look at asking more per... In my opinion, population growth, job diversity, supply demand, and a few other markers are making me feel okay with investing in MFH in this... I have been having problems with getting certs from the city for my closings. My budget has allowed for 12,000 mailers over a 6 month period (2,000 per month) with repeat mailings.

It has taken me a few months, but here goes myfirst post on BP. One of my goals is to connect with more local investors inthe NW suburbs area. Just curious to see if anyone else is investing in this area. If anyone works in this area there might be opportunity for collaboration or at least war-story exchange. Hello BP family,I am in the process of buying a portfolio with 12 properties (7 Single-Family Rentals, 1 Duplex, 1 Triplex, 1 Fiveplex) located throughout Kankakee, IL, and need assistance with comps in the local area... I currently have an Airbnb guest who booked for 28 days which here in Illinois is still a short term rental.

REI will be a part time endeavor for a few years while I continue my career in advertising. I am looking towards retirement in a few years and like the BRRRR concept. Can anyone tell me what their rehab consisted of in this price... Venezuela outlawed ownership of more than 2 properties. Living in Illinois (currently) I am concerned about taxes.

What is the realistic minimum amount down on a duplex? If they are located in the Chicagoland area, that would be an added bonus but... Hello,I am looking for info from those who may have purchased property in Zion, IL in the past year or so (which I expect few actually have). An owner of mine is leaving the business and selling off all his interests... I was just seeing if there was anyone on here that lives in or near this area to possibly talk real estate and the market in this area. Hello,I am from Bolingbrook, IL but currently live in Washington, DC and wanted to invest out of state in the Chicagoland Area(mostly in the Bolingbrook, Naperville, Aurora, Lisle area). Is any one familiar with the Sanford Maine Rental market?

Interested in some properties and would love to connect. It seems like there is an excessive amount of MFH on the market. Hello Investors, I am new to Maine and I heard that next week the Maine Real Estate and development association is holding its annual conference. Usually it is a big event with the opportunity to connect with local... I am planning to move out of my SFH in the Back Bay area of Portland, ME and would like to rent it out in early summer 2021.

Anyone have a great property manager they have worked with and recommend? Looking for a recommendation for a Sales Agent Course in Maine...

I am currently in the final stages of a live-in rehab on a duplex that I am planning to BRRR. This will continue to be my primary residence and is currently under a commercial loan. I have a hard money loan and the third party appraisal company cant appraises until November needs to close on the 26th. Outline of my situation: Flood insurance premiums are rising... I currently have investments in lewiston ME, and my personal residence in Gray. Hi BP,My husband how to get a small personal loan with bad credit and I are both in our 20s and work remotely in the tech sector. We have been renting on the peninsula for the past 6 years, and recently we decided to look into buying and owner-occupying a...

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Currently has an ancient oil boiler which is at least 50 years old, held together by duct tape and unmentionables. Hi everyone I just started getting into the wholesaling business and wondering how the market is in Maine? Also is there anybody that I can connect and network with willing to learn the ropes? Is anyone interested in a Zoom meeting for investors in Maine?

I noticed that posts about investing in Maine are all over the forums, and I thought I would start a forum to give everyone who is interested in Maine a place to go for information and comments. Does anyone know where I can find a boilerplate self-storage lease agreement in the state of Maine?

Hi, I am looking for resonably priced yet dependable and professional contractors in the MidCoast area.

Hi All,I thank everyone in advance for their feedback. Just as a microlending websites forward, I have read through the other forums on this topic (specific to Maine) and would still appreciate... Any contacts for loan officer who actually understands BRRR? I want to decide how i spend funds not be micro managed by lender... I have a question for the Mainers familiar with the Bangor to Old Town area.

If you would either comment that I can DM you or DM me...

I am curious if anyone has suggestions about a good real estate attorney and CPA firms. All Wichita investors,I came to the realization that I have not lived in Wichita for nearly 10 years.

I am looking at expanding my range of investment and I have been looking at the Leavenworth KS area. The data below is from the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors for Jackson County MO. They must responsive, punctual, clearly lay it fees, communicate with me if something goes wrong with collecting rent and their solutions, laying out... I noticed the enrolment for K State is down, I have seen this from the vacancies in Aggieville and many students vacated after Covid-19 in March. I live out of state and own lot of properties here but I did graduate from...

I will only be buying investment and selling properties for existing clients. As part of working on building my team in the area as an Out Of State Investor, I am...

My name is Tonye Jack, and I am from Long Island, New personal loans hawaii York. I am working with a family in Kansas that owns a house together with an aging parent. The house was titled and recorded as JTWROS as intended and required by the mortgage banker. I have 2 houses zoned multi and just bought the 2 next door.

I have recently put my rental property into an LLC and my lawyer is suggesting I have them file my annual report to make sure everything is done correctly and timely. I have briefly looked into the steps involved in... It seems most activity on the site for Kansas stems from around Wichita and Kansas City, with little discussion of Salina. I live in Salina and am curious if there is much outside interest in real estate...

Currently own direct lenders for bad credit loans one single family rental near the University of Kansas and am beginning to look for my second deal (preferably multi-family).

Jackson County Missouri tax assessments went out and some property owners saw huge increases - were talking CRAZY HUGE SPIKES for some. The deadline to appeal was June 24th, but it may not be too late as it seems... I am an out of state investor, just about to get my first SFH :)I would greatly appreciate PM recommendation. The 2 most important things to me are trustworthiness and great service experience working with... Some are saying Kansas has better returns (cash on cash and cash flow). Is there anybody here that invests or analyze both Indianapolis and Kansas market that can... Just started my inspection period for a SFH in Raytown (my first time! I am in Michigan in the metro Detroit, Ann Arbor area looking for contacts that are willing to share knowledge and give...

I grew up in Grand Rapids and Grand Haven until I graduated from GVSU in 2018 and moved to Scottsdale, AZ for 2 years. I am now back payday loan direct in Michigan, and bought a house in North Muskegon. Looking for opportunities in Detroit area or Grand Rapids for Wholesale or Long term rentals.

Can anyone suggest best areas to start looking, and what to look for?

Muskegon looks to be turning things around over the last several years with some interesting new economic development plans in the works.

Anyone investing in Muskegon willing to share their experiences regarding tenant... A non-US citizen friend is interested to partner with me to short term lenders purchase a rental property in the Detroit metropolitan area.

I just got started in real estate investing a few months ago.

I live in Holt, MI just by Lansing, Michigan so investors in the area are...

My husband and I are educating ourselves and wanting to get started in real estate investing. Hi all,I am currently invested in Grand Rapids, but exploring a few other areas of Michigan. I have targeted Kalamazoo, and would love to speak with a local agent who direct lenders for bad credit loans has good experience with the investment landscape.... Hi everyone,Anyone who regularly invests in same day payday loans no credit checks Michigan please message me.

Looking to build relationships with like minded people and expand my network of investors. Whether your in my area in south east Michigan or not...

Specifically the downriver areas (Wyandotte, Lincoln Park, Taylor, etc).

Been tracking zip codes closely since COVID hit and have noticed a huge divergence in listing activity in St Clair Shores. People are starting to dump properties there for some reason. I recently expanded my investing footprint to include Muskegon, MI. Just curious if anyone has invested in short term rentals in cities like South Haven, Saugatuck, Pentwater, etc. I have two vacant lots in Jackson County area and one in the Schoolcraft County.