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Based on the information in my post would you have any ideas or strategies I should research to develop a successful game plan? My next investment would be a primary residence for the first year, which I would eventually turn into a rental.

I have not reported any rental income on taxes yet because it has been so recent and I have not had a full tax year to report. I have yet to get a understanding on what to expect in the future and how I can overcome these objections Unfortunately, if you own a rental property in Denver (or Colorado Springs or anywhere) but you do NOT own and live in a primary residence, lenders cannot count that rental income toward your income.

But lenders will also start counting your income generated by that property.

Once you have your first 2 years in, even with just one rental, I believe any new ones count right away, not 2-yr wait on each one, as you are now showing you are a seasoned landlord, so it gets easier.

Do you have a current tenant with an executed lease?

Depending on when the unit was placed in service and what your Schedule E looks like, you may be able to use the income to qualify. Pull your own credit reports from the 3 bureaus and tell the lender to provide you a written preliminary analysis and pre-approval based on what you provided. There are some good lenders (I know one in Colorado) out there but I trust most lenders slightly less than I trust corner store sushi.

Unfortunately, if you own a rental property in Denver (or Colorado Springs or anywhere) but you do NOT own and live in a primary residence, lenders cannot count that rental income toward your income. But lenders will also start counting your income generated by that property.

Condos in Denver and Colorado Springs are a relative deal. I am no expert but I found this video to provide some really great insight (and maybe even a little hope? And the issue is there is no hard evidence getting a loan on how often you can pull reports before the ding has longer lasting effects. Congratulations for taking the next steps in your real estate journey! We, at BiggerPockets, believe that a Pro membership can truly help you achieve incredible results in your life. Looking for some information on buying property through direct payday lenders no credit check bank foreclosure. I have a property owner who just wants to deed me his property for a fee and have me do the short sale without his involvement at all. I typed in Keycheck to see if I could find anything on the tenant screening platform in the forums and nothing came up.

Anyways I was just trying to get some opinions if anyone has used...

Hi BP,I have been saving for a number of years to buy my first property. Back in June i purchased a property on an auction website. I am in the early stages of real estate and am currently trying to learn how to analyze deals. Right now I am trying to figure out exactly where all of the expenses come from. Can a homeowner in foreclosure accept money and quit claim deed direct lenders bad credit loans their property? And then can that new homeowner try to do a short sale with the bank and direct lenders bad credit loans be the buyer and essentially the seller? I am in escrow on a home with multiple liens that nearly went into foreclosure. I have been in escrow since March 2020 and cannot get escrow to give me a final pay off. Could anyone provide me with their own insight or knowledge of these in terms of pros and cons or the general process? We were looking to wholesale the deal to an end buyer, and immediately we found one.

Both contracts were signed and sent to the title... I currently know a mitigator, but the fee he wants is 4 times higher than the one I used 3 or 4 years ago.

I am in negotiations with a personal representative of an estate to purchase a home owned by the estate.

I know standard policy of a short sale is that seller cannot be allotted any funds by... Has anyone had success with Digital Signatures paycheck advance locations on Short Sale paperwork? I rarely use digital signatures on short sale paperwork, and more often than not, the lender will make us redo the documents with digital... Looking to purchase a home in probate, that is underwater and being foreclosed on, and to top it all off, no executor...

Hi everyone,Any recommendations on buying short sale homes? I am just beginning to learn about it and would instant online loans no paperwork like to situate myself for possible opportunities in the future. I have an awesome short sale opportunity on a house that is being foreclosed on two houses away from me. Can anyone provide sound advice or point me in the...

Does anyone has experience buying Bankruptcy Trustee Short sales? I just started stepping my foot into Real Estate Investing. I am very close to closing on a short sale and just ran into a huge brick wall with the mortgage. They said they wont approve it now unless the foundation and roof are fixed first. I have a property under contract and the agent has submitted an cost estimate, appraisal (which came exceptionally high) and comps to the bank.

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This forum is for people who need advice in helping them out and we will NOT allow members to post solicitations, ads, or other kinds of promotions here. Any suggestions on how to approch complete stranger that is facing foreclosure? I bought a property in January 07 2021 at an Auction Sale (trustee deed) at the court steps, the property is located in Victorville Ca.

When I installment loans in alabama did a title search the property had a no direct lenders bad credit loans dollar amount lien from the city... I have dealt with pretty much every good and bad situation in the RE game of life.

Ok so my mother sold a house we had upstate New York 8 years ago. Due to many complications, we fell into default with the 2nd lien... Can some one suggest a skip tracing company, to get good contact info. Thank you in advance :) BP Community,I am a novice investor in Orlando, FL who is interested in learning how to purchase properties undergoing foreclosure at auction. The direct lenders bad credit loans terms "novice investor" and "foreclosure at auction" do not sound very... We bought a foreclosure home, the closing was in September. The old owners are still living at the property and... The outside of the house doesnt look bad but im not certain on the inside. There is a home down cash loan bad credit the street from us that is in pre-foreclosure due to a reverse mortgage. It was supposed to go to auction before coronavirus, lockdown, and this moratorium on foreclosures, so now it seems...

I am a Bigger Pockets Pro member and I receive the Bigger Pockets foreclosure emails. When I try and view the information about the properties sent to me it acts like I need to pay more to see them. Hey BP, I wanted to see if anyone could share any insights into finding a list of homes in a specific area that are in the pre-foreclosure process (before bank owned). Thanks The market in our area is so hot houses are selling before they hit the market or with 5-10 direct lenders bad credit loans offers on day one. So when I was able to obtain a private showing of a house in my neighborhood before it went on the market... I have read a couple of books about auctions but they were not specific to my state and I know that the laws vary by state. If planning on buying at an auction I know there are a few things to research first. Hello Everyone,Before this long question, I want to thank everyone here for helping people like me out.

My Aunt purchased her home around 2004-2005 in New Jersey.

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I was wondering if anyone knew if there was an equivalent of the 1031 exchange for Canadians that want to sell their properties and buy into...

Hi BP Experts, I am working with my first 1031 exchange and am looking for some advice. Hi, trying to figure out logistically how to go about this plan. According to Greg Hughes, Hughes Capital buys and manages low-end rentals. You can buy some of their houses to satisfy your 1031 requirements but still receive the aggregate... Hi Anybody is aware of software tax service that supports section 121 exclusion for the tax-free boot? Howdy all - first time poster here, and thanks to any who offer advice. I own several rental properties (one in NJ and two in AZ), and am preparing to sell one (NJ). I know First Tech and PenFed are, but they both have a limit of 4 financed payday loans in denver investment properties,... If seller of the replacement property accepts my offer now (contingent on payday loans san diego the... Has anyone done a 1031 exchange at a foreclosure auction or any other type of auction? In direct lenders bad credit loans most counties in my area you have until 5pm the day of the sale to pay for... I just sold an investment property that I received through a foreclosure a few months prior. Potentially have an opportunity to buy a 6 unit apartment building well below market value. Can I roll over my profits from the flip into an... I know the general taxes involved (long-term capital gains, state income tax in GA (I think), depreciation recapture). I am doing a 1031 into a new investment property and want to add my business partner. Three years ago, my husband and I did a 1031 tax exchange for a rental property.

The property is still a rental property and will continue to be, at least for the forseeable future, but I would like to put the property... Hey everyone, I would like some feedback on this scenario.

I own a property worth 95kWant to buy a portfolio of 9 properties at 800k. I am a member-manager of an LLC which owns a property that I would like to 1031 exchange into another property and then move into. Hello,My parents have a rental property for the past 10 years (purchased in 2010). They are wanting to sell it this year, but it is in a trust.

They want to sell it for two townhomes where one will be paid off and one...