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What do you think about the SE area as an investment? The pro formas I have looked at from my turnkey provider for... I am looking to buy land to build spec homes and flip in this HOT market. There are quite a lot of lots for sale, I will buy one waterfront but which is the best area for the money now? I am an investor looking to buy my first investment property at the Cape Coral approved loans area. In my research of the area and looking at different properties in the area, there were a set of things I have come across and I was... My husband and I are interested in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area.

We currently have under contract a property that we intent to flip in Cape Coral. Hello,Does anyone have any tips on how to find probate leads? Hello, my name is Stephen Peterson, my wife Meg and I are researching and looking to mainly buy and hold multi families in the Fort Myers area. We are open to any areas around in the Lee, Collier counties. My family will be moving out of the general area and will soon be putting a Triplex we have in Cape Coral on the open market.

I own a quadplex with a huge end unit I am considering converting into 2 smaller units for additional cashflow. Bit of background - The property is in a commercial area and I believe at one point in time was a hair... I am looking to buy vacant land in Cape coral to start building single family homes.

Is there anything specific to look for when analyzing land deals in cape coral? I have five Short Term Rentals (STRs) in the Disney World Area and would like to diversify.

I live in Colorado but have done okay as an out of state investor.

I cheapest loans manage the bookings but need a good team on the ground....

Hello, I have a family member who owns a few rentals properties in Cape Coral. Currently they are title in the name of that person. We have talked cheapest loans a few times about changing the ownership to entities. Hi All, I am looking to work with a CPA that is very proficient with real estate investors and the strategies that can save us as much money as possible come tax time and offering advice throughout the year with... I have a full time job and a growing family that I want to... Very general question here hope to get some guidance for a start... Are there any virtual meetups going on right now in Orlando, Florida?

I live in Orlando and have been investing out of state. I would be interested in investing closer to home and would love to connect and trade... Looking for guidance on investing in airbnb property in Orlando. Up to 500k but would be happy with smaller investment to put our toes in the water.

Would love to here from investors who could give... We are potentially considering the possibilities about move to the Orlando and surrounding county areas.

With the idea of purchasing a primary residence to live in (with idea of AirBnb one of our rooms), then turning... Hi my name is Alyssa and I am looking to buy a property in Orlando this year. Does anyone have any experience in the Orlando area and want to share their experience? I cheapest loans am out of state investor looking to buy a rental Single family home in the Orlando area. I am planning to buy property built after 1990s so... I would like to try to be within a 30 minute drive to Disney... I am a new investor coming to Florida looking to purchase a rental property in the Orlando area. Hello friends,My wife and I intend to purchase a vacation home in Orlando, with the goal of being near Disney. I am working on analyzing properties and would like some feedback on my numbers. The area seems a little run down, which i think is due to the lack of HOA. Hi, I am looking for advice on Emerald Island resort, STR property in Kissimmee, Fl. If anyone has experience with owning in that area or in that complex, I would love to hear your experience. Just passed my real estate sales associate exam and looking into brokerages. Hello all, we are closing in on a single family investment property in Davenport, Florida and looking for instant loans with bad credit a great short-term-rental property management company.

Any recommendation for a very reliable full service agency? Hi everyone,I cheapest loans recently got insurance renewals on a couple of properties I own and manage in the Disney area. Most of my rentals renewed at the same price as before, with 1 house increasing by a few dollars a month, and...

I am a licensed Loan officer in the state of Florida.

I work with Luxe Mortgage Lending in Winter Park, Florida. If there is anything I can do to help with financing needs, please... I am looking for real estate business advisors in Orlando.

Can anybody recommend one that is not overly expensive? Is there any legal recourse to get access to escrow accounts and mortgage? Additionally what are some issues that arise regarding occupancy. My wife and I own rental property in NH and had begun getting divorced a few... Hi there,Does anyone here know and have signature loans cheapest loans las vegas experience city loan fast cash working with Realty Medics property management company? I would love to hear your experience and opinion about them. Hi There,I am a budding Real Estate Investor who moved back to the East installment loan for bad credit Coast (Boston) due to my familiarity with the area and wants to start in the market. While I understand that this market, in particular, is a... Hello everyone,My name is Arley Londono Jr, a new member to the BiggerPockets community based in South Florida.

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Earlier this week I came across someone speaking about the method of Wholesaling as their primary way of...

Connect with investor-friendly agents who can help you land your next deal. As local experts, they know the Atlanta market inside and out and can evaluate properties... I apologize in advance because this is going to be a little long winded. So long story short my wife and I are originally from Florida and are planning on moving back within the next few months. Out of state investor looking to JV with someone local.

I have everything in place for our first acquisition and want to maximize my efficiencies with a local partner. Hi Everybody, I am a new investor in the Atlanta area. My business partner and I have been very active in the CA market and I just moved to Atlanta and we would like to invest in this market.

Hello everyone, first off I want to say how awesome it is to be a part of the BiggerPockets community! I am currently a student-athlete at Middle Tennessee State University. Good morning,I am seeking out good insights on the Atlanta market for a new Investor and my company Dynasty Home Group. Areas of growth, places we should be looking into, multi-family vs. Hello everyone,I am looking cheapest loans for any advice on how to get into the investment side of real estate in the Atlanta www bad credit loans area. I recently came back from deployment, so I am starting my real estate business back up.

I am a new agent in Atlanta and I am looking for a brokerage to call home. I have talked to metro brokers and they offer a lot of incentives for new agents to help them get started and learn their way.

Im a out of state wholesaler looking to do some deals in SW Atlanta suburbs. Can anyone recommend areas i should look, places i should stay away from things like that. We are thinking of moving to Atlanta from Brooklyn at the end of the year. Instead of buying a more expensive house in the school district we want without having lived there before - were thinking of buying a... Hi BP,I am looking for GC recommendations to run a Homestyle Loan renovation in Atlanta Georgia (Tucker).

The Atlanta Business Chronicle just published an interesting article showing that most of Metro Atlanta has seen double digit year over year rent growth. With pretty much every suburban area of the market seeing an... Any referrals for a CPA in the Atlanta, GA area, preferably one that specializes in real estate?

We usually do our own taxes but things have gotten a bit more complicated over personal loans with no credit history the last year and moving forward, we need... As the title suggests, I was wondering if there is anyone who is actively invested in the Atlanta area real estate market from a distance.

I am new investor currently in the knowledge phase of my RE investing career.

However, I do have a rental property that used to be my primary residence. I am looking to connect with a CPA and an attorney who specilizes in Multi Family syndication. We are placing our recently renovated (2019) home for rent but are having trouble finding comparable homes to use to set a rent price.

Most of the homes in the area (Oakland City, SW Atlanta) are 3bd homes, and ours is... Hi BP,My business partner and I are having a real heck of a time getting a permit approved from the City of Atlanta to start work on a flip. Would anyone with experience getting a permit from the city be open to a... Hello all,I am a new REI investor in the Greater Atlanta area. My cousin and I are working together to invest in RE. I was initially looking for multifamily deals but the deals have been slim to none so I have expanded... I recently found that the property has to have the Short Term rental... Hello Savannah, I will soon be a Real Estate Agent in Savannah. I have been checking the market out from the sidelines for about an year now. I am looking for a recommendation on a licensed electrician that can help me do a full rewire of my rental house! I am familiar with the trade but do not know everything to code and need some guidance. We purchased a home on WIlmington Island, a very hot housing market area. It has very high liveability scores, high selling homes, and the best schools in the area. Hey guys, I recently closed on a property in Savannah and got some plans drawn up for a 2 car port conversion to a garage and upstairs living space.

Looking to see if there are any fair GCs contractors in the Savannah... I am at a place in life finally where I can devote the time needed to learn. Hello fellow Savannah investors- Up until now, I have focused on LT by-and-hold properties in the Savannah and Pooler areas. I recently purchased a house for rehab and am in need of a good general contractor.

I am looking to purchase a fixer upper house in a Savannah Downtown area. I am in need of Hard Money Lender who quick cash bad credit can help me with the process I am new to real estate investing, I want to buy rental properties in Savannah area, what area around Savannah would have good rental market?

I recently started working with an investment group and we are doubling down in Savannah. I will be buying a small MF in Savannah, GA in the next month or two.

I plan on hacking one of the units for a short time while renting out the other(s) as well as any extra bedrooms in the unit I... I like the potential future for the Savannah market and...