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I believe there is an opportunity here for investors with strong systems and the patience to deal with... I have found a few properties in Birmingham and need to network with someone with boots on the ground since I live in Orlando. Huntsville officials said the social media giant, which also owns Instagram, is... The appraised values are much lower than our purchase price. I wanted to share this article because it was interesting, informative, and encouraging enough to share with my fellow Bigger Pockets members. This article reflects the rebound and upward momentum in the real estate... I am Boston based and would like to get my feet wet. I am new to the area and am looking to invest in Multi-Family Properties. Can anyone help get me started on the Huntsville Market. I have one rental in Birmingham but wanted to expand my search to Huntsville. US Space Command headquarters is heading to Huntsville. Huntsville cheap loans instant decision has the skilled workforce, close to supporting space entities, and it is a cost effective place for companies and citizens... I was wondering what experiences other REIs have had in the Florence, Tuscumbia and Shoals areas of AL. Hi Everyone,Some great information on this forum, thanks to all of the contributors! Trying to figure out the best options for OOS investing in the Huntsville... After finding an HML that will lend where your prospect house is (most will only lend in major metro areas or have steeper rates if they do lend outside metro areas), I would ask these questions:Are you a direct... Recommendations for property manager in Madison, AL? I am more concerned with customer service than prices. I believe this article continues to reinforce that Huntsville is a great choice for investors. Huntsville was the city with the fourth-highest percentage of inbound migration with 70... It is a great time to invest in the Huntsville area market. We continue to see strong economic growth in the area.... I live in Huntsville, AL and I was notified by my credit union that I was approved for a HELOC on my personal residential property. Anyone have any recommendations for investor savvy appraisers in the Huntsville area? Right now I like the idea of one property bringing in more rent vs two properties at a lower...

BiggerPockets Family, I am looking for a CPA that can grow with my family.

If you know a qualified person, please let me know. They must have experience with real estate and military tax strategies and preferably... Looking for information on where to being to find Hard Money Lenders here in the valley of the sun. I was born and raised in San Diego and now work here as a mechanical engineer in the defense industry. Growing up, the concept of "work hard in school, get a degree, and find a well paying job to work at for... Hello,I am looking to buy a home in the Phoenix area using my VA loan. If you are wondering what drives mf rent, noi, cap rate, prices and just about every input, here it is. I am looking at a lot that apparently is in a flood plain area, which is weird since it is surrounded by houses. Apparently it will require FEMA certification before it can be built on. Good Morning,My name is Evan and my wife and I are planning to move to Phoenix in June, 2022.

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I am an active duty service member moving on orders and we are interested in purchasing a multi-family residence. Hi guys,I am looking to buying my first property in Phoenix, AZ. I moved here not that long ago and not familiar with the location much. My parters and I own a STR property management company and also operate a wholesale... Would love to connect with like minded folks including investors.

I have worked on a few acquisitions of multifamily properties in NJ and would like to purchase some real estate in Phoenix metro area. Hi all, I am looking to really kick up my real estate investing this year and have decided to use the BRRRR method to build a portfolio properties that can provide me with the financial freedom I desire. Hi guys,Looking into fixer upper multi-families 4:2, to owner occupy BRRR Hack in Phoenix AZ. I am looking to relocate to phoenix in the next 6 months and do a house hack. Being that the inventory is so low in the valley right now, how is your wholesale business going? What kinds of things are you experiencing and what cheap loans instant decision areas do you need help with in your business? I am a local agent in the Phoenix Scottsdale area and looking to connect with some like minded folks who are interested in Real Estate, Investing, and Creating Financial Freedom. Hello everyone,I see not many new multifamily places popping up here in Phoenix.. This would be a long term play and the idea is that...

One of my goals in 2021 is to join and network at a local professional REI organization near the Phoenix, AZ area. My daughter will be working in Saint Joseph Hospital, Phoenix for at least 2 years starting in June 2021. I was looking at apartment rents around that area and they are really high. We have an Anchorage townhome available for rent March 2021.

We currently have it listed on zillow, trulia, craigslist, apartments. I am looking to purchase my first BRRRR of a fourplex or duplex I can combined with a house hack. I already have per-approval and cash on in hand for rehabbing however, I am hesitant buy in this market and I am having... They have indicated they are going to save up for a down payment on a new house and would like to rent two more years.

I am just beginning my journey in real estate and am looking to buy a fourplex and live in one unit. Hi,I am looking at potentially getting into some multifamily investing with a friend that lives up in Anchorage. I cheap loans instant decision was wondering if any local investors could share some insight on their opinion of the market there in... My question is about escrow, in AK what is the custom for who picks the escrow company? Just wanted to send an invitation to our upcoming real estate investing panel. We have put together a panel of many different professionals in all areas personal unsecured loans for bad credit of real estate for you to meet and learn from as... Just wondering how well they rent and if a new building gets the rental rates (and market value) it should (compared to other areas... We are currently invested in short term rentals out here in Maui and have a few... I am looking to partner with someone to do some Door Knocking.

I will be renovating as I go starting with mine and then the others as renters move.

A main concept of the book Think and Grow Rich is to converse and mingle with like minded private personal loan lenders people. After talking to my math teacher about the future and our own life goals I realized we spoke two completely different... Hi,Just wondering what others who use property managers in Mesa Az area are paying their managers for upcharge on service calls. Looking for a Broker in the area to hang my license with for... I own a small apartment complex in tucson but i live out of state. I am looking for an maintenance person who can live on site (studio apartment with utilities included) and provide maintenance, security and take care... I am an investor based in CA and am looking for 5 to 50 unit apartment complex that has value add potential in B or C class neighborhoods. I look forward to connecting with any brokers or property... Over the past 7 months we, the Misbachs, have studied the material necessary to formulate a strategy for flipping and wholesaling properties. This thread is a general one for Tucson investors to introduce themselves to each other and chat about our market. Hello, we are considering buying a single-family home in the Vail or Tanque Verde school districts. Due to COVID, the lender increased cheap loans instant decision their down payment requirements. I am reaching out to gage interest in a real estate meetup in the Vail area.

Topics will be multifamily, BRRR and value-add real estate but am definitely open to other asset classes and...

Does anyone have any recommendations an handyman who is good and has reasonable hourly rate? I own a 4 Plex in Tucson and will soon be closing on a second one for a total of 8 units. I currently use property management, but due to certain issues, am considering changing companies. I have been studying real estate investing for a while now. Are there any seasoned multi-family property investors in the area that I can underwrite investments with? So I am in a posistion where I have the capital and bandwith to take on more flip and wholesale properties. But what I am having trouble doing is increasing deal flow while also keeping those projects on track. I am from Colorado and assume I need a real estate attorney in Tucson. Just trying to increase the visibility to the listing there.

Thanks, Ryan Back at the end of April my partner found a property on the MLS they thought would be a good rehab. Of course I was skeptical because the MLS tends to be pretty picked over but we checked it out because she is smart... Hello all, Anyone have solid recommendations on contractors who work with investors? Trying to build a home in an empty lot I currently own. Hello everyone, I have a property with a home located by the U of A. In your opinion do you think joint venture is the way of your lacking capital? My understanding is that with bad credit personal loans for 5000 few enough properties, typically an... Hi I am a licensed agent in Arizona and when I first got my license I had planned on working as cheap loans instant decision an agent full time.

I have since took a full time job and plan on using my license for my own deals and for representing... Does anyone have any good suggestions for a property manager in Gilbert AZ?

My wife and I are looking for another primary residence and are wanting to hold on to our current property. I am currently payday loans online california finishing up my real estate license. I am getting ready to 1031 my property from CA to AZ. Any mastermind groups or likeminded individuals interested in allowing me in or... At the time I was looking for SFH, but I have since changed my approach to look for duplex, triplex, or... Hi I just recently acquired my RE license in Arizona. I wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for places I can start interviewing to see...

Hi Folks,Would you anyone have a good referral for biweekly landscape services for investment properties SFRs in Chandler, AZ? WE are doing a den to Room conversion in North Scottsdale, In this regard do we need permit from City of Scottsdale? Anyone has vocational rental properties in Scottsdale? Purchase price 600k, currently doing STR netting 50-55k. HelloI am seeking a Real Estate firm to hang my license in or around the Scottsdale area that is Broker-Managed by real loans online payday loans in colorado with monthly payments estate investors. I have a single family rental and looking to get into a multifamily.

Has anyone in the NWA area had cheap loans instant decision the unfortunate experience of taking a tenant to small claims (Fayetteville specifically)? Unfortunately, we had tenants terminate their lease early and not pay the last months rent or...

I will have the payment of the HELOC and the mortgage if its not paid in cash. Are you wondering which areas of Northwest Arkansas you should invest in? To help answer this question, I wanted to know the areas where other investors are buying. I have been wanting to buy a single family home in Fayetteville, AR for a number of years.

My name is Josh and I am an active Realtor in Fayetteville, NC. I am also in the process of starting a business for flipping houses, and am looking for anyone in the area who has the experience and is...

We are in the market for a property manager in Fayetteville NC - anyone has someone to recommend?

HeyMy team is looking for an additional ambitious, goto agent, that will help us buy more investment properties in the Fayetteville NC area.

I have about 3 x 7 foot of subfloor work that needs to be done at a rental in Springdale, AR. Which areas are better then others, which ones to stay away... I am wondering if there is a way for me to find wholsalers in Fayettveville NC. I tried posting on craiglist, and found a few, but I was wondering where else I may find some more if anyone had some ideas. Looking for 4br, 2ba, roughly 2500 sq feet or more. They are really wanting Cave Springs for the school district. NC so I am very familiar with the area and where to find great deals! I noticed some house are under contract in a matter of days and others are going into foreclosures. I am a local investor in Tempe, looking for a property management company as I am purchasing a fourplex.