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Where me and David when we got started, we definitely wanted the money as a profit, to generate money. Brandon:Again, I think it just perfectly illustrates how everybody has to take a different approach to real estate. Make money doing what you love to do in business, entrepreneurship, whatever, and then dump all your money into real estate in a way that works for you and your time availability. But I know my wife likes fixing up stuff and we were trying to fix up something the other day to get it rented. It was so fun getting a great deal because I was comparing that to work in 20 hours a day as a cop. Do you have … Are you using Facebook, Instagram ads? I was driving back from surfing up the I-5 there from Dana loan money Point.

I was listening to a podcast about online business. I heard these guys making money and stuff doing courses and stuff. I remember we went to this Bible study and when I was at the Bible study, all next day loans bad credit of a sudden I started getting ding, ding and I was making sales on cash priority loan servicing this course. You got to understand, all it took was a microphone, a camera and an idea, my computer. Where a song, to get it done, it takes thousands of dollars. Chris:To get in this business, to … I write songs to inspire people and to help them and rock out whatnot and make a difference. But the entry level to get in was completely different. This whole model of teaching what you know and people paying you for it … I spent tens of thousands of dollars on my brain from courses to books, to masterminds and stuff. My wife teaches artists how to sell their art online. They have no money whatsoever because all the money was just like, it was a job and as soon as the speaker turned off, they had no money left. Just like how real estate, you get the appreciation, you get the cash flow and you get the write-off. We can go off the different … From one asset, well, one song has all these different income streams. Like from putting it on the Merch, TV and film, YouTube, Spotify. I was on tour with Saving Abel, is this a mainstream tour, this club bar tour. I found the book Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard for 50 cents. It was all about making money, but making an impact, helping people.

Get your … If you just want to help people, the money will come. I made this point, I think it was last week on the podcast or a few weeks ago on the podcast here.

As I was on another show recently, I think it called Perpetual Traffic. It was all about getting traffic to your business and stuff in your online business.

I was talking about BiggerPockets and we were joking about how terrible BiggerPockets is at a lot of internet marketing things. Why is BiggerPockets the largest real estate cash priority loan servicing investing website on the planet?

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Because Josh, when he found it, was like, how do we just provide real value? That mentality, I think just it only takes you so far. Do you actually make money from your music or are you just teaching it? I would argue that if you want to compete with BiggerPockets, which is great … I hope people do. Find that area that BiggerPockets is not doing that you are currently doing already in your life and then go teach that. If you want to go teach that online and make a little bit of money, fine. But you got to be able to bring something different to the table. This is a big thing I see with online entrepreneurs of every store. This is when I tried to start a wooden sunglasses business. I was one of 1,000 other people selling wooden sunglasses six years ago. Brandon:They were awesome looking glasses though, all right? David:You get that amazing feeling like when you rub your face against tree bark and you just wanted that every day?

They clicked on a ClickFunnel, they paid their money.

The Instagram factor has made its way to these online courses. I think that the BiggerPockets model has been, give value, teach other people, help them and then good things will come your way. BiggerPockets is a very successful company at this point.

I ascribe personally to the whole, take a leap of faith, give first, see what comes your way.

I think it was Frank Kern who said, if you want people to buy from you, get them results first. What have you done to earn the right to be able to sell them that thing? Then you sell an online course, which is also going to get a lot of hate. Chris:In the beginning stages, especially because I did mostly hip hop, I kind of cash priority loan servicing do the rap and the rock now as well. The rock stuff has actually done better than the hip hop stuff. I remember the first time I went up to do that, to rap, I was scared out of my mind.

I did it and I rocked it and I just ran back to my seat. I remember just walking down just feeling like such a loser. We run a lot of Facebook, Instagram ads promoting our music and some people will say stuff. Because I think it was Seth Godin who says, he never reads his Amazon reviews on his books because how is that going to help them or encourage him? Which for me is sometimes a better cash priority loan servicing song or packaging it in a different way and learning how to sell, learning how to sell yourself and overcoming that stuff. Looking back, you realize you could have made it a smoother transition.

I really believe that there was always this hunger in me because it was there because I wanted to be a pro skateboarder at one point too and I got hurt. But I believe that drive came from not having a dad and wanting to be a success.

Chris:Maybe it was anger inside, but something God put in me to want to be as successful and kind of prove them wrong. What can you say to people listening to this right now who maybe are just cash priority loan servicing lacking hope in this time? As a believer in faith and stuff, and I like to get really raw. So write through those tough times, write through that pain.

Instead of trying to numb it with drugs or alcohol or whatnot … I get it. I know sometimes having a nice glass of wine at the end of the week or to kind of just relax or whatnot, I encourage you plug in the podcast, plug in the a teaching at BiggerPockets, get around the community. Get around people that are going to encourage you and want to see you win. You mentioned painful things and that numbing them is a waste of the pain. Do something with it because that is such a powerful emotion.

I want to talk a little bit about the book that you recently wrote. You used the word good debt and bad debt a couple of times. Chris:My favorite thing is to increase your income, man.

How can you create something, sell something, get that income up? Me and my wife always loved the idea of creating your way to freedom. I mean, you guys know the BiggerPockets Money Podcast. There are people who are just really frugal at that event. I have always been … Now, I think, I think there is a time and place for sure, for frugality. At the same time, I was making three grand a month and spending four. I mean, I ended up doing it, making four grand a month then five. That was the first thing I had to do, was know what I was spending money on. Then realizing just that I was in control of this, and all of a sudden everything changed. But I am much more of a, how do I generate more money? What could you take that mental energy and go put into the world that will pay you a whole lot more? You do realize one house flip could pay your student loan debt off in the next three months.

You could do one house flip and pay off your entire student loan debt just by generating that income.

I remember we found different insurances, different things that we could lower negotiate.

But what you can create, like you said, by doing a house flip, by getting more business, reaching more people … One of my favorite concepts that really changed my life was the idea of instead of selling one-to-one, how can you sell one to many? I can walk to each door and offer to shovel their driveway, or I could walk to a business and shovel a whole bunch of businesses or something like that. Get a bigger contract or something as opposed to just this small thinking, but think bigger.

Getting your expenses under control is like plugging the leaks.

I see this principle apply in real estate investing as well.

Or he could go make an awesome song that we all get to benefit, one to many, and now his creativeness comes out. All these other benefits come out of the aggressive or offensive style. Again, this is all with growth and leverage and adding value. A lot of people still local, but you got to start thinking global. In the book, you talk about some of the habits of the wealthy or the rich. What are some of the habits that wealthy people seem to follow? The second one of wealthy people is the idea of who they hang around with.

Chris:Their circle of influence payday loans for bad credit online and hanging around people that influence them.

I mean, because we are … The enemy to our success is somewhat external. We need to be around 100 payday loan each other to lift each other up. They take massive action while other people take action. Well David, anywhere else you want to go before we head the famous four? Is there anything you can share about what you think people need to do? I know you guys have the BiggerPockets membership, join that first. Get on the webinar and connect with people and be in that group of like-minded people. I have a membership area of artists where I coach every month and they get access to me twice a month.

I think it was Brendon Burchard had cash priority loan servicing a Facebook live again and he always talks about his membership and stuff. That can be the quote of the day, like if you want to be around people be around people. How can I connect people and offer a connection of some sort? The same four questions we ask every guest every week. Number one, what is your all-time favorite real estate related book? He got into this deal, the contractor did him wrong and it took longer, way over budget, spent all his money. It was just kind of, not a rags to riches story, but it inspired me. It was Millionaire Messenger by- Chris:… Brendon Burchard.

But have you ever done the boxing on the Oculus lowest interest rate personal loan Quest, on a virtual reality boxing game? What do you believe separates successful real estate investors and anybody successful from those who give up, fail or never get started? Chris:Man, resilience, perseverance and taking action. Me and my wife, this one condo that did so good, it more than doubled in appreciation. When I moved to Hawaii, we had a house in Grays Harbor, Washington, where we lived. When we bought it, it was the most expensive house in town.