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Lets face it, the EU signed a trade deal with Canada so why should the UK not be able to negotiate one?

Maybe it is time to rip up the EU agenda and start again from scratch? There is no doubt that mistakes were made over the years and maybe, just maybe, the UK electorate might respond more positively to a reset of controls and powers? Maybe it is time to rip up the EU agenda and start again from scratch?

There is no doubt that mistakes were made over the years and maybe, just maybe, the UK electorate might respond more positively to a reset of controls and powers?

He danced around it in his letter of demands, where he had the perfect oppotunity to set a stomr off but failed to demand full political accountability from the EU appartus to the no credit check lenders people in exchange for campaigning for remain. This and exemption from ever closer union would likely draw a lot of support from other eu member states and UKIP voters. A two tier eu perhaps with a revised eea which still allows outside trading might not be a bad idea. Hell throw them a bone with a defence pact, why not let the UK security council seat be EU? It would hardly make any difference to anyone in the UK, and would give the military more soft power through an appropriate eu UK treaty. In my view the EU is moving in a direction where Germany and France dictate everything and the others are just dragged along. It is now something akin to a private members club with the committee running everything. Hi all - has anyone successfully managed to flip an off plan flat in London since the referendum? Would it be worth waiting much closer to completion i. The market is very volatile in London in light of Brexit and nobody knows how this will pan out. It may turn out well for London which would help property prices or it could go the other way. All I would say is, the only definite price is the one today, nobody knows what might happen tomorrow never mind 2 years down the line.

Can you perhaps afford to keep it and get a buy-to-let mortgage on it and then keep it as an investment?

That should be a good alternative as Canary Wharf is a great lettable location... Will just have to hope that if I am very realistic on price, someone may want it before it completes! Markets tend to look at the worst case scenario - in this case Brexit. So if you could afford to keep it that might be a better move payday loans waco cash loans same day tx for you. Even though there is talk of London losing up to 70k jobs in the financial sector - if they move to Europe - people forget London is one of the biggest financial centres in the world and it does not all hinge on Europe or the Euro.

It is also worth remembering that London is the clearing house for all Euro transactions for a reason - it has the infrastructure, systems and the experience. The EU would have taken all this to mainland Europe many years ago if they could. Even though the rate of increase in worldwide interest rates will be relatively slow during 2018, need cash bad credit with the US likely to increase interest rates the fastest, will your property investment strategy change as rates tick higher? At some point yes, but in the short to medium term interest rates are unlikely to race ahead so not much change in investment strategies in the short to medium term. At some point it will need to change but interest rates will take years to get back to anywhere near traditional levels.

We have now grown accustomed to the low interest rate environment and it will be difficult for many people to let go. TO me this seems like perfect opportunity to try and take out fixed-rate purchase options or mortgages. That way can lock in historical low rates and at the same time take advantage at each incremental rise that puts people who think rates will never go up and have maxed out in a distressed position I totally agree, for the savvy investor looking forward there are opportunities aplenty to tap into the current supply of cheap finance. Far too many people are assuming that interest rates will stay at this level for many years to come. Distressed sellers will put pressure on house prices so for the foreseeable future property investors could be in a perfect position to take advantage. Offline estate agents need to up their game to compete with the low cost high volume online portals. There will always be a place for offline estate agents but the market will be but a fraction of the online arena. Ideally offline estate agents need to increase their online exposure. Offline business will need to trim the fat and increase their online exposure. It would not be healthy if a small number of online players effectively ruled the UK estate agency sector - not good for competition or charges! If you snooze you lose - offline estate agencies are still getting caught out by the online revolution. I agree about a potential lack of competition going forward as the big online players take over - not good for the consumer in the long term. At some point the regulators will need to show their teeth - if competition is reduced it will be consumers who lose in the long term. Just look at the search engine market which is dominated by Google - with little the regulators can do about it. High Street agents online payday loans instant approval direct lenders have spent too much time arguing and moaning about the rise of online agents instead of moving with the times and updating their practices!

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Totally agree - rather than fighting the online revolution they all need to embrace it. People will only now view properties when they are pretty clear they will be putting an offer in. The majority of their research will be carried out online.

Absolutely, theres no reason why payday loan direct lender bad credit high street agents cant adopt a hybrid mentality and use their newspaper or magazine advertising budget to put towards changing their website or marketing habits to a more online route. It appears that payday loans direct lenders bad credit Donald Trump is looking to instigate a worldwide trade war with China seemly his main target.

While the headline suggests this is bad news for the worldwide economy, the US has for many years now allowed cheap imports to the detriment of home-grown businesses. Will any potential worldwide trade war have an impact upon property markets? If so, which markets do you feel will be impacted to the greatest degree?

Anything which impacts worldwide, or specific country, economic growth will most certainly have an impact on property prices. If it impacts the wealth of corporations and individuals then it will have an impact on the worldwide property market.

Property markets are directly linked to the performance of economies.

Globally, if you look at the Housing Bubble in 2007, this shook the world.

As such, Global issues create volatility, volatility creates unease and this means people move money. Where money is moved, some markets receive the money, some lose it. If cash loans same day there are 100,000 properties for sale, and 200,000 households are looking to buy, they enter into a bidding war. If there are 100,000 properties for sale and only 10,000 people want to buy, those motivated sellers (i. So to bring it back full circle and in my opinion, yes the huge cogs that shape a countries economy will change, which will in turn have an effect on the UK property market. As investors perceive there to be more risk, in return they would demand a greater (potential) return. Anything which impacts worldwide, or specific country, economic growth will most certainly have an impact on property prices. I have been watching some US property reality shows which show cash advance nashville tn investors flipping US properties sometimes for significant profits. Is there the broadness of market in the UK for this type of activity? There are always opportunities for flipping properties for those who have the confidence and the finances. Volatile markets work best for flipping especially when there are distressed sellers.

Totally agree, there are always distressed sellers around, it is just a case of finding them as money on the table does talk.

I think the key to flipping is to buy cheap, spruce the property up and then not be too greedy when selling up. Most people who flip houses have some knowledge of construction. This helps them fix up the home but it cash loan lenders also allows them to spot the difference between cosmetic problems and real structural issues.

While there will cash loans same day probably be structural issues the vast majority of the improvements required will likely be cosmetic. Do not fall into the trap of thinking you have to spend a fortune before you flip a property. Flipping is not an investment strategy purely for the US market - it works everywhere as long as you are willing to do the research and put in the time and effort. Be aware that if investing in the distressed market (as floated around earlier in the thread),that you will limit your lending pool and willing lenders have harsher criteria. Any increase in costs will eat into the final profit margin and could make a difference if margins are tight. If you search the more popular search engines for property related stories you will come across a whole raft of different comments and suggestions. Some people are forecasting payday loans green bay wi a pickup in the UK market, others Read up on the property market as much as possible but at the end of the day it is your money and you need to make your own mind up.

In chinese, crisis is made up of 2 characters, Danger and Opportunity. A case in point is the US financial crisis in 2008. When it happened, the property market in Singapore declined initially. Pessimists sold their investment property overnight, even at prices below their asking price. But when the hot money from overseas started to flow into Singapore due to the low interest rate in the US, the prices of properties cash loans same day in Singapore shot up drastically. Only after 7 rounds of government intervention to cool the property market did the prices come down. Is the EU really the bastion of opportunity and democracy which everyone suggests it is?

Why have the European public never had a say on closer ties and a Federal Europe? Personally I think this will be good for the UK in the longer term but there will be short term volatility.