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Hey Guys and gals- I currently live in Michigan, just starting into this idea of real estate investing and was hoping to get a little insight from other Michigan investors, any tips for certain areas of the cash advance payday loans online state, hot spots, bad spots anything really- Thanks Where are you located Bill? Michigan has only a handful of hot spots, the rest of the state is pretty rural if you ask me, also you can forget about UP no one lives there..... Hi Bill, my husband and I live in Michigan north of Detroit and are very new to this. We currently are about to have 3 SFH properties under contract in Detroit Suburb.

There are many properties but you have to be ready to pounce. I would first recommend that you narrow down a specific type of investment that you want to concentrate on like SFR fix and flip, long term rental, small multi, etc. Once you are specific on the type of property you are looking for, then you can concentrate on location. Every hot spot is a hot spot for a specific type of investment and in Detroit that can be a matter of two neighboring streets. Exit strategy is to fix and hold as a long term rental. This will help keep an investor from shiny object syndrome and be able for others to help to identify a specific area that is best. Kalamazoo has a good price point and offers cash flow, plus is a growing market because of a number of large employers in the area that are continuing to grow (Stryker, Pfizer, and a number of other manufacturers).

Muskegon has the most affordable prices and the best cash flow, plus the city is doing lots of work to improve the area and the home prices, it is a market I am bullish on over the next 5 years. The best time to invest was yesterday, the 2nd best time is today. I live in West Michigan and I have 5 rentals in Grand Rapids. In our opinion, your best team cash advance payday loans online member should be your Property Management Company (PMC).

They have to deal with any property you buy every month until you sell or terminate them. Everyone else on your team will be transaction-based and not really involved after a purchase. The most important question you need to ask yourself first is: what are your goals? Depending on cash advance online no credit check what your goals are and where in Spain do you want to invest, you can find some attractive options. As you mention, taxes when buying are no joke there as well as tenant favorable laws however, there are some advantages of the Spanish market vs. Flipping is not my primary investing strategy, but I remember asking this question to my accountant there in case that would be the best exit strategy for a specific project.

I am not an accountant nor I ended doing a flip there, only buy and holds.

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Then, the profit is taxed as ordinary business profit. If I were you, I will find a good accountant, explain him what you want to do, and ask him how can you do it legally minimizing your tax implications. Spain cash advance payday loans online is cash personal loans not that big on creative financing as the US is, but you can find people that like your proposal or that are willing to owner finance. I primarily focused on apartment buildings and apartments that needed renovations. I bought them cheap, rehabbed them, and now I hold them as rentals. I think in Spain is hard to cash flow as much as you can get in the US due to the low rent vs. It is true that unfortunately Spain market is low cash flow vs high acquisition cost. We thought about Barcelona at first because we like it and are planning to move there this year. This way, the rents (from our tenants) will create higher cash flows that will allow us to either rent a nice big place to live in or re-invest in real estate. I live on the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain which of course includes Marbella, Malaga, Nerja, etc. These properties were either single apartments or apartment buildings and in any case, assets that needed some work (some times a lot). If you are looking purely for CF, then yes, I think that secondary and tertiary markets outside of Barcelona (there are some neighborhoods in Barcelona too) pr in another region in Spain may be a better fit. I had a pleasure to live in Bilbao , that s why it s my first location preference. What do u think about the region of Basque Country ( apart from food )?

I live and work in Dubai ( not in real estate) , bit if there is anything i can do just let me know.

Valencia was an interesting option not very from there. So i live and work in Dubai, however i travel a loooot but rarely to the same place and for very short period of time. Do u have any experience with property management in Spain? I am Spanish myself, living in Dublin at the moment. Initially considered Barcelona, but visited Valencia in May and this seems like a more attractive option in terms of pricing.

Bilbao might be slightly better due to the size of the city and employment opportunities, but this is cash advance payday loans online just my gut feeling. Some say this is too unstable, which I agree with, but this also gets you a much higher ROI if you do it well. I think Valencia offers tourism all year round while Alicante strongly depends on the seasons. But I am still researching both markets at the moment... I have the same idea to buy an apartment and lease it as a short term rental. Is there anyone you recommend working with in Valencia?

You have to know that short term rentals such as holiday lets, Airbnb, etc...

Not only you will need the touristic license, which is harder and harder to get BUT the city is also currently defining some residential and touristic areas in the city. So lots of changes to come in Valencia and in general in big Spanish and European cities! Yummy:) You have to know that short term rentals such as holiday lets, Airbnb, etc... Not only you will need the touristic license, which is harder and harder to get BUT the city is also currently defining some residential and touristic areas in the city. So lots of changes to come in Valencia and in general in big Spanish and European cities! Hi, does anyone know if there are risks related to long-term rentals in Spain? The Spanish courts have beefed up legislation recently to counter bad or non-paying tenants. The laws are very clear for both the landlord and the tenant. However, you can only evict a tenant for whatever reason with a court order. This means e z payday advance going through the legal system which can take weeks or months to achieve.

You can also take out insurance in Spain to protect yourselg against those who fall behind wih their rent. Visiting Valencia now and wondering if folks who planned to buy here did. Still planning to purchase in Valencia some day though. I am looking for lawyer in the Miami area, preferably near Doral. Will be closing on a new construction condo in the next month. The Villages is an interesting real estate phenomenon.

The developers, whatever else can be said of them, have accomplished amazing things and have solved complex problems ingeniously. Most, signature loans for people with bad credit of the residents of the Villages are very picky about the service they are getting. They cash advance payday loans online demand (sometimes loudly) the highest and best service in fact. It actually got very difficult to find willing employees to work in a massive city that would not allow the grand majority of them to live within its City limits. The developers created an amazing Charter School system that is unique in that your kids can go there ONLY if the parents are employed in the Villages. These are some of the best schools in all of Florida. Parents will put up with just about anything for their kids. At some points, I actually feel like my kids live at school, or that I should, since I drive them back and forth so many times a week. This makes for a fantastic opportunity for some of the areas just outside of the Villages. I work primarily in Marion County, so I am of course more comfortable with Oklawaha, Lake Weir, Summerfield and Belleview. Also in high demand are the smaller, multi unit properties, of which there are not many near the Villages.

I prefer duplexes and triplexes to quads, but that is because I have been a property manager in Florida for too long I think. What do you think of the rental market within the city for SFHs? I have tried driving by the homes that local flippers are working on but I never seem to catch them.

Includes a 2nd house, another stone cottage, small studio. Market allows 215-255 depending on finishing details. Needs new flooring, siding, garage doors, a kitchen cupboard door replaced, and other minor fixes.

Realtor wanted to list for 139, most direct comp just sold for 164 nearby.

The numbers are good enough to make any flipper salivate -- I bought them in 2018-19 but I also got a bunch of other properties that have kept me busy and I need time to have a life beyond this.

There has to be a good flipper out there who could make them beautiful again. I have a 401k plan with an employer I no longer work for in 3 years. Any recommendations on how to strategically use these funds? Transfer to a ROTH IRA, is an option I was looking into. His reasoning was he needed money to stay afloat (while collecting unemployment) and keep food on the table. Instead of using an emergency fund he tacked on years of employment. Save up for a property, find a deal, and do it the right way. You answered your own question by mentioning the Roth IRA. Maybe purchase some cash advance payday loans online stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and learn another aspect of investing. What are your thoughts on moving the old 401k to my current 401k plan with my current employer to consolidate both plans?

Or do you think moving the plan to a ROTH IRA is a better route? It is a different situation if you are investing the money, instead of consuming it to get by then its a math problem. And current use can be more valuable than future use.

You can really jumpstart stuff using funds like that. I am still doing loans from a 401K from an employer I left 8 years ago--it depends on the plan. I was with a large university so they may have negotiated their own deal but check them out. The advantage of the Roth is the tax free growth and the ability to withdraw without penalty.

I misspoke earlier about tax free growth in the 401k. If you can switch 401K plans to one that loans thats probably the easiest route. Max is 5 years and I think 50K although Covid might have upped the IRS limits Lastly, once you have the funds, anything additional you need to do if you plan on getting financing from a bank or say a hard money lender?