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And I think that those companies that really do a good job of that are the ones that do great customer research. And so that was the most pronounced takeaway, I think, that we had from a lot of our consulting and advising of companies is that, that was the big differentiator between successes and failures. The next question is, how do we then tie together our vision for where we want the product to go and our day-to-day operations of our product development activities? So speaking of all these successful companies and the characteristics of them, you started Prodify which was another successful product consulting company, but at some point along the way, you realize that one of the companies you were advising was totally worth going all in on. So you turned over your consulting company to your partner and you joined WHOOP full time. It cash advance chattanooga tn was actually really hard to choose to lead the advisory practice myself just because I have loved every moment of collaborating with all these companies.

I actually enjoy teaching about payday same day payday loans no credit checks loans high acceptance products more than I enjoy even doing it, to be honest. However, the thing about WHOOP that was really just so spectacular is this a company that had all the parts in the first place, we had a good vision for where we wanted to head, we had tremendous people, we had a great market and a great opportunity in front of us.

Ben:We had already achieved product market fit, and the question was now, as we grow in this tremendous pace, how are we going to continue to innovate and create new benefits for our customers, etc. And then number two is, I have always just really enjoyed that hyper growth kind of stage of a company. For example, I am hiring a person to the product team every week and I have been hiring somebody every week for quite some time now. Ben:And I think that your job is to be the mentor and the guide and the coach.

But I felt like I had one more time in me to try to go back to a company and really have that ownership of the outcomes at the end of the day. And I really wanted to go back and do that one more time and have another tremendous success that I can look back upon fondly, etc. And as discussed earlier, some of the differentiators of WHOOP versus some of the other products in the wearable space, are fairly clear to me in terms of that notion of coaching and telling people what to do next.

So when we layer on top of that, all the ways that we can drive engagement, think about ways of involving the community to try and get other people who are WHOOP members to inspire other group members to change things in their life. I think in the very earliest days of WHOOP, it was intended really primarily for those triathlete types and CrossFitters and folks like that. And what we realized is that what really made the product valuable for people was not so much that it was specifically about running or biking and swimming and things like that, but what it was really all about was helping people who were themselves motivated to make a change and help them to understand what the drivers of those changes would actually be. For example, when you wake up every morning, you get a recovery score that tells you what to do. So depending on what your goals are, you can see different strain recommendations that are appropriate given where your recovery started in that morning. What are the things that should be missing because they would be dilutive if you created them? Ben:And so the must have, think about buying a car, it must have the seatbelts. Ben:And the delighters have those kinds of things broker loans going back, J. The second thing is, you have the right set of performance features for your target market. If you try to create a one size fits all car that is perfect for broker loans everybody, it would be terrible for everyone. Ben:But the question is, is our target market big enough and meaningful enough that we can be really successful within it? It allows us to broker loans go deeper into those things that matter. Ben:So Apple is intentionally going down the path of being a broad but thin product. You can check your email, you can send a text, you can use Siri, the list goes on and on. Ben:Sleep data is critical every single night so that you understand what your recovery looks the next morning, so you can then determine what your strain should be that day. And we always have to remember that knowing who our customer is, is more important than making everybody our customer. Trying to be everything to everybody is often the key to failure. J:And then the more part of the Four More where we give you loans for very bad credit an opportunity to tell our listeners where they can connect with you, where they can find out more about your book, and where they can find out more about WHOOP, and anything else you want to talk about?

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They come in, they want ice cream, you serve them ice cream, and they just walk away with the best smiles on their faces. Okay Ben, second question, and I want you to give a quick 22nd or less answer. The fourth one is, one of my favorites, what is something along the way in either your personal life or your work life, wherever, however, whatever, that you splurged on that was totally an entirely worth it? And so online cash loans same day we recently prior to the pandemic had a chance to get away for about a week and we decided totally splurge on this amazing place in St. To learn more about Prodify, the website is Prodify. So if you wanted examples of some of the templates of documents and things like that that might be helpful to be thinking through product things in a better way, some great resources there. Ben:To reach out to me specifically, I usually think that LinkedIn is the best way. Connect with me there, I love to connect with other people and talk shop when it comes to product, etc. Ben:The number one place to pick it up is definitely going to be Amazon. And if you just search on Amazon for Build What Matters, that should be one of the first things that comes up, available in hardcover, paperback and on Kindle. Ben, this was an amazing conversation, absolute wisdom for those of us who want to build amazing products and amazing product companies. So this was fun for me, but still some amazing, amazing tips there.

J:Everybody, once again for the second or third week in a row, Happy New Year. Thank you for joining us this week on BiggerPockets Business Podcast. Have a super borrow money online fast week everybody, keep being your awesome rock star selves. They have a network of lenders to assist with all forms of financing, including Self Directed IRA loans. Peter McGraw, behavioral scientist, author of Shtick To Business and The Humor Code, and host of the Solo Podcast kept wondering why we find certain things funny. He decided to put it to the test in his lab, HRL, the Humor Research Lab. You have to fight the status quo constantly, to make material that people will find outlandish, but true enough to laugh at. Peter brings some great business examples that followed the same flow of most comedy writing routines. Take AirBnB for example, when they first launched the idea, most people thought they were crazy.

Peter:But in broker loans general, most products, most services, most offerings start very niche. Speaker 3:Welcome to a real world MBA from the school of hard knocks, where entrepreneurs reveal what it really takes to make it.

I am J Scott, your co-host for the BiggerPockets business podcast and I am here again this a payday loans huntsville al lovely February. We have to give a major shout out to our producer Kevin. So Kevin, have so much fun with your wife in your new little sweet pea. We are so excited for you and just all the congratulations in the world.

I heard him a couple of weeks ago on another podcast. But if you can think like a funny person, you can be more successful.

And Peter tells us all about how you can think more like a funny person. And this was a really fun discussion as well, basically thinking in reverse or thinking in opposite. And make sure you listen all the way to the end because at the end of the episode, Peter shares an amazing tip on how we can all get better at saying no. If you want to learn anything more about what we talk about in the show, about Peter, about his books, about anything we discussed, check out our show notes at biggerpockets. Carol:Peter, welcome to the BiggerPockets business podcast. We are so looking forward to digging in and hearing all about your area of expertise, so many great topics. So when I first heard you on another podcast just a few weeks ago was the first time I had heard of you, my initial thoughts were honestly purely selfish. So I guess thank you first for falling into my little trap. Peter:I seeded an entire book with ideas from a hundred interviews on a podcast. I was essentially studying how do people evaluate options? And how did those judgments and choices influence those emotions?

And as a result of being a little bit lucky, I ended up doing my postdoc with Daniel Kahneman, who is a psychologist who won the Nobel prize in economics.