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Tsvetanov said that it is important to determine why, if the British people had legitimately purchased property in the resort they had been deprived of access for such a long time. In the development of 107 apartments, a fitness centre, a spa and a restaurant, the some 78 apartments were bought by British investors and the rest were transferred in what they alleged was a shady financial transaction to Bulgarian company Zekom which has the keys to the complex and has since refused access to the remaining owners. The case highlights problems faced by overseas buyers in Bulgaria where a number of disputes center around the purchase of property and bribery and corruption still exists in the system. It is estimated that some 4,000 British property buyers are currently involved in disputes over property. In Bansko around 2,300 apartments are owned by British people. Local officials are supportive as the ski resort relies on foreign visitors. The Foreign Office said that the British ambassador has met with Bulgarian officials to express concern about the problems experienced by some UK property owners.

A spokeswoman for the group of British owners, Sharon Hassall, said the development was completed in the summer of 2008 but they have since not been given the keys. Many of the owners bought the properties off plan in 2006 after seeing them advertised at property shows. I also bought an offplan apartment in bansko, 3 years ago, it was never completed, despite paying 3 instalments totalling 22,000 euros plus deposit. I even paid a solicitor in Bulgaria nearly 1000 euros to complete the purchase in 2009, and to collect Deeds on my behalf, which he charged me for, who also hasnt answered any emails. I wonder if anyone else has heard of Britannia Overseas property, or britop. When Bulgaria joined the European Union, part of the arrangement was a five-year moratorium on land purchases which dictated that European investors could only acquire land through a legal entity, i. This five-year arrangement is now up and since the beginning of 2012 we have seen renewed interest from European buyers.

So, what does the future hold for the Bulgarian real estate market? How is the country positioned to take advantage of the eventual European upturn? While it would be wrong to suggest that the Bulgarian real estate market has recovered, is set for significant growth in the short-term and is over the worst, the situation has certainly improved over the last 12 months. Indeed if you dig a little deeper the figures show that only three provinces of Bulgaria saw an increase in their property prices during 2013, with 25 provinces showing a slowing decline. Interestingly, despite the fact that Bulgaria is often associated with the Russian way of life, this is a country which has one of the lowest European budget deficits and overall debt figures. This leaves the government significant scope to invest in real estate, infrastructure and the overall economy as and when the time is right. This fact is what is an installment loan often overlooked although serious investors are keeping a very close eye on the situation. It is also worth noting that the economy is expected to grow by 1.

On the whole it is still a very difficult situation for the European real estate market with austerity measures kicking in, economies still struggling and many European governments drowning in a sea of debt. If you dig a little deeper, the situation in Bulgaria is very different with a relatively small budget deficit, low debt and the opportunity to breathe new life into the real estate market and the overall economy in the short to medium term.

Is it time to take a look at the Bulgarian real estate market?

It may not make you a fortune overnight but there are certainly reasons to look a little deeper for the long-term. Bulgaria is showing sings of becoming a popular choice for overseas property buyers again as rock bottom prices attract those seeking holiday homes. The country has returned to easy payday loans no credit check the top ten of an overseas property portal for the first time in three years. Some 23 three regional cities registered quarterly drops in prices, with Veliko Turnovo recording the most significant decline of 5.

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Meanwhile, data from Raiffeisen Real Estate show a slightly different picture. However, on a quarterly basis prices in the city increased by 3.

In Plovdiv, Bulgaria s second largest city, prices of residential properties sold in the second quarter fell by 2. In the Black Sea city of Varna, the country s third largest, average housing prices fell by 6. Since the beginning of the year, the country s residential property market has borrow money online borrow money online started to stabilize, albeit at a slow pace, Raiffeisen Real Estate said.

The market is primarily driven by buyers looking for housing for themselves, seeking the best ratio between price and quality of the property, according to the report. In the Black Sea city of Varna, the country s third largest, average housing prices fell by 6. The real estate market in the country has been in a bit of a slump since a large chunk of overseas buyers from Britain and Ireland borrow money online deserted the country at the height of the global economic crisis and have not yet returned. As a result of lack of demand banks that give personal loans many banks withdrew products specifically aimed at foreign property buyers but now they are keen to lend again, according to Tihomir Toshev, executive director of credit consultant Credit Center. The banks are understood to be targeting potential borrowers from specific countries, especially Russians who are starting to buy again in the Black Sea coast resorts. UniCredit Bulbank is one of the first to publically launch new mortgage products aimed at foreigners and Bulgarians working abroad.

But there are conditions, most payday loans shreveport importantly that they loans will only be available for development projects financed by the bank. About 100 000 Russians have purchased property along the Bulgarian coast, according borrow money online to Yuri Salovyov, Russian general secretary to the Russian embassy in Varna. Russians generally tend to choose property along large resorts on the coast, or the Bulgarian mountains, but they also settle occasionally for a quiet, rural way of life in small villages, the report said.

Meanwhile it has been revealed that hundreds of Brits who own property in the Buglarian ski resort of Pamporovo have failed to pay their real estate taxes for two years running. The town mayor is trying to defuse a row with some officials believing that the owners are with holding the money while others think it is a misunderstanding. Letters have been sent to about 600 British property owners with addresses in the UK, according to deputy mayor Georgi Pepelanov.

Russian and Spanish property owners have paid their taxes on time but the council is owed around 600,000 leva by British owners of a hotel in the resort. Pepelanov said he believes it is not a deliberate evasion but merely a misunderstanding between the British owners and the companies managing their properties in Bulgaria. Also does any one know about a governing body for estate agents in bulgeria as the property I own is up for sale with a company I didnt authorise, I have the title deeds and notary etc, so cant understand this? Hi, You have to contact your accountant over there payday advance san diego and ask them to do all the legal works for you. The significant surge was attributed to the fact that property prices in these cities were below average levels nationwide in 2000, at about 150 lev a square meter, compensating the low cost with a faster growth in prices in subsequent years to catch up with the average rates in the country. The accumulated real decline after adjustment for inflation between the third quarter of 2008 and the last quarter of 2010 was 36. According to Stoikova, the data proves that deal volumes, not prices, are the first to respond to market developments. In 2011, the number of sales is expected to rebound, which will be a sign that the market has headed for recovery, she said. The number of residential units in the country rose by 2.