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Our 64,000 members and 30,000 unique monthly visitors have a strong appetite for landlord services, property investments, development finance, and all types of property services. Our cheap banner advertising is an excellent opportunity to place your company in front of thousands of active landlords, property investors, developers and property professionals.

This page credits our contributors for sharing their time and expertise with our members and we look forward to working with them on future articles and projects.

Nicholas Wallwork is the first owner of The Property Forum to have a background in property. Nicholas now runs several property investment companies, has produced two TV shows for Sky TV, and has written and published a series of educational ebooks. John Howard is one of the most accomplished property developers, traders and investors in the UK today (hence his title as The Property Expert within the industry).

John s experience spans 4 decades where he has purchased and sold over 3,500 houses, apartments and developments within the UK.

His developments range from hotels, to large scale projects, to residential houses. John is also director and shareholder of various property management companies, financial service providers and estate agencies.

His one-day educational seminars across the UK are an incredible opportunity to learn from his extensive breadth of knowledge and experience.

We are delighted to have John as an official contributor to Property Forum. Paul Mahoney best funds is the Founder Managing Director at Nova Financial Group an industry leading property investment and financial advice best funds group offering an end to end advisory service for Buy to Let property investors www. He and his advisory team have many decades of experience in the property industry and have assisted thousands of investors in the UK and abroad on how best to achieve their lifestyle and financial goals through property investment. A natural leader and communicator Tony is a creative freethinker who motivates and mobilises people to achieve their goals. Not afraid to challenge the status quo, Tony has a track record as an innovator and disrupter including embedding mortgage brokers in estate agents, helping set up the UK s first mainstream fee-based financial planning business, and co-founding the UK s first deregulated law firm. Tony has written for the Daily Telegraph, The Times, Professional Broker, Counter Terror Business, Landlord Investor how does a personal loan work Magazine and others. On June 1st 2015 Michael and his team and best funds launched Property TV, the Uk s only television channel dedicated to property. The blend of entertainment and informative content on the channel ensures a wide range of viewers from the general public to property industry professionals.

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This in turn creates a unique platform for their commercial partners which currently include large brands such as BT, Google. They build trust and authority among their audiences, delivering the right environment for advertisers and sponsors, while also providing a highly valuable opportunity for commercial partners and those working within the industry to raise their own professional profile.

Liz Rowlinson is a journalist who has covered overseas property for over 15 years. After eight years at the Daily Mail, where she commissioned edited the property section for a stint she travelled the world to freelance for all the national cash advance mobile newspapers and various magazines during the last property boom.

Five years ago she became Editor of A Place in the Sun magazine, a role she still has, alongside covering international property for other print and broadcast media..

Jenny Hammond is a presenter for Asset TV (partner of Bloomberg), hosting their masterclasses and news updates which are followed by a global community of 400,000 investment professionals. Considered a leading voice in financial media, Jenny also frequently appears on Tip TV s Investment Show, This is Money s property show and Property TV s (Sky 198) Property Panorama. She best funds was also one of the launch anchors at Russia Today, the first China correspondent for Press TV where she created and directed the bureau and had her own daily lifestyle show on ICS, Levant TV and gbtimes. Understanding what Due Diligence you should be doing is critical to ensuring you invest as securely as possible. We have delivered on every single development, paying returns on time, every time, to our investors. Our reputation also extends far beyond the development arm of the business…. Whether you are completely new to property investing or an experienced landlord or developer, continuous education is the key to real progress and success. At Property Forum we have always been passionate about providing free educational resources through ebooks, guides, videos, and articles.

Throughout 2020 you will see our collection of ebooks and videos expand extensively, giving our members an online library of free educational resources to use at their fingertips. As well as covering the more mainstream topics of buy-to-let and HMOs, our ebook library also includes books about more niche topics such as investing in American real estate and how to adopt an entrepreneur mindset.

Here at Property Forum we are passionate about providing excellent educational resources, courses, videos, articles, calculators and ebooks for anyone interested in making money through property.

Our goal is to ensure you payday loan no broker have all the property guidance and advice you could possible need, at the click of a button.

Yield is probably the most important calculation you will need to pay attention to when researching whether a property investment will work financially for you. Yield tells you how much of an annual return you investment is likely to provide. It is calculated by expressing a years rental income as a percentage of the property purchase price. Every time you purchase a property in England and Northern Ireland you are liable to pay Stamp Duty. Stamp Duty is applicable on both freehold and leasehold properties, whether you are buying with a mortgage or buying outright with cash.

Property Investment Strategies, Mindset, Tax, Rental Income Spreadsheets, Buying Overseas, Entrepreneur Top Tips and much more.

We also want you, as advertisers, to get excellent value. Our news articles are picked up by Google News due to our respected authority in the property world, which provides a huge SEO benefit to your company website.

Our 64,000 members and 30,000 unique monthly visitors have a strong appetite for landlord services, property investments, development finance, and all types of property services.

Our cheap banner advertising is an excellent opportunity to place your company in front of thousands of active landlords, property investors, developers and property professionals.

It is fair to say that Hungary has not exactly been awash with positive press comments of late after the election of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Even though Brexit has been grabbing the headlines of late there is an economic recovery happening across Europe which was perfectly reflected today when the Czech Central Bank inc... Despite the fact that central banks around the world have invested heavily in quantitative easing programmes the European Union, and many other areas of the world, is still struggl... In a frightening development in the Ukraine it has been revealed that pro-Russian militia in the Donetsk People s Republic have been handing out leaflets to all... While the European Union has had more than its fair share of worries over the last few years, the disintegration of the Ukraine could have a profound effect upon emerging real cash advance cincinnati esta... While there is no doubt that Argentina has more than its fair share of natural resources, it is also becoming abundantly clear that the Argentina real estate market is in serious t...

For many years the Latin American economy was seen as something of a basket case with the likes of Brazil, Argentina and an array of other economies struggling to survive. Gibraltar is very much in the news with the Spanish authorities threatening to introduce fees for those passing through the Spanish border on their way to Gibraltar.

Prime residential property prices around the world rose by 2. The Netherlands, Slovenia, Greece, Portugal and Ireland should be avoided by property investors in 2013 after being the worst performing real estate markets in 2012, it is claimed.... Emerging South East Asian cities are leading the charge in luxury residential capital value growth across Asia, according to the latest property index from real estate consultants... Continued government intervention in property markets across Asia has proved effective, as lending restrictions, additional taxes and protection from hot foreign money has led to a... Increasing tourism revenue in Albania is boosting the potential for buy to let property investors choosing to buy in the country, it is claimed. Greece and Ireland, two of the European countries worst hit by the current eurozone financial crisis are proving popular with British people considering buying property overseas. Welcome to our starting point for the overseas property community. If you have any interest or involvement in any of the World s property markets then we strongly urge you to look through what we can offer you. On offer, for FREE, is Property News, Property Forums, Blogs and a overseas property for sale marketplace.

Use this page as your starting point to see the latest news, read the latest forum comments, view recent overseas property blog posts and browse the Overseas Property marketplace. With new, stringent (and seemingly long-lasting) safety measures affecting all businesses due to Covid-19, managing an HMO with multiple tenants faces its own set of unique challenges. But even when social distancing is set to become an everyday part of our lives, the demand for shared accommodation that HMOs offer is as direct lender bad credit loans high as it has ever been.

They also discuss how demand for HMOs might change following this pandemic, and what new opportunities there will be to start, or grow, an HMO portfolio. International For Dummies Author, Entrepreneur, Property Investor, Developer and CEO of www. Whichever property investment strategy you choose (Buy-to-Let, HMOs, Lease Options, or Development), understanding how to source the right property is key. Landlords of all experience and levels, from those starting out in property, to those with substantial portfolios approaching retirement.