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Im looking for a realtor in Jacksonville NC that has experience with helping investors search for properties that have rental potential. I am looking for recommendations for home inspectors in the Jacksonville NC area.

My husband and I are looking to pick up a rental in Oak Island and are looking for a local realtor with experience working with investors. If you do have or invest in tree stands on the coast, then hopefully the ecological phenomenon described by this... Does anyone have experience with short term rentals? Certainly a better return than even many very good... Unfortunately, the Sutton Power station ash ponds are significantly (5x to 6x) larger than the Dan River ash ponds according to NC DEQ Inventory of Duke...

The Neuse and Pamlico rivers, along with everything that feeds into them, have risen and will continue to rise substantially due to Florence. The USGS has monitoring points for those concerned about river and stream... Anyone up for having an informal meet up for those in or around Wilmington, NC?

Are there any issues with holding a security deposit in an account of a financial institution that is headquartered in another state? We use online deposit capture with a large bank that does not have a brick and...

I am planning on moving to Hampstead NC to semi retire and invest cash basic bank accounts online loan no credit check in sf rentals.

Does anybody have any thoughts on the rental market there? Looking for a good flooring company that serves Wilmington, NC. So, we just went under contract on a primary household, but it does have 1000 payday loans a separate income property attached :)Looking for a very thorough and extensive house inspector to use as its an older home (1941) and we... Probably worth planning ahead, regardless if this hits the coastal NC area or not. How do I approach a seller with good sellers financing approach on 20 acre ranch? Hello,My name is Kevin and I just joined BP last week. My wife and I live and Turlock and looking to start our REI. I need a cheap but honest AC repair or replacement in Modesto for a fix and flip condo. Does anyone know a good electrician in the Modesto area? Maybe the SF San Francisco Bay Area folks can chime in. I purchased a house in Merced and turns out an empty lot right next to it is also mine!

I rented the house, what would you suggest I do with the empty lot to maximize profit? Any thoughts on the multi family investment prospects in Modesto for a period of 2 to 3 years? Can someone tell me if Modesto has REGULAR auction sales on the courthouse steps? Any suggestions on how to approach Tuolumne County for innovative ways to utilize vacant mountain property? Last time I checked with the city, they said we can only build a duplex on it cos the site has no public... HelloHas anyone heard any developments or new homes that will come onto the market soon in the Fort Ord redevelopment?

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Karen Hi everyone,If anyone can refer a handyman in the Merced area for fence repair and door screen repair that would be much appreciated. REI Esteban Baez,Hello, Are you in Florida and Interested in a JV deal? What are some important things to know or do before agreeing to rent to own?

Can I rent the condo out while still basic bank accounts online paying it off? He abruptly had to leave out of the country and he is selling me one of his houses. Hello all,This message is for any highly skilled Central Florida mortgage brokers who are willing to help screen lease option tenants. We are willing to pay you fees for your time and will be sure to refer you to... Hi all, I have a question about a deal that I currently have under contract.

The property belongs to my next door neighbor and they want me to have it. What lease option or contract for deed expert have you followed and do you recommend? Personally have taken Joe McCalls Simple Lease Option course and we have been doing about 20 deals ourselves but finding end-buyers...

Any lease-option sellers out there that can help me?

If the lease is for two years, how do you calculate a fast cash loans bad credit reasonable buy price at the end of the lease if the buyer exercises the buy option?

I have investments in Cleveland, a city with good cash flow but low appreciation. Recently heard about doing Lease to Own to the tenant. Benefits: Lease to Own fee at signing, cash flow, and maintenance covered by the... I want to figure out if this is a good area to get into and what any pitfalls may be. Hey guys, Me and my partner started a wholesale company here in SoCal, or are in the process, and I came across an opportunity I feel to d a subject to the mortage. Now I feel like this process is super basic bank accounts online complicated.... Hello BP,I have been wanting to ask this questions for about a year now, and have finally built up the guts to get some help on this topic. Hoping the BP communicate can provide the insight and guidance I have been... Hello Everybody,I will loans in 24 hours be attending University of Northern Iowa in the fall of 2021 and am looking for a house to live in while I am at school. I, currently, work at a bank here in my hometown and I will not eligible... You have spoken, and we have brought you another quiz :) - we hope you have just as much fun with this one!

Take our QUIZ written by David Greene and see if you know real estate as well as you think you do! He writes for our BiggerPockets Blog, and can always be found on our forums. This quiz was made by our amazing member Matthew Olszak, who is a Managing Broker from Chicago, and knows his fair share about AHA and Fair...

Brandon is a real estate investor and CPA specializing in providing business advice and creative tax strategies for real estate investors. Common - take a little time out of your day, and have a little real estate fun to start your weekend off right :)Good luck!

Our newest quiz is brought to you by our amazing member, Andrew Syrios. He has a stellar background in real estate investing which has earned him a spot has an author for our blog, and a... Honestly - How well do you think you know Contractors, Contracts and Construction? This new quiz is brought to you buy our member Marshall Downs from Michigan. Well, in this quiz made by our amazing member Dave Van Horn - he will walk you through the understanding of notes, and what information you might want to know about... BiggerPockets is making some new upgrades in 2017, and one of those could be QUIZZES!!!! You know your brain will thank you :) - but will you thank us? Below is a quiz for first time and early investors,...

So, we had our knowledgeable BiggerPockets member, Amanda Han, create a tax strategy quiz to see where your understanding of real estate strategies... Real estate information can sometimes be a bit confusing, so we want you to take this quiz just to instant money loans see how much you know :) This new quiz was brought to you by one of our members, and writers, Brian Davis.

This quiz is brought to you by one of our BP favorites, Matt Faircloth.

He is a very active member on the site who has a great deal of knowledge in real estate, and is also a...

This forum is NOT for advice on general construction or remodeling, there are other forums for that. I am in LA County and hired a Licensed GC to work on a remodel project (1066 sq ft home and All Permits were taken). Good Evening,A little background on me, I am a Real Estate agent in New Jersey and my wife and I are currently house hacking a duplex and we have been here for a little over a year. Hey guys, searching for a good GC in Columbia, SC to give a repair estimate on a 2400 sf home I want to flip. I was originally looking at a multi family for my first deal but recently been leaning towards buying a single family for lifestyle reasons.

I am still looking for this to help springboard my investing career. Trying to find a great experience with one long term service for my flip constructions, which one has better discounts or deals, Home Depot or Lowes? I am dealing with an issue in which a storm came in and possibly pulled the gutter from the fascia. I basic bank accounts online am just curious, the exterior walls are not sheet rocked on the interior.

I need a bid from a licensed contractor in order to get a renovation loan. Anyone in the atlanta area that I can use to provide reccomendations?

More specifically- do you find a singular renovation contractor to do as much of the work as... This is the lot map of my new house(lot 21) that is getting constructed in cul-de-sac. We learnt our neighbors house(lot 20) is not facing into cul-de-sac, but into the other street.

Hello all,I am looking to connect with a local Jersey City contractor.

Trying to find somebody that investors on this site have actually worked with in the past. Hi everyone,I know there have been many people that have messaged me about my tiny home development in Joshua tree.

I thought I would make a post to let everybody know I will be finally starting to build with a... Just got into contract on my first buy and hold out in Sacramento, CA and inspections showed some of the house was still on Knob and Tube wiring. Question to all my fellow builders, and developers out there suffering through lumber shortages.

Side note: I basic bank accounts online just passed my contractors exam a few weeks ago on the 2012... I am in the process of purchasing the single family home and the inspector noticed the roof was nearing the end of its life. We are considering the option of removing the 4 layers of shingles ourselves (though I am...

What is the best improvement you non payday loans for bad credit can do maximize rent, minimize turnover costs, and increase property value to boost ROI? I am looking for certified FBB (Factory Built Buildings) builder. We want to build a house on land in Cottonwood, AZ. They do not allows manufactured homes, but do allows FBB homes. Hi BP,I recently purchased LVP for my personal residence, and due to my "type A" personality spent quite a bit of time researching options :-) I made a table to keep track of various factors, and wanted to share it...

I am looking to purchase a short-term rental cabin in the Smokies. In your experience, how reliable are the AirDNA numbers in this region? I would love some feedback on overhead expenses I should be aware of in the Boone, North Carolina area. Hey guys, new to the forums and real estate in general. I am excited that we got a sub-forum formed for the Western half of the state! I would love to connect with others of you from these areas! Wednesday, November 29 at 4:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM EasternSingle family homes (SFRs) can be a fantastic investment for those who shop smart, analyze correctly, and execute proficiently!

Wednesday, June 19 at 4:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM EasternImagine a life where you can work when you want, how you want, on what you want, with whomever you want! For most of the world - this is nothing but a dream, but for... Wednesday, December 27 at 4:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM EasternEveryone knows rental properties can add to your net worth and provide consistent cash flow.

But how do you ensure you build your portfolio with solid... Special Night: Tuesday, October 24 at 4:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM EasternSingle-family homes (SFRs) can be a fantastic investment for those who shop smart, analyze correctly, and execute proficiently!