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After having a serious convo with my admins, I made a pivot.

And one, became much smaller, and now we focus on TikTok consulting. Hakeem:My only piece of advice for TikTok is take five to 10 hours, only consume real estate content on basic bank account for bad credit TikTok, and then never consume again. Understand the niches, the nuances, the ins and outs of what matters, how do I post contextually to TikTok? I went from zero to 55 followers by posting my best content from LinkedIn and Instagram, just downloading and uploading. I had never watched anything, just download, upload, doing terrible. And then, I took five to 10 hours, understood the ins and outs of real estate, sports, and entrepreneurial type of content. Within a month, I went from 55 to 82,000 followers, and- Brandon:Okay. I got I think 100 followers on TikTok right now, and I want to grow this. But what could I have done if I had a million followers on Instagram right now, versus having 170,000? And I wish I would have started on Instagram earlier. I say, audit your top 10, 20 friends who have a TikTok, and audit how many are actually posting. And how much content is being put in front of those basic bank account for bad credit eyes? So, if you can post five times a day, you should, if you can post 10 times a day, you should.

Posted five times this day, 2000 new followers today, posted two times this day, 200 new followers today. Hakeem:They did not want to be generalized as that, and strategically, adjusted their algorithm to focus more on informational, educational, and compelling storytelling type of content. The thing that TikTok has done better than any platform is their algorithm has created this unlimited For You stream of content that is so wildly tailored to the things that you like. How do they know who they should be following, and what type of content is worth consuming if you want to learn about real estate?

Hakeem:The guys I follow is Mikey Taylor, a former professional skater. He runs a private equity fund called Commune Capital. I would follow when Brandon starts posting his account. I put out maybe one every three weeks some type of real estate type of content.

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I only give advice that I take, I do not consume TikTok content at all, zero. People who are really… Now, are there people who are not going to communicate that are successful?

Brandon:But by and large, people I know that are most successful tend to be good at communicating their points.

It affects every area of your life from dating, to real estate, to business, to whatever. I care about the audience because I want to bring value to the audience, but to be as honest as God, honest as possible, I could care less. Because our grandparents, our parents online personal loan bad credit never had this opportunity.

Because one day she will watch this, I can guarantee it. Because if you could watch your parents on every podcast they were on, or your grandparents, every podcast they were on, or their great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents in every show- Hakeem:… every piece of content they bad credit loans today put out, you would watch, and rewatch, and rewatch every second of it. Hakeem:But that will be your unlock to now being so wildly unemotional about every piece of content you put out. I could care less if this gets 12 views because my kids are going to watch it. We could talk about TikToks all day, but I want to move on to the last segment of our show, and this is our- Brandon:All right.

So, Famous Four is a part of the show where we ask every guest the same four questions. Hakeem:Honestly, the OG, the original blue book of The Book on Rental Property Investing. I was flipping houses with my ex, done flipping houses with my ex, I know I want to do real estate, where do I go in real estate? And what can giving do as a business tactic at the end of the day? Hakeem:My biggest purchase besides my used car in the NFL was an alto sax, it was like two or three grand, I always wanted to play… I played the drums and piano growing up, but could never afford person loans a saxophone, and that was probably one of my first purchases. The guy I lived with when I first got to the league was really good at the sax, and every day, short time loans when we got home, we literally just put on some music on YouTube, whether it was Kenny G, or whether it was something that was new, and tried to play sax behind it.

And then, when I left the Cardinals and went to the Lions, I started to actually get lessons in Detroit. Well, my last question of the day then, what do you think separates successful real estate investors and those who give up, fail, or never get started? Some people like the idea of going to networking events and doing all that type of stuff, are you actually going to follow up and take action? David:Well, on that vein, for people who want to follow cash loan with bad credit up with you, where can they find out more about you? Outside of that, LinkedIn is a great place, just Hakeem Valles, first and last name.

But LinkedIn is probably the greatest place to reach out and find me. Well, I appreciate having you on the show today, it was phenomenal. Hakeem:Brandon, David, wildly enjoyed the show, thank you so much for having me. Be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from biggerpockets.

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Anson has touched on almost every aspect of real estate investing.

He flips, he wholesales, and he personal cash advance sells houses as an agent, meaning he has a huge amount of knowledge to share basic bank account for bad credit to BiggerPockets listeners. On average, Anson is doing 12-15 flips a year, 10 wholesale deals a year, and a dozen or so sales a year as an agent. Anson has some great advice on finding off-market (and on-market) deals that include driving for dollars, door knocking, and list building.

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Do you have an accountability partner that can hold you to a high standard to get the work done? Are you systematizing your leads or trying to juggle them all in your head?

And we say, like what should people do actionably right now this weekend to drive leads into your business that you can get deals, should you go on market? Should you go off market, should you do direct mail?

Brandon:How do you stay consistent over the long haul?

You have to be a pro member or a premium member to be part of the group for the book club. Brandon:So if you are interested in that, just go to biggerpockets.

I hope you guys enjoy this interview with my good buddy, a real estate investor from the Denver market, Anson Young. All right, Anson, welcome back to the BiggerPockets podcast. One of the few four Peters here on the show, how are you doing man? In the meantime we had moved down to Phoenix and I picked up a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is kind of the basic investor origin story that got me launched off where I landed in Phoenix and said, you know what?

New city, new me, kind of had a eat, pray, love moment. Took me about a year to get my first deal but we did that and it was kind of off to the races and that was back in the 2005 days. Moved back to Denver right fast cash online loans after that first deal and just kind of started doing fix and flips, wholesaling, basic bank account for bad credit got my license a year later and then just been doing whatever I can ever since. And then on the agent side doing a dozen or so on that side right now. Brandon:Well, one thing I really like about you and the reason I brought you on the show again today is because you are really good at balancing that lifestyle piece with trying to actually make enough money to live and survive and thrive.