I want to get away from high HOA in Orlando and buy from Tampa area down to Cape Coral. Right now it looks like I could buy old over priced small units or a new duplex and get the same return on... I have a property managed by a property management company and the tenant put in an order for the house plumbing to be backed up. The drain company came out and unclogged the line from the house to the street and found... Hey guys,I have been trying to figure out if its more beneficial to take out the 100K from my 401K our not. I know I will have to pay income tax on what is withdrawn, but will I have... This is a post that details my experience with accepting an EIDL disaster loan amount above 25k where my properties are held in my personal name, no LLC. A lot of people hold properties in their personal name,...

Hello Everyone,I have a SFR in WA state with tenants not paying. They had paid badcreditloans through August, but in September stopped and have not paid October either.

My understanding is eviction is allowed only if selling in WA.... I just got an email about my application for the SBA economic disaster loan.

Are there any programs or assistance for landlords? I was looking forward to selling the condo unit and moving on to...

Hello All, I am wondering if anyone can help me clarify this topic? I applied for an SBA EIDL loan almost immediately after badcreditloans they announced it. A few days ago I got a note saying they still have my app and sit tight. I got a 2nd email yesterday saying they were going to process it, and... BiggerPockets is working on a piece that will share all relief programs that might be available to Americans (disaster relief, financial relief, unemployment, medical, etc).

Seasonal rentals, student loans in jacksonville badcreditloans fl rentals could be hit very hard by vacancies... Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, introduced a bill in the U.

House calling for a nationwide cancellation of rent and mortgage payments until the coronavirus pandemic has ended which also would include the creation of a... This post relates to the ongoing discussion about a recession vs. Please post your comments on my theory, especially if you disagree! Thousands in Hawaii, and millions across the country are now unemployed and unable to make their mortgage payments.

There are also those that own investment property where the tenant is in the same situation and can... Hoping our community can come together in this time. I foresee a lot of tenants will be financially impacted by the closures necessitated by COVID-19 many are hourly employees who are...

Looking into buying an apartment in Philadelphia with the purpose of living there for the next 3 years and renting it out after that.

It is a fixer upper and I have been doing my research on FHA 203k loans but am confused about which... Primary interest would be Townhouse or Single family. Hi All,Myself and a friend of mine are going in on a first house together, that we eventually would like to be a rental. We found a suitable property that we would like to put an offer in on.

I know that in order to get a mortgage you need to prove you have a reliable source of income and show 2 years of a stedy work history but I have a low income job badcreditloans and was hoping to switch to a better paying one. I plan on buying a single family home this year 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and rent out 2 of the rooms and stay in one of them any tips or advice would be great p. Hello community, I am a new investor and I would like to invest in multiple turnkey rental properties. First I would like to compare and narrow down the markers which are great for profitable rental properties and fits... I am looking to get the ball rolling to buy into my first investment property through the house hack method with an FHA loan. Hi Everyone, hope everyone is staying badcreditloans safe and staying warm! I am holding my counter offer for the property as follow. Location: IL Northwest Suburb (Barrington High 220 district)Type: Single Family House (2car...

I am a new rental property investor looking to make connections in the state of Massachusetts. I am looking to get into REI, I was originally looking to save for my first home but quickly realized the my tastes far exceed my budget. If you know anyone or have recommendations, please refer to... Property I am looking should be self sustainable with positive cashflow and good chance of appreciation. I am advised to look into online payday loans kansas Atlanta and Charlotte but open for other... Hi BiggerPocketsI would like to get opinions on a possible property for sale in San Antonio.

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Hi Everyone,I was wondering if it was possible to rent out our FHA primary residence before our first year is up given the following circumstance:We bought the home a month ago in TX with the intentions of living in...

I made up my mine 100 day payday loan to approach this house that looks like its in distress. I am a OOS investor looking to purchase some turkey properties in Memphis, TN area. However I am particularly getting worried about the...

First tenant called today with a Corona virus related lay-off. She worked for a service that placed nursing and medical personnel in nursing homes and related businesses.

Just curious if anyone else payday loans lubbock tx out here in Michigan is considering suing the State of Michigan and Governor Whitmer for the suspension of the eviction process? It would have to be an investor agent friendly brokerage. I just finished up my junior year and am looking for a summer internship (can work into the school year as well). Student rentals bring along with them different challenges a whole different crisis during this pandemic. Nearly all academic institutions have gone online and therefore students who had signed one year leases have... Does anyone have a CPA recommendation for federal and Virginia taxes?

We have a small portfolio of six units along with our two W2s. Historically we have completed the taxes ourselves with turbo... I live in San Diego and am interested in speaking with some of the business brokers in SoCal. I really think there is going to personal loans com reviews be a lot of businesses changing hands over the next year or two, and I want to be in that... I have a tenant who is making lots of noise from an upstairs unit. Either they walk day and night and it pounds the floor more than others or they have a treadmill. Though many of us have collected rents in April, now that May 1st is rolling around and a lot has happened in April (with stimulus checks, the SBA PPP program, EIDL, unemployment etc) and also all sorts of information...

With a payday loans online no credit check no faxing recession looming and sizing a lean organization.. Like what are you keen on downsizing, reducing costs, canceling contracts.. The news story said HUD is suspending evictions and foreclosures - no info on private party restrictions. All,I was wondering how other Apartment owners are badcreditloans getting ready for Corona Virus pandemic and good tenants that are losing their jobs.

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We have several C class apartments and most of our tenants work in the service... I think Texas will be the first market to recover from the financial impact of the virus. Does pay advance anyone know the repercussions of purchasing a property in Ohio, with an Arizona LLC? I would purchase the property with my AZ LLC, then refinance after six months in my name, releasing title out of the LLC. I know most of us landlords are not like this and in fact are willing to work with tenants who are impacted by the virus shutdowns, but the media will surely... Hi Everyone,As a landlord for many years, we have had to deal with many situation. We have currently develop this relief structure for a tenants moving forward. We also are able to use this format for our coastal...

There seems to be a lot of moving parts in regards to information that is out there. I was hoping someone could clarify options or lack there of. I have an fixNflip that was just completed last month in downtown... I am an investor in Ohio but I became interested in tax sales in Virginia, especially in the Hampton Roads area. I used to lived there many years ago and I still have ties to the town.

Hello,I hope everyone is staying healthy during this pandemic.

As someone who had been saving up for a downpayment and was recently laid off due to the coronavirus.

Earlier this month, I put together another big apartment turnaround project with great returns.

When I went to raise money this last week, everyone was reluctant invest because of uncertainty surrounding the economy....

Painted over wall paper - used a belt sander with 60 grit, then a skim coat mud, then normal paint prep.

I am new to being a landlord of a duplex and an unsure how to handle this issue.

One of my tenants called me because the tenant of the other unit is constantly arguing with her significant other and has had the badcreditloans police... One of the dogs seems to get out and I have now received a complaint from a neighbor next to the property. The tenants are on month-to-month with well expired rental agreements.