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And that is a detailed in your article called Taking advantage of Mr. Bear, which we will include a link to in our show notes, which are at biggerpockets. Two other things you might link to in the show notes is I have a post called Why You Should Not Be in The Stock Market. And I wrote that post two years ago in 2018 when things were calm because not everybody should be in the stock market. And right now, this volatility is a great test of whether you should be in the stock market. The other one is called Time Machine And The Future Of Stocks. And the point of that post is the market does not require perfect conditions so you have the great returns, but you do have to be willing to put up with the fast online payday loan volatility. I have a couple of things to go back a couple of minutes ago, you mentioned something called VTSAX.

VTSAX for those instant loans of you listening who are not familiar with our terminology here is an index fund from Vanguard. All the rest of us who are still working, still contributing, still investing over the long term are going to see no long-term dramatic impact from this drop-off. One is that your VOO is an ETF, and the ETF version of VTSAX is VTI, same portfolio. In fact, VTI the ETF is a slightly better choice these days simply because the expense ratio is slightly lower. Mindy:Oh, Jim Collins, the master of the stock markets says he never sells anything ever. She will do better than the vast majority of my readers. Mindy:Real estate investing is known for a lot of things, mainly making a select group of people a lot of money, but being an online cutting-edge experience is usually not one of its hallmarks. Their revolutionary model is transforming the industry thanks to software that cuts out costly middlemen and old market inefficiencies. Getting started as simple and usually takes less than five minutes. Mindy:When you invest, you will be instantly diversified across dozens of real estate projects, each one carefully vetted and actively managed by Fundrisers, team of real estate pros. Then you can use their intuitive investor dashboard and real time reporting system to monitor the progress of each property instant payday loans direct lenders no credit check within your portfolio.

Mindy:Let me tell you about my secret weapon for learning new things and getting ahead. Blinkist takes the best key takeaways, the need to know information from thousands of nonfiction books and condenses them down into just 15 minutes that you can read or listen to.

Mindy:With Blinkist, you get unlimited access to read or listen to a massive library of condensed non-fiction books, all the books you want and all for one low price right now for a limited time. Blinkist has a special offer just for our audience. Now, I say that by the way, as somebody who achieved financial independence, picking individual stocks and picking actively managed funds that were run by short term loans no credit check people picking stocks. The research is categorically shows that the index outperforms topic. But if somebody can resist picking stocks, then picking deeply out of favor categories when as saying goes, blood is in the street, there are worse things to do. And then take the last 1,500 bucks and go have fun. Investing is not play money, at least not my world. You should look for wealth building investments, you should look for your entertainment fun elsewhere. Mindy:I want to answer your question, Scott, and say, yes, you should invest in the cruise ships and the airplanes and all of that, and you do that by buying an index fund.

You take all that money and you put it in the index fund, but Jim said it before I could say it. And then if I was convinced I knew when it was finally hitting the bottom, I would put all my money back in. Now, the question becomes, how do I know that nobody on the planet can do that?

I mean, how does Jim Collins know that all of the people, all the seven plus billion views and all those people that nobody can time the market the way just described? There would be no power investing power, more powerful than actually being able to time market, not the phony claims that you see on all the TV shows of people who tell you they can do it.

If somebody loan companies who could actually do that, they rapidly own all the money in the world. And there was a woman by the name of Elaine Garzarelli, who was a stock analyst on Wall Street, young woman and she predicted the crash almost to the day, like in August, and she was lionized for that. And she was lionized and she rapidly had her own firm and she could never repeat the performance because she got lucky. Somebody is predicting it, and therefore, somebody and maybe a collection of somebody is going to be right. I predict on Monday the market is going to go up and I predict that Monday the market is going to go down. Okay, I predict the market is going to be flat on Monday. Jim:We have three of us, we could each take one of those predictions.

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How should that person be thinking about their overall financial bad credit money loans position and navigating the challenges that may come with the recession, with the market going forward? Market drops are your friend because that amount of money you put in every week or every month or whatever is now buying more shares. I was going to ask you to explain bonds, but then you just did, so never mind that. Jim:If anybody steps forward and tells you that they could do that for you, Mindy, I would shut down the microphone and close my ears. There are 105 years, and I was thinking about this, do you know when the stock markets started?

Jim:Well, the very first stock market was in the Netherlands, in Holland in like the 1500s. Mindy:We have a long-recorded history of it starting in 1915 on this link that I will share in the show notes. You own the economic power of the United States, and everybody in those companies from the factory floor to the CEO is working to make you richer and to beat the competition. And I know people, bad credit money loans I have friends by the way, who believe that civilization is going to end and online unsecured personal loans they are out building off the grid houses in remote areas. If you believe that this disease, this Coronavirus will be solved and controlled at some point, then the market will go back up.

So the idea that something of that nature happening are a whole lot more remote than they were back then. When did they discover you had to wash your hands between patients? They used a certain, used to cut payday loans in delaware people open without bothering to clean their hands between surgeries?

You had a tweet the other day that I thought was just so brilliant and then I read your bad credit money loans Mr. This market crash is not any different, just like you said it.

What are the odds that every other country in the world is going to be more immune than America is?

That certainly would have been the end of both those countries. Presumably, they have expressed their ideas as clearly as they know how. If you want to keep buying individual stocks, then buy individual stocks, it just makes a better market. In fact, the fewer people who follow my path, the better off I am personally. So if you want to go pick individual stocks, if you want to sell your stocks in a panic and drive the market down so I can buy it cheaper, you go for it.

And my favorite investment vehicle is VTSAX or VTI through Vanguard and put as much as you can in it, whenever you can.

Be like Mindy- Jim:Other than putting the money in. And then stay they invested forever and just draw up a little bit you need when the time comes to live on it. Well, I know we can find this as well on the show notes for episode 20 at bad credit money loans biggerpockets. Mindy:Okay, Scott, that was Jim Collins from JL Collins NH, the author of The Simple Path To Wealth. Mindy:Well, and over the very long term I think is a really great point.

I am not in the stock market so that I can cash out tomorrow.

And when I think about rental properties, I try to apply exactly the same philosophy we just discussed today to my rental bad credit money loans property investments. I believe that over a very long period of time, my rental properties are going to appreciate in value and my cashflow is going to grow as rents rise with inflation.

Expenses obviously also increase in inflation, but mathematically that translates to greater and greater cashflow growth over the very long term as well.

But the fear that an investor has in that environment is, "Hey, is my cashflow going to evaporate? And what am I going to do to sustain this property? Scott:But bring in appropriate reserve and consider that part of your investments. Scott:And that allows me to stay in the market forever.

I can sell, I can refinance, I can buy more, but I am trying to apply the exact same long longterm philosophy. The whole reason we started this podcast is because the number one question that we would get in the forums is, "How do I start investing in real estate with no money and bad credit? So if you have no money, you should also not be in the real estate market at this time. Mindy:All these things are going to have ripple effects. What happens if your otherwise great tenant loses their job? I think with this, Mindy and I are extremely passionate about helping you guys succeed financially over the long term. If you have worries, find us on the Facebook Group, at BiggerPockets Money. I want to make sure that if this is a recession, if this is a painful problem for people, that we are personally privately as individuals, there to help you if you have questions or that the group is there for you, the Facebook Group, BiggerPockets forums.