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The latter checks if all the documents conform to the Bulgarian construction legislation as well as if the building is properly connected to the electricity, sewerage and water suppler. It checks if the premises are secure and suitable for living. John I would not be surprised at all in BG if your place was rented out without you knowing as this is very common not just with the developers cheap loans for bad credit but also with some letting agents Came across this. I visited in August and there and viewed apt block and area.

Agree its prob already set up but waiting for funds to confirm. I met a good few rental agencies over there and the message was realism needs to come home on payday loans odessa tx rent yields. There are A LOT of empty apts in Sofia and a lot of them are in centre so need to be competitve. The developers are attempting to target the workers in nearby business park through a shuttle bus service and long term there are plans to have a train station in area. Also plans to develop the ski lift which is literally next door (although bit of bad credit loans texas eye sore unfinished place in front and a few other apt blocks beside us too). I am dealing with claim to have a list of 30 names waiting to view but not so sure about that. I agree with above - although we are all very worried I think these developers are not the worst - they will finish the place and their offices are on site. Some of the things are a bit unsatisfactory but they have not left the place unfinished which a lot of developers throughout the country have done. Key for now is to get rent income no matter how small!

We are pleased to inform you that we already have all of the water and electric meters installed. The most important thing for the proper work of the electric grid has been made and right now we are in position of switching on of the permanent electricity. The electric post will start effectively operating any time.

The procedure for opening individual utility accounts had been started.

We hope that the relevant institutions will prepare and issue needed document as soon as possible.

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Orpheus will furnish the apartment with hardwood furniture and leather settee for about Eur 7500 and the other company will take over the letting side. Anyone with dealings with Orpheus currently or in the past?

The impression I got from them is that there are a lot of mid to low quality apartments available to let to Sofia, bit insufficient high end units on the market. Even then, they were talking of approx EUR400 per month for higher end units.

My solicitors in Bulgaria cautioned me about the validity and enforcability of guaranteed rentals are no telecheck payday loan lenders there payday laons were many instances of company not paying up or failing to meet their commitment. Any body with experience in letting aparments out there?

I think they are trying a new tactic with the insufficient high end units!! Guaranteed rental has in the past been a total waste of time and very few owners actually get anything close to the promised return so I would listen to your lawyer on that one. In Vitosha it is very hard to rent anything in due to the fact that there are no services there as yet, it is very much on the outskirts of Sofia. I would be more inclined to use a rental company who has already proven their services rather than some company someone else has just found to look after my investment. Tried looking up the company you used to furnish your apartments but could not find it. Could you please provide me with info on the contact person and, if possible, a link to their website. You can contact her on 359 888 187 419 the company is bg-interiors just google the name they come up on the first page of all the search engines Hello!

I am the Director of BG Surveyor and we have inspected about 15 apartments onsite Vitosha Park.

We offer a comprehenssive service including 2 inspection plus a 15 minute DVD walk of poor credit loans instant decision the apartment and the surroundings posted to the client. We are also able to offer insurance through a well established international insurance company as well as rental services through a real estate broker.

I am Irish, from Donegal and we have bad credit loans texas bough a 1 bed in Magnolia. I have not paid any management or utility fees yet as I want to make sure the complex is up and running as a properly finished development and not an ongoing building site.

For example I think bad credit loans texas the pool and all other leisure facilities need to be completed. I am Irish, from Donegal and we have bough a 1 bed in Magnolia. I have not paid any management or utility fees yet as I want to make sure the complex is up and running as a properly finished development and not an ongoing building guaranteed acceptance payday loans site. For example I think the pool and all other leisure facilities need to be completed. My apartment looks good, I am happy with the quality www personal loans com and the finish, however one of the blocks is far from finished and I am a bit concerned that they will not get ACT 16 by May as promised! Hello Graham i agree with you about the maintainence theres not much we can do about it appart fom pay it however the two year rental contract only covers the cost of the furniture pack i think i will be opting out of that one. How long did they say it would be before the final block is completed. Did you opt for a parking space, i never i think that may have been a mistake. We strongly dont agree with the price of furnishment (800 eur each apt) and with the management and rental contract. Please, reply my post or send me your email address so we can keep in touch and exchange information about Vitosha Park and the actual situation of prices and real state in Sofia. When I figure out how to send a private message, I will send you my contact details! I have just got some info from a person that has payday today a friend who bought in Vitosha. They have been through the process and have recommended a management company called Sash, they do furniture and property management. Thankyou, I think there are many management and frunish companies, the problem is to select the right one.

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I have been over to view my apartment a couple of times (last Nov08) and have been very impressed. Have signed up to rental contract which I cash advance louisville ky felt was fine and did not think that the furniture pack was too expensive. Do you know if the Magnolia apartments are finished? I am having a problem getting a mortgage to finalise the purchase like many others and have received an e-mail from the developers sales team saying that they were trying to organise mortgages. The agency that i went through when buying are of no help at all. They refuse to return any of the deposit paid to them. My appt in Lillia looks fairly close to completion the kitchen was being fitted just as i left the flooring was down and the bathrooms were fitted out.

As you said in a previous thread the two appts that have been built in the area that was originally the tennis court are much further behind and the swimming pool is bad credit loans texas not going to be very big. The facilities like swimming pool and tennis court will be located in the new plot of land which shall be added to the existing area of the complex. The management of the company is quite well aware of the obligations taken when the Preliminary contract has been signed. In order to keep the proportion between the open space areas and the buildings inside the complex, and to avoid any doubts that the facilities like the tennis court and the swimming pool will become a matter a fact, this new area keeps the balance. By providing more space, your tensions about the lack of enough room caused by the construction of the additional 2 buildings become groundless. We have not specified the exact location of the facilities, they were just outlined as a compulsory part of the entire project.