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A lot of them say networking is key so I will be trying to do that. Building business installment loans in alabama credit has been something that has come up a lot when I have been looking for doing deals. Basically to start from nothing I have learned that my business needs to be set up as an LLC, has its own... Hello all,I was interested in gathering some info from experienced investors in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I am currently looking in the Cheyenne, WY area for my first investment property (preferably a residential multifamily). I am in the process of trying to acquire contacts in the area seeing that I have never... Thanks to everyone loans cash in minutes same day who attended the open house at 6th Avenue on May 11, 2016. It is always great to see everyone and talk about our successes (and trials)! A special thanks to Cheryl Packham for coordinating the meet... Any information on MLOs that work with investors in this area would be... Preferably someone who has done small multi-family. I have my license in CO and am spoiled rotten as far as the fees go 20 per month and 250 per... Hello everyone, My name is Matt and I am relatively new to the area and real estate investing.

I currently own two homes, one in Texas that I rent out and one here in Cheyenne that I live in. Hi everyone,I am a newbie to real estate investing but have been reading up and improving my knowledge on the market for a couple of months and came across BP.

The reason I decided to purchase payday loan lenders bad credit my first property in the... I have a great agent, and will be filtering through deals. I am currently under F1 Visa status (Student Visa) and get my green card within a year. Hi everybody,I would be very interested to know how much foreign investors pay in taxes on their rental income, using an LLC.

I understand that this way you can elect to connect the income to the US company you have...

I wanted to spell out all the steps I went through in order to be functional as a real investor via a US company in America. I wanted to ask fellow foreign investors what there biggest fear or challenge is trying to get into the property market in USA. I am German living currently in Mexico and my husband is Mexican living and working in the US with a TN visa. We both would like to get into real estate, we are just... Hi All, I would love to hear if there are any international investors that have created an LLC, researched and bought property all remotely?

Hi,Has anyone of you, foreign investors, managed to refinance and get reasonable interest rates on conventional 30-years loans without credit score? I want to share a tip for america cash advance any other foreign investors that I have just found out about. Hello Folks,I wonder if there is anyone in the forums that can share their experiences purchasing a condo property in Maui for short term rentals?

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Really excited and want to get my feet wet with assembling a team and closing my first deal. I own the home I live in and am thinking about buying another 1-2 homes for passive income, utilizing a management agency.

My current employer is sponsoring my green card application, but the whole process will...

Out of state investing seem to be very hard, out of country is it a mission impossible?

If yes, where and in what kind of property would you invest?

Does anyone has an experiance with getting an HELOC without any credit on their exiting properties (bought... Does anyone has an experiance with getting an HELOC without any credit on their exiting... And can I use my banks in my country and use the money in USA? Hi guys,It looks like quebec forum is very inactive. Is anyone out there doing deals in quebec these days? I want start doing "buy and hold" in the greater montreal area. With same day pay day loans COVID-19 overwhelming us I guess there is not much in terms of meet ups going. I would be happy to host a virtual meet up for Greater Montreal Area folks -... Looking for fellow Real Estate Investors that have been able to go through the acquisition of a property with seller financing in Qc. Looking to contract out this part of my business and am looking for any suggestions for a property management company in the greater Montreal area. Buildings in questions are all less than 4 units... I need help with putting in place a structure to help me deal with income taxes and maximize my... As the title says, I am looking for information on property management companies in the Great Montreal Area. I am looking to hire america cash advance that out in the coming months and would appreciate any insights... Hello everyone,I am situated in Montreal and looking to buy my first property. Having read several posts by other BP members in Quebec it would seem that most properties on the MLS are ill-suited for returning a... Are there more popular strategies that work in Quebec that you like?

Hello BP Forums,I am very excited to be a member of this wonderful and helpful community. I am a new investor who is looking to make his first real estate deal. I am interested in House Hacking, BRRRR Strategy and... I am a recent undergraduate from the University of South Florida, graduating from the Honors College with two bachelors. Hey everyoneI am in the process of purchasing a 4 plex in the Montreal area and would america cash advance like some information. Hi,I talked to a guy from "Immobilier sans tracas" (this is in Montreal). They are looking for passive financial partners, and are promising a really high return on investment. My husband and I are starting out on our long-term plan to relocate to Montreal in a few years.

Hi everyone, I am seeking your opinion about the most efficient software brands that can be used for book keeping and other software brands that are know for new payday lenders property management. Good day, I recently opened a business bank account and mention to the banker that I would like to obtain a business credit card in order to avoid using my personal credit card for online business expenses. A potential(ly great) opportunity just presented itself to me through a friend. Her neighbour bad america cash advance credit loans guaranteed approval unfortunately passed away from a long battle with cancer today. Hi,i am looking to go in real estate in the Montreal area any good tips where to invest and where to find my first flip?

Is it just me or the numbers should be different in our market? Hello Canadian BP members,wanted to start a thread to see where everyone is finding deals these days. Ive been combing the MLS religiously and only come across a decent deal once in a blue moon. Im a REI living in Toronto looking to buy their first property! Im aware of the economic risks associated with investing in Sault ste. Marie (SSM) , but the provincial government and city seem to be...

Hello everyone,I became a landlord for the first time ever on Friday. My property is a 4-plex in Welland, all units 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a quick cash loans bad credit basement. Each unit is fully rented, so I provided each tenant with a new... Hi all,I am thinking about buying a Duplex that might have the ability to be converted to a Triplex. I spoke to the City of Oshawa (licensing department first). They said that kind of project would basically convert... Hi BP community, I am looking for a mortgage broker in Niagara region, Canada.

Any leads or recommendations are highly appreciated. Pratibha Hi subject matter expertsI own a property in Brantford, Ontario. I liked London city but getting a good property under 500k is almost impossible there. Good Afternoon,Does anyone have recent experience investing in St. I owned there from 87-91 and always liked the area.

Prices are looking good for multi-unit properties ( less than 4 units). I know Windsor had single family homes that ranged from 150-200k... As a little background, I currently own 2 rentals (Oakville and Burlington), but with prices rising so high so quickly... Hi all, I am thinking about leveraging some of my existing residential properties.

I wanted to get some opinions from fellow investors.

I just had a talk with my mortgage broker and essentially I got a budget for about 400k. Hello everyone,I have been actively looking for single and multi family deals. For single family I have been looking for fix and flip projects.

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Hey BiggerPockets,I am looking for a property management software. I have done a ton of research and I feel a little overwhelmed at the amount of options. I have 9 doors currently, but I am definitely looking to...

Sound like realtors in Ontario are so happy that market is active and prices are on rise for houses in general, while bankers have a bearish look and think the worst is yet to come. This includes upwards of a dozen 4 foot wide rolls of torn carpet and subfloor. Hello BP, My name is Joe, married and I live and work in Edmonton, AB, Canada. I stumbled unto BP a few months ago because I was interested in real estate and wanted to educate myself more on it. I am new to real estate and own one property in Grande Prairie, AB. Due to COVID-19 and oil prices, Alberta economy has suffered badly. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of any investor meetups in Calgary, AB Canada. My partner and I are looking to get into the Calgary, AB market and we want to start building our network. If any of you have any referrals for a good realtor, contractor, property...

Anyone successfully doing BRRR methods in Calgary AB, Canada in the last couple years? It would be amazing if you have examples of what you did. What area, what the purchase price was, how much it appraised for, before... Hi All,I have been looking at the different platforms for real estate data and am curious if there is any real difference between them?

Hi,I was wondering if anyone on here does rental by the room and where you got insurance? I am looking to rent out a 7 bedroom single family home by the room and so far have not found an insurer that will cover me. Just curious to hear if anyones used any of these strategies and wants to share how it went for them. Im america cash advance taking barry mcguires rapid cash flow program right now so i hope to do some in the near future. So as a beginner with very little downpayment for an investment to flip.

I was hoping to learn more about this investing by 1st maybe doing 10 paper deals to also grow my personal capital and if one or two look too... Hi there,I am super new to real estate investing and am looking for my first rental property in the Edmonton area,I was curious to see if anyone has any recommendations on any realtors who have experience with helping... All,Looking very much like I will be going through my first rental eviction in Alberta (non payment of Rent). Are there any Alberta investors who can share with me their rental eviction template? I was up there about 10 years ago I bid on a commercial property and got out bid by Canadian super store..