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And campaigners point out that the main cause of the problem, developers taking out mortgages on properties they have already sold, is not addressed. The proposed legislation seriously undermines the rights of buyers. The Cyprus Property and Landowners Association said it agrees that the amendments do not address the root of the problem but it praised the government for trying to sort out the mess. The government is trying to do something about a huge problem. The positive thing is that they acknowledge that the problem is there. It s criminal that successive governments have let the problem reach this point, it said. Campaigners in Cyprus are to hold a series of demonstrations aimed at trying to force the banks to reveal details of mortgages taken out by property developers at the heart of the title deeds scandal. Tens of thousands of owners and real estate investors on the Mediterranean island don t have legal titles because developers mortgaged the land to get money to build and they claim that they were therefore duped.

If buyers had been informed of the presence of these mortgages then most, if not all, would not have purchased them. They say that lawyers are also to blame for failing to provide a duty of care to their clients by not warning them of the risks of this situation. The Cyprus government has pledged to sort out the situation but many owners have hit out at how long it is taking.

Now the Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG) is organising a series of demonstrations in efforts to force the banks in Cyprus to disclose details of mortgages taken out by property developers. Not only are property owners at risk of losing their property if the developer goes bust and can t pay the mortgage on the land, but the scandal has had a negative on the island s property market with publicity putting off potential buyers. The Central Bank has recently accused the banks of attempting to hide the extent of the debt faced by developers who have been hit by the global economic downturn. Owners want to know the current extent of these loans as banks mostly refuse to discuss this, claiming client 3000 dollar loan confidentially.

CPAG is starting the action against banks to press for full disclosure to buyers of developer account balances on loans on their properties. The first demonstration takes place this Friday, November 27 at 10am outside the Bank of Cyprus in Paphos whose chairman Theodoros Aristodemou is also the chairman of Aristo, the largest developer on the island. The banks involved have effectively made these buyers the ultimate guarantors of these mortgages without their permission or even knowledge. Some of these buyers may have personal mortgages from the same bank and have not been notified of the additional risk, the group said in a statement. This organised deception by this community of developers, lawyers and bankers has underpinned the whole property industry in Cyprus and is a terrible indictment www payday loans com of the people involved and especially of the successive governments who have failed to protect buyers, a spokesman said.

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Unfortunately, the risks taken are now coming home to roost due to the current global financial crisis. We are also now discovering just how reckless the banks have been with the orgy of lending over the past few years, he added. The latest figures from the Department of Lands and Surveys show that 146 property contracts for foreign buyers were deposited last month compared with 160 a year ago. Keeping up with their mortgage repayments is a particular problem for those who took Swiss Franc mortgages with Cypriot banks, according to a report in the Cyprus Property News. Attracted by low interest rates, they been hit very badly by exchange rates.

Buyers who took out mortgages with banks in Cyprus have also seen base rate rises and in some cases having to pay almost cash usa net twice as much than they budgeted for when they bought their property. It is also widely thought that continued inaction to solve the island s long running title deed saga has created negative feeling about the Cyprus property market.

The Interior Minister promised that new legislation to deal with the Title Deed problem would be ready by the end of 2008 but proposals have been heavily criticised and the problems is still unresolved. A recent High Court ruling in London that at British couple must demolish their villa in the occupied area of Cyprus and give back the land to the original owner has confused many potential buyers and put them off buying property on the island.

We are starting to see a slight turn around in the Cyprus housing market and I expect 2014 to be a positive alternatives to payday loans year. Property sales in Cyprus are edging upwards, according to the latest official figures to be published but foreign buyers are still staying away from the Mediterranean island that was once one of the most popular destinations for overseas investors. Although overall sales are up, foreign buyers are still not returning although some have bought alternatives to payday loans in Famagusta and Nicosia, the capital, the key tourist areas of Paphos, Larnaca and Limassol remain bereft of overseas buyers. However, sales in Nicosia are likely to be business acquisitions as Nicosia is not a destination favoured by tourists and holidaymakers. But agents in Paphos and Limassol have reported increased interest although that is not translating into sales at present.

The real estate industry in Cyprus is hoping that the long awaited changes fast loans for bad credit to planning and title deed legislation will help restore investor confidence in the market. The Council of Ministers last week approved six bills concerning reforms to the legal framework governing building permits and the issue of title deeds. An estimated 130,000 properties in Cyprus are currently without title deeds. Meanwhile some property developers are developing new marketing strategies in the hope of attracting a more up-market overseas buyers.

Luxury developments are to be aimed at wealthier buyers in the Middle East rather than bargain hunters from the UK and Ireland. Developer Aristo confirmed it is launching a luxury range of properties likely to be marketed through agents in low credit loan Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. Its other properties are aimed at middle to low end buyers from the UK, Scandinavia and central Europe. We felt we needed to rebrand and categorise our developments to identify specific marketing strategies for each type of property. They have different clientele and we need to use different marketing channels, said group marketing manager Panayiotis Michaelides. The landmark ruling in the Supreme Court of Cyprus could result in a flood of similar claims as it has set a precedent and overcome the reluctance of lawyers to act against their own profession. The British couple sold their property in the UK in 1999 alternatives to payday loans to move to move to Cyprus to build their dream home.

They bought land in Kinsousa village in Paphos from a contractor who agreed to build them a three bedroom villa. They engaged Paphos lawyer Nicos Papakleovoulou alternatives to payday loans to draw up and advise on property contracts. It later transpired that the property had been mortgaged twice, an interest had been registered on the property, while the contractor went bankrupt. The couple lost all the money they had cash advance inc invested in the property and the chances of getting any back from the contractor was minimal.

They decided to sue their lawyer for negligence in the Paphos district court and lost.

They appealed to the Supreme Court, which has now ruled in their favour. The court decided that lawyers do not have immunity and should be judged on the level of care and skill expected from the average professional.

In the case of purchasing land, the ultimate aim is to secure, either immediately or in need a loan with bad credit fast a time agreed upon, the Title Deeds, the ruling said. The judges decided that Papakleovoulou had not met his duties and was guilty of professional negligence. Meanwhile a damning report has warned that the Cyprus property market faces a similar fate to the real estate market in Spain and the financial problems in Greece could make it even worse. There is a serious stock overhang along with weakening occupational and investment demand, according to a report from analysts at Toscafund Asset Management. We are convinced the Cyprus property market faces further downward price adjustments on top of those already recorded, said Savvas Savouri, partner and chief economist.

Spain s ongoing problems should be seen as a warning of what awaits Cyprus.

Whilst the investment outlook for vacation and retirement related real estate is a worry across all of continental Europe, in the Cypriot market participants do not seem to have awoken to the threats, he said in the report.

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Whilst we hold concerns for vacation and retirement real estate across all of Europe, for Cyprus our alarm is heightened by the pervasive influence of Greek banks.

Their arrival was of course at first favourable, bringing as they did capital that made its way into the property sector.

However, their involvement when Greece itself is facing serious economic challenges risks making a bad situation worse, he explained. As alternatives to payday loans Greek banks become ever more distressed from their domestic and Balkan-wide loans, Cyprus will be unable to avoid being sucked of liquidity.

From already depressed levels Cyprus faces downward property price corrections, he added. We used alternatives to payday loans the same Agent (cy) and they recommended the lawyer, however neither advised us that we were only allowed to purchase one property as foreign buyers. Now we are about to lose both and all our money invested as we were advised by Alphabank to borrow in CHF for one and failed to find a buyer for the other as developer refused us permission to sell before final payment made. Government may grant a person asylum if that person can show that he or she has a reasonable fear of persecution because of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. Technical advisors are calling for the Cyprus government to demolish illegally built properties that are unlikely to be approved under the new planning amnesty. As part of its plan to sort out the decades long title deed and illegal building situation the government has set up a process where illegal developments can be regularised. But the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK), the statutory technical advisor to the state, wants a clear sign that illegal building will not be tolerated.

It believes that demolition will not just be a penalty for those who have broken the law but also serve as a warning to those who may consider breaking the law in the future.

ETEK also wants a black list of property developers who sell apartments off-plan without first having secured the necessary permissions and who then make false claims regarding completion and withhold Title Deeds, and those who, having been refused a loan, remortgage property for which no Title Deed has been issued in order to fund the development of their next illegal project.