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HI- im in the middle of a 1031 and our loan might not be approved. I will have 1 property to relinquish, but will be buying two. I own a ski condo in Colorado, which generally breaks even as a rental, but is more for family skiing than anything else. Experienced in FHA, VA, USDA and ALT-A REO sales as well as Direct Sales, too.

Familiar with all aspects of REO marketing from eviction to settlement statement.

And also does it notify you if you have reached the reserve price??

Good Morning Everyone :)I have a question regarding occupied properties. I have been purchasing properties on auction websites like Auction. Is it ok to turn a detached 2-car garage into an efficiency apartment?

Will it cost too much to add the plumbing and electrical? This is my primary residence (no HOA) and I live...

I know a a loan with bad credit lot of people claiming big profits from REOs... Initial asking price versus actual sales price and then your sales price. I came across a REO property for sale in a Delaware. The problem is apparently the former homeowner is still occupying the home and has no... Im a newbie and looking for my first investment property. So I would like to buy an REO foreclosure and have a convential loan.

The house must be liveable to qualify for the loan. It will at least need finish floors and kitchen appliances. Hi there, we are a newbie investor who currently own one property and waiting to close on our second one. I drove by a few weeks ago and saw an eviction notice envelope taped on the door. Effective October 9, 2020, in addition to cash advance florence ky allowing wet signatures on purchase contracts and addendums, Wells Fargo will begin accepting electronic signatures on these documents as long as they are in accordance with... How does one access these properties and actually buy them?

I a loan with bad credit am looking at purchasing a house via online auction. It states the seller will "pay delinquent property taxes and any delinquent HOA assessments in accordance with the applicable Purchase Sale Agreement. Hi all, I am at the beginning of a deal loans today and found a strange piece of information.

I am placing a offer on a Fannie Mae REO, offering a 5 day close and all paying all cash. Has anyone come across the stipulation of investors having to wait 14 days until our offers will be reviewed,... I have been reading about strategies on how to get RE with low to no money. Has anyone tried using hard money to fund auction acquired property?... I first want to start out by saying said obviously credit cards are not the preferred payment method for landlords, but we are operating a business to generate a certain type of tenant for our commercial rentals...

I just purchased a property in TN and working on the second one in Indiana. The goal is to purchase more properties over the years mainly...

I am one of those people who sees entrepreneurship as a sport. In the past, I would question myself when another investor would close on a deal before me.

I have big hopes to open an Event Venue within the next two or... I am a landlord with a few rental properties and recently acquired a church with an attached house (rectory) which is on the national register.

I have rented the rectory out to help pay the significant expenses of...

I am trying to decide what the best strategy is when first starting out. The niches I have to narrowed down to are SFH or small multi family. Should we form a LLC or should we do it in our names nad form the LLC later. Also what are things that need to be discuss into the operating... I have recently been rolling around an idea for early "retirement". I run a virtual team, meaning everyone lives in different places around the country. Where is the best place for me to establish an LLC? I have read about creating a LLC in the state I plan to do... Should I form 1 LLC for both hard money lending and flips? It seems tax wise, they would both be taxed the same?

As an entrepreneur, I am itching to get someone behind the phone and start making calls to apartment owners, but cold calling is such a high turnover position that it is worth while to find a team member that is for... When scaling your wholesale business what were the processes and or systems you put in place? I was averaging about 4 deals a month in 2020 and as we approach the end of the first quarter we fell well short of our goal. Would I be able to take my pay from my W-2 job and deposit that money into a sole proprietorship... I believe in the use of CRMs, they are critical for effective management a loan with bad credit of activities, properties, and relationships for business management. This forum is about sharing your successes in your real estate investing. This payday lenders forum is not simply for bragging - but for helping others with both motivation and tips for getting through a loan with bad credit the trials and troubles on... Hello BP fam,Thought it about time to write up my first investment purchase (BRRRR deal out of state). My Real Estate Journey made at night and weekend, allowed me to close my best places to get a loan first deal! December 2020, I officially closed my first investment real estate deal with my partners. Our 90 lot new construction project in Canby Oregon has really blossomed. This project was brought to us through networking with other developers and real estate brokers.

See first phase of the 90 homes bottom picture is one year ago top picture is this week.. Drones are a very important tool these days to help market your product keep investors informed and excited.. Wanted to share my latest project I completed in El Dorado Hills CA. Purchase lowest loan interest rate price - 256krehab - 54kestimated ARV - 370kunder contract at 385k :)How I found itmy good friend who is an agent as well found the...

The home is on Edgewood and should be another steady performer. Johns Properties in Jacksonville, FL for not only getting a tenant moved in, less than two weeks since I closed and achieving the...

I thought this trick was just too cool to keep it a secret.

It was a 6-unit apartment complex in one of the most desirable neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors. I am a local real estate investor looking to start a casual meet up group in point pleasant area to share ideas and network with other investors and wholesalers. Inspired by similar posts about turnkey companies, I wanted to share every step of my experience with TexasTurnkeyProperties.

I would like to start out by saying this is not some glamorous, extravagant post this is about blue collar folks retiring a bit early all thanks to single family rentals. Back in the day (pre-kids), I was a highly motivated, highly successful business person. I got interested in real estate, taught myself everything I could using books (Kiyosaki originally got me very motivated) to... This was too long for a forum post so I posted it as a blog post instead, but wanted to share here!

Four years ago today I was wandering through life thinking I had made it. I was working a corporate 9-5 job, good pay and would use my 10 days of PTO for the amazing 1 week getaways. I did my first deal ever exactly 10 months ago, thanks to the Bigger Pockets podcast, a lot of library books and a lot of good people. Hello Bigger Pockets Family,Finished these two duplexes up a few months back (in Phenix City AL, Columbus GA area) but never posted about it.

Although it is a success story, i went through every worse case scenario...

Yet another chance to be featured in the next issue of BiggerPockets Wealth Magazine! Investors and homeowners, let us know: What do you wish you would have known when you bought your first property?

With twenty-five real-world stories from seasoned investors across the country, this book uncovers the secrets behind unbelievable real estate deals, from sourcing and funding... Hello, BiggerPockets communityAllow me to introduce myself. I am looking for written testimonials about using our real estate agent directory. If you have successfully worked with a real estate agent that you found through this resource, would you DM me? Hey hey hey, BiggerPocketeers,We have been thinking about how to improve upon Rent Estimator reports. We have created a static sample property analysis report and would greatly appreciate your feedback.

BiggerPockets is exploring opportunities in providing data as part of the Pro and Premium memberships.

Help us build the right tools by telling us about what information would be most... I wanted to share a little bit about our moderation policies, in case there payday loans salt lake city utah a loan with bad credit is some confusion. The BiggerPockets Forum was established so people can have a platform to communicate with one another about real estate... Earlier today we fixed a problem that we were notified about last night. The problem, though, is that that issue had been happening for almost a week! I would love to help promote Bigger Pockets, especially the premium membership, books, etc. On a loan with bad credit the Bigger Pocets website, there is a section topic titled, "find deals".

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This looks like it requires a seperate subscription but there are no prices.

Does anyone know what the cost is after the 7 day free trail?... Share with me what do you do before you start working on your business.

Do you pray, say affirmations, create a to-do list, set goals daily or weekly, how do you organize? I have an issue with a book order and have tried reaching small cash loans online out a couple times with no response. Covid 19 hit me and it really messed with my memory and other things. Do you need a real estate license to wholesale in Cleveland and Texas?

Hello,I am looking to buy a particular property through foreclosure live auction conducted by auction. I also tried contacting the owner of that property through several text messages and emails, but did not get... I have my list and am trimming it down and gathering info as I do that.

I think my next step is to check some of these properties for... After purchasing and hold a tax lien certificate for 3 years and paying the following years taxes of the 3 years. Will it be like turning in a tax sale certificate to the revenue office after 3 years , paying I think... Hi BP Community,I was curious if anyone has purchased timeshares at a tax auction?

I just bought my 1st property on a sheriff sale that is actually occupied. I would like to make sure that once she leaves, the heat does not get turned off and the pipes freeze. Is anyone in the BP community planning on participating in this auction in March?

I would be interested to know why or why not you think this is a good way to find a deal.

Hello does any one know of a Real Estate Attorney in GA that works with tax sales overage businesses. Most folks are depositing claimant checks in their bank accounts using a POA, I spoke to one Assistant Manager... If I buy a home with an fha lone can I still do depreciation for a tax right off or will I have to turn it into a conventional lone first?

I recently came upon a blog about tax sale properties and it seems like a really good way to find some hidden diamonds. I understand that the bidder is fully responsible for doing all the research on a property that is... I acquired the tax certificate in 2017, and acquired the tax deed in 2020. I am in the middle of a Tax Lien Auction right now. I have researched on the web but not fully understanding how you can become the owner through this process. Sites are making it seem like you can purchase these homes for... Any advice to use VA benefit to buy a multi-family home? I came across 4 individual homes on 2 parcels of land. It was listed in August, then must have had a buyer fall through, then listed again in November.

It is now almost February and the home is still listed at the original list... My portfolio has outgrown my tax-filing, comfort level in 2020 and I am looking for a tax professional to hire.