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My concern is the bathroom has a window in the shower. I was planning on gutting the bathroom and doing a complete remodel. I thought I could put in a glass block window during the remodel. You can see from the pic that there is water damage around the window(wood frame with a vinyl replacement window) plus who knows where else. I have a house that someone previously just drywalled over the window then tiled. Other house put 12"x12" (cut to fit) granite tiles on top of old tiles, they now have a good slope so water does not sit below window.

Both are just band aides, if you gut it then just pull window out, glass blocks sounds good too. I replaced an old aluminum window with glass block. Forget the surround, what is a dehumidifier 60 minute payday doing operating on top of the toilet:) Then they stuffed some tiny cabinet and tiled on top of it and put it directly in front of the already small space in front of the toilet? There is prob no exhaust fan system so you either need to keep the window or install exhaust fan system. Have your contractor rip out the rotting window trim and install PVC trim instead. Then have him paint the trim with semigloss and then use waterproof caulk to seal the trim against the tile surround to make sure water doesnt seep into the surround.

That tile is cracked short term installment loans direct lenders because water intrusion is messing with the drywall and causing it to expand. Ask around in your neighborhood who is good at this. This way you have a working and clean bathroom without the thousands in gutting a bathroom. This is post rehab with PVC window trim, sealed, and tub reglazed. It would add a little "pazz" to the bathroom and solve the problem. Replacing the window with glass block window with a vent maybe the easiest option for you. The other idea is to close off the window completely. I am not sure what your outside texture is some are easier than others. Such as Vinyl Siding or Hardiplank, of course brick is a lot more difficult to match. PS If you want to see a full bathroom rehab with the SKUs from HD for a glasblock window you can search a old forum post of mine titled: Here is what I did recently. The original wood window was replaced with a vinyl replacement. The wall tile as well as the return between the wall and window is all ceramic tile. The original wood window was replaced with a vinyl replacement. The wall tile as well as the return between the wall and window is all ceramic tile.

If so, did you install the curved shower rod for the benefit of your tenants? Install 1x6 lumber over sash building an inner box then fill with blocks, you can build the block unit then install the whole unit, makes it easier to line up your blocks on a table then trying to work in the window. If so, did you install the curved shower rod for the benefit of your tenants?

It was for a house I rehabbed to sell - I did leave the online loans same day shower 60 minute payday rod. Personally I do like having a window in the shower but that one comes down too low and makes it prone to water on the sill. A really cheap and easy fix is to fix the existing trim and add a small (trimmed) shower curtain over the window.

It seems most of my tenants want every windows completely covered anyway, so you can expect them to just leave the curtain pulled over the window most of the time.

I had the same thing going on in my 60 minute payday most recent rental remodel. Exterior was the wavy pattern fiber cement siding and was easy to match. We just went back with simple fiberglass wall panels and problem solved. In the house I am fixing to flip I just removed the window completely since I had to have new siding. As for the outside remove some siding from less visible area and replace with best matching siding. Cheap fix: Install a plastic surround (Or whatever kind of surround makes you happy) and cover the outside penetration with shutters so it looks like a closed window. From the outside, this has a great covering effect. Accept the fact that your renovation is imperfect and move on to a where can simple interest loan i get a personal loan more productive issue in life.

More expensive fix: Install a plastic surround (or whatever kind of surround that makes you happy) and spend the bucks to fix the siding so that it looks like the window was never there. Stare at the beauty of the work with a sense of wonderment and congratulate yourself on implementing the most awesomesauce window solution possible. We never install glass block windows, but instead install a custom acrylic block window that is factory made, higher R value, replacement window installation, no mortar to ever maintain. Proper water proofing is essential for installation in a wet area, all interior surfaces of the window are DensShielded and Hydrobanned prior to tile.

We removed the window that left the metal storm window. We are also rewiring the whole house and adding an exhaust fan.

I like to set rentals up for lower maintenance long term as much as possible.

For a rehab to sell Ive always taken them out, I may try leaving it on my current project.

Wondering if I can place luxury vinyl plank flooring right over existing ceramic tile without having to level the grout lines. The grout lines themselves are not much deeper than the top of the ceramic tile(See picture below). If I do need to fill the grout lines, what is the easiest and most cost effective solution? This is the type of flooring I am looking to put in, since it looks nice, its waterproof, and solid choice for wear-and-tear.

It could be one of those things you do and regret 60 minute payday when done or could prevent a sale depending on installation. My first recommendation is to tear out 60 minute payday the tile, but If you absolutely want to keep it I recommend going with a floating floor, either laminate or even click lock hardwood. I believe you would be ok for many years with personal secured loan one of the thicker products. The thinner version will show the lines soon enough. You would probably have to adhere it to the tile with construction adhesive. A weekend spent on just busting up tile would be valuable time lost.

You can put a thin layer of foam underlayment over the tile which should absorbe the bulk of the irregularities.

If you decide to go over the top of the ceramic tile it could affect all your door swings over the new flooring. I believe Mapai Planipatch is rated for this purpose. I went over tile in kitchen rather than pulling all the old tile up.

I used cortec and it looked great and is very durable.

I would no interest payday loans use click lock rather than adhesive strip but either way you should be fine. Yeah, I was definitely eyeing the Allure Vinyl planks. I stopped at home depot, and they certainly seemed sturdy enough not to cave guaranteed signature loans in at the small grout line points where the tiles meet. The only way I could imagine caving is somebody putting a lot of concentrated pressure right on the small area of the grout line.

My worst case scenario is that I dedicate an entire weekend to ripping out tile. Do you guys think a thin foam underlayment would solve any potential grout line issues(Such as the one in the link below)? As being a flooring contractor you can go to Lowes, home Depot any box store and find feathering compounds to fill in the grout joints.

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A chipper hammer or demo hammer will remove that tile pretty easily. If it was installed with wire mess you can pull it up without a power tool in a couple hours.

I fear that I would mess up the floor level even more by potentially not spreading it even over the entirety of the surface, or am I scaring myself for no reason?

They are meant to be installed directly on a hard surface, not with a squishy underlayment. If you are that worried about the grout lines, go with the underlayment and laminate. However, I would recommend you just go with Home depot Allure.

Go with the click product, the gripstrip stuff is thinner and more likely to have the issues you are worried about. Then you us a flat handled trowel and firmly apply the mix on a 45 degree to the floor, let dry approximately wait jam30 mins to dry. After all that us your product and go around to all the bases of the door jambs cut them to fit. Then find your marks to where you would like to start and chalk a line for your starting point, you need to us a pressure sensitive glue and spread the area to which you want to start. Then its time to set your LVP to your chalk line and your off to the races. Here is a great video on luxury viny plank flooring directly over ceramic tile. There are also update videos on how well the floor does. I just completed 800 sqft of LifeProof planks over 12" ceramic tile in 60 minute payday a recent flip.

I was apprehensive about not removing the tile but took the chance as worst case scenario we remove and relay the flooring. The end result was the same as what we normally 60 minute payday lay over concrete foundation, needless to say I was pleased with the outcome. The basement is partly finished but will need demo of the current drop ceiling.

The ceiling is around 7 feet without the drop ceiling. Not keen on spending for a new drop ceiling and was considering painting the ceiling black on the suggestion of a colleague.. Is there a better color, or is this a mistake altogether? I would paint white instead of black if you are going to paint.

One of my favorite restaurants has a black spray painted drop ceiling.

It looks nice in a restaurant as a "night sky" kind of look.

I prefer the natural wood color, but paint might be better if it is unsightly.