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Everything is in favour of the developers including allowing building in protected sites of scientific interest. It is all about that brown envelope stuffed with cash when planning permission is applied for. I was going to say it is a big surprise that this kind of stuff still goes on but in all honesty it isnt.

Until these countries and their governments are held to account it will continue. They should have been embarassed by the debacle which saw people lose homes they had held for decades because they were acquired illegally many years ago and sold on. No compensation can i get a loan or anything - and we think the UK is bad, at least the laws are generally adhered to. I was going to say it is a big surprise that this kind of stuff still goes on but in all honesty it isnt. Until these countries and their governments are held to account it will continue. They should have been embarassed by the debacle which saw people lose homes they had held for decades because they were acquired illegally many years ago and sold on.

No compensation or anything - and we think easy loan the UK is bad, at least the laws are generally adhered to. That happened in the illegally occupied North which Turkey annexed in 1974.

In the South the problem is with the banks allowing developer best personal loan deals to keep borrowing on the same land time and again with the result that buyers are unable to get title deeds to the properties that they have paid for in full. In some cases the banks were trying to claim the properties from the buyers but that has been stopped.

The banks have got to go 5000 loan bad credit after the developers but as they have mostly hidden their assets the banks are the losers. The other problem is that the planning office is still giving permission to build on land which is supposed to be protected by international law threatening endangered species such as the turtles and European monk seals It has been a costly mistake, we loved the place and had been there for many years prior to our purchase. However we were not aware just how corrupt everything is! The answer is pretty obvious that is just as corrupt which is instant cash loans online no credit check why as a country we are leaving!

Greece will not be able to leave due to their debt! We left Cyprus 19 months ago to move to France where my son was already living. We were among the lucky ones who had very few problems with our purchase in Cyprus and we loved the country but the corruption and rampant nepotism was always hard to stomach. We had some good times and made some lifelong friends and who knows we might still have been there had it not been for the fact that the summers just got too hot for me.

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We are loving France, have got a house with an acre of land on the outskirts of a small village. My son and daughter in law live with us in an annexe so they are there for support as we get older. There will always be a place in my heart for Cyprus with lots of happy memories but it changed over the years we were 5000 loan bad credit there, not change for the better unfortunately. But this forum has already been a huge help in plugging the information gap. Seems, the final hurdle is getting the utilities switched on which I just cannot believe is taking so long! But this project, as well as sending me into bankrupty! It will continue to be a real struggle competitively to get any rent in a new block, outside of centre, when apts empty in town and believe for a 1 bed anything over 200 euro will be excellent.

And certainly the rent guarantee scheme will be under pressure for the developer. But also agree that in the long term this will come good with development to ski resort and also plans to build a metro station to service the industrial park. My concern is still the macro picture and Bulgarian economy - still ravaged by reputation of corruption and recent EU commissioner fiasco hasnt helped but hopefully the rising tide will lift our boat! Not sure about everyone else but from end of Feb the funds (however small) have to start coming for me and then its a case of slowly working to increase yield over years. But, having seen what has gone on else in Bulgaria and World to have a finished furnished apt, albeit with candle light! By the way, I understood that the electricity is actually on, the only problem is metering usage. Please let me know if you think otherwise as we have arranged with Simeonovo to use our apartment at the beginning of March. The water and electricity are functional, to the best of my knowledge - certainly there is water in my apartment - and the electricity meters were connected some weeks ago. This is a fairly bureaucratic (and often time-consuming) process in Bulgaria, which no doubt explains why Simeonovo charge for doing it on behalf of owners. Please do get in touch with me regarding the Owners Association - sadly there has been only ONE person who has made contact so far......

I will be in Sofia from February 9th so will be able to get an idea of exactly what the current state of play is.

I spent in Sofia 4 days in January and I spent them in my apartment. I can inform you water and electricity is all connected and all the meters and gauges also. The only thing to be made is to assing the contract to the owners name and pay Simeonovo 450 eur.....

They are trying with a PoA to open the accounts, Simeonovo always inform us that we can do it by ourselves but the process will payday loans miami delay bad credit personal loans for 5000 6 months....

It seems to me that this just underlines the need for both an Owners Association and for somewhere where these detailed issues can be discussed openly but away from a completely public stage. Membership is currently restricted, which simply means that we can be reasonably sure that our discussions are kept as private as possible. If anyone experiences any difficulties in trying to join, please email me. I say appears because it was covered by a snow-covered tarpaulin when I was last there. The information that Sofia Lettings have been pushing out over the past 18 months has been grossly misleading. Chris BG - Maybe you could give some examples of grossly misleading information, instead of posting statements without substance. How easy is it to rent an unfurnished apartment and what are the comparative rates? Do you charge owners for a re-rental when a tenant disappears owing money? Do you take legal action against such tenants when you supplied them or do you just shrug your shoulders? What effect do you feel the new parking restrictions in the complex will have on rental potential when the majority of tenants are no longer able to park inside the complex? Will the previously-abandoned complexes suddenly being completed all around Vistosha Park adversely affect rents? From my business side, I like competition and transparency, it is good for customer and good for innovation and improvement in standards of practice. With regard to placing tenants, we have an application process, and where possible we try and get references from previous landlords and other sources before placing a tenant. Currently in Bulgaria there is no credit check facility, probably due to the large grey economy the country has.

So where possible we do take references but there is still an obvious risk. Even in the UK tenants are not always what they seem to be, and this was experienced with our UK Property Management Company, even with such stringent checks availble. I cannot state whether or not any of our tenants are the culprits of such actions you have levied against them. What I can say is that we have had no complaints from any of the neighbours or the facility management company in Vitosha Park. Should we have in the future we will follow the process and policies we have in place. Should a tenant leave a property without fulfilling the obligations, then we will refund the property owner the tenant find fee on a pro-rata basis dependent on the number of months the tenant has stayed in the property.

Or the other option we provide is to find the next tenant free of charge. With regard to legal action for non-fulfillment of obligations we have and will continue to work with property owners to ensure that they obtain their legal entitlement.

Put it this way since 2008 we have lost very few customers who signed Property Management Contract with us, which is the complete opposite compared to the number of referrals we receive and the number of Customers coming from our competitors. The parking restrictions will naturally cause problems for all people living in the complex whether they are tenants or owners. What will happen is that the price of properties with parking in VP will become more favorable. A suggestion would be to have the security police the parking better.

The new apartments surrounding the complex will add competition, but whether some Property Owners or other agents come in a under value the properties to drive tenants away from VP and into the surrounding buildings is a risk that must be understood. I envisage in time that it will become more popular to live in this area than it is already. With new buildings it always takes time to get the occupancy levels up, but once they are, and the apartments and the complex are managed well, then paydayloans people will want to live in them, which will allow rental prices to stabilise and increase over periods. We have found small increases in some of our portfolio of managed properties over the past 6 months, which I believe is good news for everyone, including myself as a property owner in Bulgaria. This has had a 5000 loan bad credit huge impact upon the Spanish holiday market but what will it do to the Spanish property market? It was 5000 loan bad credit very hasty considering that people had been allowed to travel to Spain and now many who will return from holidays will have to isolate again, having to take more time off work. One lady was complaining that she has two businesses which will now have to close again while she is quarantined. However I have to say that as this whole covid saga is far from over why on earth could people not just stay in their own countries just for this year? Foreign holiday makers would be replaced by local people so the tourist industry would not be hit as hard as might be imagined. This whole thing of having to have fast easy loans online a foreign holiday is just keeping up with the Joneses syndrome. Staycations should be the way at least until this thing goes away, (if it ever does).

The parking restrictions are already in place, since the management company recently bought the land from the ex-landowners. The danger of Security policing ANYTHING is vanishingly small - and better presupposes that something is already happening the very suggestion marks you as a non-resident in Vitosha Park, I fear!